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One of the country lords was the first to see an opportunity.

He randomly gave an excuse, then turned around and left.

After taking a few steps, he found a horse, flew up and sped away.

The other country lords reactions were not slow either.

They did not even bother to find an excuse.

They turned around and ran.

They were completely shocked by the strength of the demon army that they lost their mood.

In front of them, although the Black Tortoise Nation Lord was standing behind the army, his face was pale, and his body was stiff.

He was completely intimidated by the berserk aura of the army that was charging toward him.

His legs were as soft as noodles, and he could not run even if he wanted to.

“Clang!” The Round Tortoise Shell Shield in his hand fell to the ground.

His body slumped to the ground, and his eyes were filled with despair.


The seemingly thick and heavy army had almost no resistance and was directly penetrated by the terrifying impact of the Dread Fiend Cavalry.

The Black Tortoise Nation Lord was even more miserable.

He was directly crushed by the army, and he did not even let out a scream of pain before dying.

He was extremely aggrieved.

He had originally wanted to show off, but in the end, he was reduced to dust.

Lin Taos expression was extremely ugly.

However, facing such an unfavorable situation, he knew that forcing himself to face it head-on was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

What he needed to consider now was how to get his army to retreat.


As long as he had the army, even if he couldnt stay in Region 0032, he could go to other districts to grab a base, and he could still become the country lord of a country.

As for the original purpose of starting this war, it had long been forgotten.

Yang Mi was good-looking, and in the past, he was filled with wishful thinking.

However, in a life-and-death crisis, he knew that any beauty was useless.

Only by living could there be hope.

“Leave 10,000 troops to block the main road and let our allies help us resist the attack of the demon army.

When most of our allies are dead, you guys retreat!”

Lin Tao found his subordinates and quickly made arrangements.

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The country lords who had left not only wanted to run, but they also wanted to try their best to get their troops out as quickly as possible.

However, when they came, they came one after another, but when they left, they were all squeezed together.

Although the terrain here was not considered steep, could the speed of walking on the mountain road be the same as walking on the main road

Everyone wanted to live, so why should they leave last

As they fought to be the first to leave, they almost started fighting.

The last few country lords discussed and had their troops form a column.

They walked along the main road with the troops of the other countries and quickly retreated.

However, no matter how fast they retreated, how much faster could they be compared to the cavalrys pursuit These country lords were not confident, so they could only do their best and listen to Heavens will.

After giving the order, they retreated first.

At this time, the light on the teleportation array flashed again.

Li Xiang brought Ning Xiaoyue and his two guards to the border of Region 0032.

“Eh, the battle over here ended so quickly We didnt waste too much time there, did we”

Even Li Xiang didnt expect his demon army to charge so quickly.

He had only been delayed for a short while, but it looked like the battle over here was about to end.

Seeing the Four Symbols Alliance army fleeing in all directions on the battlefield far away, he could not help but ridicule, “Just this With this level, who gave them the courage to go against me and even want to ambush me This is an insult to their intelligence!”

Ning Xiaoyue did not know much about the situation on the battlefield, and she hurriedly urged, “Li Xiang, hurry up, lets go to Sister Yang Mis territory.”

Li Xiang saw that there was no problem here, so he said to Demon Warlord Lys, “Send a team of cavalrymen to follow us.”


The Dread Fiend Cavalry immediately split out three hundred people and followed behind Li Xiang, sprinting in the northwest direction.

With Ning Xiaoyue leading the way, they did not take any wrong path.

In less than half an hour, they saw a place in the distance where thick smoke billowed, and shouts of killing shook the sky.

“Alicia, take the Dread Fiend Cavalry and quickly go there.

Kill all the enemies, dont hold anyone captive!”

Li Xiang did not have the thought of personally going there to take the risk.

The reason why he came here was entirely because of Ning Xiaoyue.

They had already transmigrated to the otherworld, so any star or idol was just an ordinary person.

So what if they were beautiful Wasnt the succubus and a fallen angel beside him beautiful

When Ning Xiaoyue heard this, she was overjoyed.

She quickly sent a message to Yang Mi and shouted at Li Xiang, “Ill go with you to avoid any misunderstandings.”

Li Xiang opened his mouth.

He wanted to say that there was no need to rush.

However, Ning Xiaoyue was such a warm-hearted person.

When she was in school, she was like this.

If anyone encountered any difficulties, as long as she could help, she would help them to the end.

That was why she was so popular.

“Forget it.

Just by looking at the quality of the army that ambushed me, I know that the army that attacked Yang Mi wouldnt be any powerful characters.

Theres a high chance that nothing will go wrong.”

Thats what he thought in his heart, but in the end, he still quickened his pace and followed behind.

In the Hundred Flowers Kingdom, the originally beautiful environment that was filled with birds and flowers was almost a wasteland.

Corpses lay everywhere on every road, and blood flowed everywhere.

The scene was extremely tragic.

Yang Mi stood on the tower of a white castle with a cold expression on her face.

She held an emerald battle bow in her hand and continuously fired at the enemies below.

The ten or so elf guards beside her were all injured.

“Country Lord, we still have less than three hundred people left.

If we give up on the core of the territory now, we can still protect you and escape from here.”

A blonde female elf wearing silver-white armor that was riddled with scars suggested with a serious expression.

Yang Mis expression did not change as she said, “Our reinforcements have already arrived, at most half an hour!”

“Oh Really Country Lord, three days ago it was mentioned that there would be reinforcements.

Although a team of reinforcements came later, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Would the reinforcements that are coming this time be the same too This wont do.

There are at least tens of thousands of enemies.

Even if more than half of them are random soldiers, even if there are fewer people, we wont be a match for them.”

Yang Mi once again raised her bow and shot an arrow to kill a disgusting cave spider on the city wall.

She gently exhaled and said, “Dont worry.

This time, its the Demon Countrys army.

Xiaoyue wont lie to me!”

“Demon Countrys army”

The Blonde Elfs eyes suddenly lit up.

As the trusted aide of the Hundred Flowers Kingdom Lord, she naturally knew about the news of the Demon Country.

This was a powerful force that could even repel an army of a million undead.

Although the elves naturally disliked demons and even hated them, this didnt stop them from recognizing the combat power of the demons.

Moreover, the demons actions were chaotic and evil, but under the control of the director, they wouldnt pose a threat to them.

“Country Lord, are you sure that the demon army will come”

“It should be very soon!”

As the two spoke, they stepped up their attack.

On a small hill opposite them, three country lords were chatting and laughing merrily.


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