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A dozen or so armored figures with extraordinary auras rode on warhorses and looked solemnly at the empty space where the teleportation array was located.

Due to the special mechanism of the teleportation array, both individuals and armies could not stay for long.

There would be a special force field to push people away.

Therefore, they calculated that as soon as the demon army arrived, they would probably be scattered by the teleportation array before they could complete their formation.

At that time, they would have a wave of catapults, a wave of crossbows, and another wave of attacks.

Any demon army would be in vain.

Sitting on his warhorse, the Azure Dragon Nation Lord, Lin Tao, had a solemn expression on his face, but there was a faint excitement and anticipation in his eyes.

If he could defeat a few hundred demon armies here, his reputation would spread throughout the entire Myriad World Continent.

At that time, Yang Mi, who did not know how to appreciate favors, would have to prostrate at his feet and give in to all his demands and would not dare to disobey.

When he thought of this, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Beside him, a tall and thin man frowned slightly as he looked at the teleportation array in the distance, and he said faintly, “Lin Tao, the Demon Country Lord, Li Xiang was able to defeat the undead races great army.

He is definitely not someone easy to deal with.

We cannot let down our guard.”

Lin Tao said faintly, “How can I let down my guard I have already taken this guy seriously.

Not only are there catapults and ballistae, but there are also 50,000 snake people archers and 10,000 giant snake soldiers behind me.

I am not afraid to come here.

I am only afraid that he will not turn up!”

On the other side, there was a sloppy-looking young man who looked like he was only eighteen or nineteen years old, and he said disdainfully, “I heard that Li Xiang was able to defeat the undead not by relying on the army but he relied on a piece of equipment in his hands.

Five arrows killed a level 30 Inferno Bone Dragon, which led to the death of the undead army.”


Lin Tao nodded and said, “Thats right.

Its just that we havent opened the equipment ranking list yet.

Otherwise, we wont give him a chance.

The chances of killing him by besieging this time will be higher.

When the Demon Countrys army arrives, well immediately hide.

We cant let him see us.”

“Right, right, right! Besides, no matter how powerful his battle bow is, I still have a treasure to deal with it!”

The young man excitedly waved his hand and took out a round shield.

[Round Tortoise Shell Shield]

Grade: Epic

Defense: 3000

Constitution: 500

Power: 100

Characteristics: Rebound, able to reflect 50% of physical damage.

Skills: Absolute defense, active release, invincible for three seconds, limited to three times per day.

“Take a look.

Hows this equipment of mine No matter how powerful Li Xiangs battle bow is, it will be a waste.

In a while, you guys hide and watch me deal with that guy!”

“As expected of the Black Tortoise Nation Lord, the shield in your hand is pretty good! In that case, Ill leave you to deal with him.”

Looking at the excited look on the Black Tortoise Nation Lords face, he cursed in his heart, “What a lucky fool.

The first to stand out is the first to die.

He only wants to show off and doesnt think about the consequences.

However, such a person is also useful.

He wouldnt know his place after just a few words of flattery.

If he gets attacked later, he could be saved.

At that time, wouldnt he be grateful”

The other country lords also expressed their admiration when they saw this.

They did not hold back on their flattery and praised him.

This made the Black Tortoise Nation Lord, Sun Ling, feel a sense of elation.

“The teleportation array has lit up!”

When these country lords saw this, they immediately turned around and ran to the back.

There, they had already set up a very secret safety point temporarily.

They had even opened up an emergency channel at the back.

It could be said that they had considered everything thoroughly.

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“Has Yang Mis country not been conquered yet It has already been a few days.

This bunch of trash.

They cant even defeat a woman with a few people surrounding to attack!”

“I dont know where Yang Mi got a batch of military support from.

Although there arent many of them, they are very elite.

They have caused a lot of trouble and casualties to the people who were attacking.

They are even resting right now!”

“Resting Tell them to quickly attack.

As long as they arent dead, they cant stop.

They cant even do something well.

Now that the Demon Country Lord has been summoned, what use do I have for them”

Lin Tao cursed with an ugly expression.

The other country lords nearby didnt say anything when they heard this.

However, they all looked at him with different gazes.

Some looked at him with disdain, some looked at him with ridicule, and some looked at him with hostility.

It was obvious that this so-called alliance was just a facade.

The reason why they were able to gather together was that the four country lords were too strong, and the others could only be forced to submit.

At this moment, the light from the teleportation array flashed, and a hundred thousand demon army appeared nearby.

The teleportation array in the regional war was extremely powerful, and a million soldiers could be teleported at once.

A hundred thousand troops from the Demon Country was naturally nothing to be afraid of.

The moment the demon army appeared, the surrounding troops in Region 0032 immediately launched an attack.

There was no dialogue, no preparation, no delay!

“Boom boom boom…”

Hundreds of burning boulders fell from the sky.

The Demon Warlord laughed coldly, not reacting in the slightest.

“Bang bang bang…”

When these boulders were more than a thousand meters away from the demon army, they shattered one by one, not threatening the demon army at all.

“A bunch of idiots.

They dont even know that attack is not allowed within the teleportation arrays range!”

Lyss gaze swept across the surrounding ten or so enemy armies that looked powerful but were in fact distinct from each other.

With a glance, he could see several huge flaws, and he could even easily see that these enemy armies were not under the same command.

“A motley crew.

To think that the Demon Lord still places so much importance on you!”

Of course, that was what he said, but the situation on the battlefield was changing rapidly.

Who knew if the enemy would pretend to be weak and prey on them, hiding even more elite strength

Demon Warlord Lys suddenly raised an arm and waved at the air.

Following that, hundreds of black shadows rose from the ground, flying into the distance.

This was the Black Wing Demon with the highest level and the fastest speed among the Black Wing Demons.

It was a special team that Demon Warlord Lys had chosen to be an investigative unit.

Besides the Black Wing Demon, there was also the Vine Whisker Demon in this team.

As for the Eye Demon, there was only one at the moment.

The other Eye Demons were just clones.

The task of the Eye Demon now was to protect the Demon Lord and investigate the potential dangers and threats around the Demon Lord.

It was not under the command of the Demon Warlord, Lys.

Hiding in a safe spot, Lin Tao and the other country lords saw that the demon army did not immediately come out of the teleportation array.

Their first wave of attack was wasted, and their expressions were very ugly.

Seeing that there were hundreds of flying units among the demons spreading out to investigate, it was even more uncomfortable.

Lin Tao thought that his hidden army would be able to play an unexpected role.

He did not expect that when they really started fighting, they would discover that his army was simply too crude.

The probability of being discovered was extremely high.

But it was too late to hide now.

“F*ck, the Demon Countrys army is indeed not simple.

They sent out scouts the moment they appeared.

Our ambush plan has failed by half.”


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