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It was just as he had imagined.

Not long after, a part of the eye demons nerves that had been exposed after the sub-bodies had been stripped of its main body suddenly began to throb incessantly as if it was saying something.

But Li Xiang was not the roundworm in its stomach.


Who knew what this thing was saying

There was nothing he could do.

Due to the special ability of the second demon, he had to personally make a trip and call the succubus back.

He wanted to see if she, who was also a demon, could read the information of the eye demon.

The succubus gently placed her hand on the beating nerve.


A wisp of black gas rose and floated above the eye demon.

It gradually gathered and formed a pitch-black vortex.

The vortex spun faster and faster.

Suddenly, a red bolt of lightning streaked across the vortex and split it apart.

Then, an image appeared from the inside.

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It looked like the first view of the small eye demon.


A sharp voice came from the inside.

As the line of sight moved, two creatures with crimson skin and sharp ears and noses appeared in the image.

They were short in stature and held large sticks with stone spikes in their hands.

They looked fierce.

Most importantly, they were not wearing any clothes.

Their privates were exposed in front of everyone.


The succubus snorted and turned her head away.

These should be the goblins that Carl had mentioned.

The two goblins held the spiked clubs and swung them at the small eye demon.

With a snap, the scene was cut off.

“Lets change to the other side.” Li Xiang looked at the succubus.

The succubus continued to press her hands on the small eye demons twitching nerves, but this time, she would not look at the vortex.

Just looking at these ugly things would dirty her eyes.

Soon, the image lit up.

This time, it was the scene of the small eye demon hiding at the top of a tree.

Below them were groups of goblins charging forward, attacking a simple village surrounded by a fence.

This village did not even have a decent house, and there were a group of cute cat-eared ladies guarding it.

How could they resist the invasion of hundreds of goblins


In just a moment, the entire village was destroyed, and all the cat-eared ladies were captured alive.

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The next moment.

The goblins stripped the cat-eared ladies naked and hung them on a tree, binding their hands.

At the same time, they tied their legs to the ends of a wooden stick, not allowing them to close.

After that, a few goblins stepped forward and used their dirty hands to caress their bodies, taking turns to vent their bestial desires.

The painful and despairing voices of over a hundred cat-eared ladies were heard from the screen, causing Li Xiang to frown slightly.


This race was truly disgusting.

Although the succubus didnt say anything, a hint of disgust appeared in her eyes.

She believed that if a goblin appeared in front of her, she would not hesitate to kill him.


As for rescuing this group of pitiful cat-eared ladies, she had never thought about it.

As a qualified demon, she would not put herself in the shoes of anyone other than the Demon Lord, nor would she have any senseless sympathy.

And Li Xiang had no intention of being a hero.


Such things were countless in the Myriad World Continent.

It might happen every minute and every second.

With his current strength, he was not qualified to care about it.


Moreover, the eye demon was in such a state.

It was indeed somewhat difficult to deal with such a huge race with only the succubus and ten barbarians.

However, looking at the direction of this group of goblins, it seemed that they were planning to expand their territory to his side.

He had to make preparations early.

Perhaps, the danger of the beast tide that would happen on the third day once the novice protection period ends would be this group of goblins!

At this moment, the eye demons nerves jumped again.

Li Xiang gave a look.

The succubus understood and obediently switched the scene for him.


This time, it had nothing to do with the goblins.

It was one of the small eye demons that had discovered an ancient well in the depths of the forest.

There seemed to be unique energy spreading out from it.

And the territory of this ancient well happened to be an ownerless land.

And it wasnt far from his place.

Li Xiang immediately planned to go over and take a look.

Danger and opportunity coexisted.

This thing might be useful to him.

At that moment, Li Xiang had Carl carry the eye demon, and they went out with the succubus.

He ordered the other barbarians to continue building residences, and the group of four headed south.

Soon, after passing through the barrier of the protected zone, they entered the neutral zone.

The only creatures they could meet here were neutral.

As long as they were lucky enough, they would not be attacked by them.

If they were unlucky, when they encountered such high-level and ferocious beasts, a big battle was inevitable.

Today, the goddess of luck seemed to be on Li Xiangs side.


The journey was peaceful.

After passing through two territories, they arrived at their destination very smoothly.

When they saw the ancient well emitting a dark purple aura with their own eyes, an intoxicating light appeared in the succubuss eyes.

“This aura… is so comfortable… it seems to be able to replenish my strength.”


Li Xiang was slightly surprised.

Why didnt he feel anything

“I wouldnt dare to deceive the Demon Lord.” The succubus had a sincere expression.

Li Xiang turned his head to look at the eye demon in Carls arms.

To his surprise, the eye demon actually woke up from its deep thoughts.

“Ah! What a comfortable energy!”

It exclaimed and sensed its own condition.

“I seem to be able to use my ability again.

Eh, didnt I have to sleep for three days and three nights in the past”


It seemed that this was really the work of the ancient well.

Only Carls body was trembling.

“L-Lord… this aura… is so terrifying… can I step back a little…”

Li Xiang gave this fellow a strange look.

He was feeling fine, so how could a big man like him not be able to stand it

However, he still said, “Alright, you can go first.”

“Thank you, Lord!”

As if he had been pardoned, Carl hurriedly ran out without turning back.

Suddenly, a system bell rang.

[Ding! The worlds first wonder (Ancient Well of Darkness (S-Rank)) has been discovered.

Congratulations, Ruler Li Xiang, for obtaining the permanent ownership of this wonder (it can be conquered and change ownership).

The regions culture has reached the first place, and the “Profound Foundation” achievement has been unlocked.

A weapon that can adapt to your soldiers is obtained, and the soldiers ability can be strengthened once!]


Li Xiang was stunned.

It wasnt because of other things.

But because of the systems prompt…

It was global!


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