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Chapter 30: A Little Hard to Part (5)

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The invisible influence Rong Yan had on him was making him feel a sense of crisis in his heart.

If he allowed this influence to develop, it was likely to cause consequences that were beyond his estimation.

It was time to break it off with her completely, but he was not willing to give her to Su Yu.

The explanation Liancheng Yazhi gave himself was that this woman was his and giving her to another man meant that he was making himself a cuckold. This was not what he wanted to do.

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He would maintain this relationship for the time being and just ignore her. After he had settled the contract with Su Yu, he would kick Rong Yan away.

Liancheng Yazhi glanced at Rong Yan. This woman was sensible and obedient. Although she was vulgar and materialistic, she still looked cute sometimes. The most important thing was that she was young, beautiful, and delicious-looking. With all that, God knows how hard it was for one to have self-control. It would be a pity to throw her aside just like that.

When Rong Yan woke up, it was already noon the next day. Liancheng Yazhi had already left and there was a cheque placed at the head of the bed. She reached out and counted seven zeros. Not bad, the reward for last night was generous.

Rong Yan gave a mocking laugh. She did not know whether this was the reward for yesterday or the final break-up fee. But it did not matter. She had almost earned enough money, and it did not matter if Liancheng Yazhi were to kick her away or continue to support her.

Rong Yan got up and saw the clothes that Secretary Zhou bought. She took them out of the bag and was surprised to find that this time it was... sportswear.

Rong Yan pouted. Fortunately, Secretary Zhou had been considerate to have also brought a pair of sneakers. Otherwise, she would be wearing a pair of high heels under her sportswear and it would be so embarrassing.

After leaving Block A of Beijing, she went to the bank and cashed in the cheque. Only when the money was in her hands did she feel at ease.

This time, after parting with Liancheng Yazhi, he did not contact her for a month. At first, Rong Yan wondered if he had been too busy recently.

But a month later, Rong Yan was already sure that he had kicked her away.

Rong Yan was slightly happy, after all, she had already earned enough money. She would finally be free. She would leave the place and never come back. She would find a place where no one knew her, live a good life, and then plan her revenge.

She would not let Chu Wenluo and Jiang Nuanxia off. Her nightmares were hard to get rid of if they were not dead.


Rong Yans life was unusually quiet in the past few days. The Rong family did not disturb her, and Liangcheng Yanzhi did not summon her. She did not have to take great pains to serve her sugar daddy and was living comfortably.

Rong Yan guessed that news from Liangcheng Yazhi was coming soon, so she quit her job so she could immediately leave once she received it.

In the whole month of October, Rong Yan dealt with all the things that needed to be dealt with, and what was left was for her to wait for a phone call from him.

In the middle of the month, Rong Nuo, who had not contacted her for several months, suddenly called. They agreed to meet at a quiet café.

When Rong Yan arrived, Rong Nuo had already arrived. She was wearing her school uniform with her hair up in a ponytail, quietly sitting there as she did her homework. The afternoon sun fell on her through the glass wall, and it made Rong Yan think of two words,beautiful andquiet.

Rong Nuo was delicate and pretty, and although her facial features were not as exquisite as Rong Yan, there was a moving charm to her at such a young age, which was extremely attractive to boys.



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