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Lazarus: A Summoned Myth Chapter 4: Blood Demon Pluto

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"This won be the last of us that you see, things will start getting worse very soon. You will see the world that you once thought you fulfilled your duty for, turn to fire, and ashes. I will bring the underworld to the new world." he said.

Pluto looked around the room and took out a hellish sword. It was burning and seemed to have blood stains all around it. It was a sword that was as tall as him. He then bent down and let blood leak from the weapon slashes, into the portal.

Each drop of blood created a brand new creature. These creatures were straight from the underworld. They responded to Pluto as he was the god of the underworld. He grouped all of the hellish creatures and told them

"Go out and cause chaos to this **-show of a city."

As he said that, all the creatures did a synchronous howl, and all leaped towards the closest exit they can find. In the distance, you can hear the distress of people, who unfortunately were victims of the underworld creatures.

Zoe was covered in the blood from Nikes slash and was still cowering in fear in the corner. Pluto turned to her and looked at her menacingly. She started to cry as Pluto once again approached her.

"Hey, witch, let this be a message. Let this be a heartwarming welcome to the brand new era of this world!" he exclaimed

He turned to Lazarus who was still knocked out unconscious and shouted

"Hah, you think you

e a hero? Your lineage is full of evilness, you have no right to be called a hero!"

Pluto looked up at the hole he created in the roof, bent down with his gigantic legs, and took a grand leap out. The leap caused another wall on the east side of the pub to collapse, and all that was left of the pub was practically rubble.

Zoe then rushed to the other three, Arjuna, Petros, and Lazarus. She started grabbing onto them and shaking them trying to wake them into consciousness. Arjuna was the first to wake, he leaned forward and looked left and right at the destruction.

"What a mess." he chuckled

Zoe was frustrated "You

e chuckling at a time like this?"

"What else am I supposed to do?" he shrugged.

Zoe was still trying to wake Petros and Lazarus. She decided to pull out her oracle, with this oracle she can faintly understand the future. She would look into it, not physically but mentally while holding her hand above it. It lit up the room like a lantern.

When she read Lazarus chances of survival it was 100%. But when she read Petros chances it was 0%. She started to panic and call out to Arjuna.

"Come, on, what is saying Zoe?" Arjuna said eagerly.

Zoe started to sweat and look worried, she dropped down to Petros chest and started to weep. Arjuna quickly went over and huddled over her.

"Is he a goner?" said Arjuna

Zoe was crying frantically, and could barely answer Arjuna.

"M-my fortunes are never wrong *sniff* somehow he is dead."

Arjuna then noticed a green aura, it was coming from Lazarus sword. It slowly crept up to Petros body and started to flow all around him. Slowly piece by piece, Petros was disappearing into the aura. There was no sound of it, just the swooshing from the aura.

Zoe was too busy crying and didn even notice that he was gone. Arjuna was in shock and started to touch the place where Petros body was just laying.

"Zoe... that aura... that aura took him away!" said Arjuna.

Zoe wiped her tears and wasn understanding where the body went.

"H-how could this be *sniff* where did he go?"

"It was like the last time! It came from Lazarus sword, remember when those guys tried to rob us?" said Arjuna.

"I-Is this his magical power? Is this green aura devouring the dead?" she questioned

As they were talking Lazarus woke up, he was in a state of confusion but he wasn hurting at all. He felt even more alive than before.

"Oh Lazarus, thank the Gods!" said Zoe.

Lazarus noticed Petros was missing and looked around for him.

"Where did Petros go granny?" he said.

"H-he..." tears started falling from her face again.

Lazarus understood and though Lazarus wasn that affectionate of a person, he tried comforting her.

"Yea, glad your awake but, your green aura devoured him." said Arjuna.

Lazarus looked down at his sword some of the aura was still flowing out of it.

"I-It wasn in my control!"

Arjuna looked at Lazarus and noticed all the wounds were already healed.

"Wow quick recovery." said Arjuna.

Lazarus looked at his arms, hands, and legs and noticed that there wasn even a scratch on his body.

"I think that-"

"Ah.. god damn it Petros." Nike interrupted Lazarus as he took a hit of his cigarette.

"Im not blaming you, Lazarus, lets focus on the next step, he wouldn want us sitting here crying over him."

Zoe wiped her tears and nodded.

"Listen I don want to be the one to take leadership of this allegiance, so the one favor Im asking of, is for you, Lazarus to be the new leader of this allegiance." said Nike.

"Its the least I can do" Lazarus quickly replied.

"Great. Hey Zoe patch my face up please?" Nike said.

Zoe proceeded while Nike stared at the destruction that was happening outside. He knew they needed to come up with a plan quickly. There was no way that they were able to compete against Pluto and his underworld creatures.

"Great. The next problem we have is Petros was the only one able to locate myths around us to collect for this allegiance. Now we don have that. Right now theres no way we can go up against Pluto and his creatures." said Nike.

"So what do you suppose we do then?" said Lazarus.

"We need to hit the next town, and maybe we can get lucky and find a myth. We also need to try to evacuate everybody within it. Thats the next spot the creatures will be heading." Nike replied.

The four of them then escaped through a giant hole in the wall, at the back of the pub. Sadly the bartenders body lay dead, and they had to leave him. The creatures were devouring the entire village, there was destruction in every direction you looked, and seeing his hometown getting destroyed got to Lazarus head. He started to think that there was no way of defeating Pluto. And that Pluto was right about all their attempts being futile.

Lazarus was thrown into this world by a greedy human and didn even have time to grasp the whole situation. And is now devouring people? And has magical powers? He couldn grasp everything at once and was losing himself.

As they exited through the hole in the wall, a creature who was sitting on top of the roof, immediately grasped Zoe. Arjuna instinctively hit the creatures head with the butt of his spear, it caused the creature to get pounded into the muddy dirt, there was blue blood everywhere. The creature let out a light whimper before Arjuna stabbed its torso dealing the last blow. The blue blood was left all over Arjunas black-metal armor.

They quickly continued onto the path to the next town, Arjuna was holding Zoe while the rest were dashing from alleyway to alleyway trying to avoid more attention from the creatures.

"So this is the new era, huh?" panted Arjuna.

"Whatever." said Nike.

Lazarus was too stuck in his head to respond, thinking about what had just happened. He devoured two people, not willingly but he was putting the blame on himself. He felt like the villain, he felt as if he did more evil than Pluto.

They finally reached the end of Grim City, and beyond the city was a dense forest. It was quiet and peaceful. The creatures haven reached this point yet. And they were able to finally catch their breath. By this time it was close to four oclock in the morning. The only one who was tired was Zoe, the myths didn feel tired whatsoever.

They decided to sit down in the forest so that Zoe can rest.

"What **ty day." said Nike.

Lazarus was looking into the dense forest and decided to walk alone through it to attempt to clear his head.

"Where is that asshole going?" said Nike.

Lazarus continued through this thick, dense forest with no clear objective. There were too many thoughts racing through his head. He was used to killing people, but not in this way. He was devouring another human. And his mind couldn wrap around it. His thoughts kept pacing from the green aura to the demon god Pluto, and the whole myth summoning ritual. He kept on walking and walking matching the pace of his thoughts.

He felt as if he was the one who killed Petros. He was too overwhelmed by his surroundings, and the fact that he now took up a leadership role. He wanted to just run away forever.

While he was trying to get himself together deep into the forest, a white orb started to follow him. At first, he just thought it was some sort of bug, but as it got closer he realized that wasn the case.

"Mister? Hello?" the orb started to speak to him.

Lazarus thought for a minute he might be hallucinating. The orb that was floating just above him, kept persisting and following him.

"Mister, can you hear me?" the orb said. It sounded similar to a childs voice.

"Who are you?" Lazarus sternly answered.

"Kill all of them. Go back there. And kill all of three them." replied the orb in a cheerful voice.

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