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Ye Chen didnt really care about Dongfang Xius not-so-good skills, Ye Chen could improve this in the future, he would let Dongfang Xiu become skilled enough to do with him.

Dongfang Xiu didnt want to let Ye Chen down, she used all the skill she had to please Ye Chen, she used these skills to please Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu learned to find the sensitive spot that belonged to Ye Chen, she learned self-taught to make Ye Chen as comfortable as possible by using her skills that were still not very good.

It was a good thing that Dongfang Xius hands were very soft, this gave Dongfang Xiu a very comfortable feeling.

“Do your best” Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu, herself telling Dongfang Xiu to do her best.

Dongfang Xiu got a spirit.

With this spirit, Dongfang Xiu should be able to be even better at serving Ye Chen.

“Ill make her comfortable, this is a womans duty” Dongfang Xiu showed everything she knew, she started to touch and stimulate Ye Chens huge object.

Dongfang Xius movements were getting better and better, Ye Chen was comforted by what Dongfang Xiu was doing, it felt very comfortable to receive Dongfang Xius touch.

“Thats great, shes progressing really fast.” Dongfang Xius skill was really good, she quickly made Ye Chen feel more and more comfortable.

Dongfang Xiu looked at Ye Chen, she could see that Ye Chen was getting comfortable with what she was doing, it seemed that what she was doing made Ye Chen feel very comfortable.

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Knowing that Ye Chen could enjoy this, Dongfang Xiu decided to use her mouth, this was one of the quickest ways to harvest Ye Chens pure Yang Qi.

Dongfang Xiu felt homesick for Ye Chens Yang Qi essence, so it wouldnt be strange for her to want to get it and quickly taste it.

“Oh, its been a long time coming.” Its been a long time since Ye Chen felt this way, to be honest, he really misses this feeling.

This feeling is very nostalgic for Ye Chen, In the past, he forced Dongfang Xiu to do this, but now Dongfang Xiu is doing this of his own free will.

Of course, the taste and comfort that Ye Chen gets is different from before, He can feel sincerity and love comes from Dongfang Xiu.

“This is very good, I am very happy” Ye Chen liked this, his heart was very happy when he received love from Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen felt that he wanted to continue doing this, the service that Dongfang Xiu did was the best, Ye Chen really liked what Dongfang Xiu did

“Slurp .


.” Dongfang Xiu tried to absorb Ye Chen, she used an astonishing suction power once, this made Ye Chen feel sucked in by Dongfang Xiu.

“Her skills are getting better, shes growing fast” Dongfang Xius skills are developing very quickly, she is able to adapt to the abilities she has.

Dongfang Xiu kept looking at Ye Chen, she kept looking at Ye Chen and watching Ye Chens reaction, she wanted to try to learn to make Ye Chen comfortable, when Dongfang Xiu saw Ye Chen comfortable, she started to do things more aggressively.

By doing this, Dongfang Xiu could know Ye Chens weak points, that way she could attack and make Ye Chen comfortable.

The current Dongfang Xiu was too aggressive, the way she controlled her technique was exquisite, this was of course a threat to Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xius original goal was to drain Ye Chen, so it wouldnt be strange for her to do this.

Ye Chen saw Dongfang Xiu, when he saw the beautiful and super seductive Dongfang Xiu, Ye Chen had a bit of trouble.

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“Thats too bad, I met a goddess who is quite difficult to fight.” Dongfang Xiu became a difficult opponent, thats probably because Dongfang Xiu is used to being cold, when Dongfang Xiu softens, she deals quite a lot of damage towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had already done his best to defend against Dongfang Xius attacks, too bad, he was unable to defend against Dongfang Xius attacks, it seemed he would not last long.

Dongfang Xiu didnt look tired when serving Ye Chen who was above average in size, she was doing this to get what she wanted, so it wasnt strange that Dongfang Xiu wasnt tired when serving Ye Chen.

“This is bad I probably wont last long” Ye Chen could only last 40 minutes, Dongfang Xius constant attacks got Ye Chen into trouble and was only able to last this long.

Ye Chens achievements were already very good, he was already very strong when it came to resisting the skills possessed by Dongfang Xiu.

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Dongfang Xius skills would probably get even better, Dongfang Xiu just needed to brush up on them and she would probably be able to beat Ye Chen even faster.

Ye Chen was already at his limit, it seemed that he would reach his limit soon.

Dongfang Xiu could feel something very strange from Ye Chens thing, she felt that Ye Chens became bigger and vibrated a few times.

“Has he reached his limit” Dongfang Xiu said to herself, she saw that Ye Chen had reached his limit, he had already reached his limit.

Dongfang Xiu quickened the moves she had, she sped up her moves and started moving back and forth even faster.

Ye Chen was getting more and more critical, Dongfang Xius attacks were getting more and more aggressive, she seemed to be unable to stand it anymore.

“Husband give it to me,” said Dongfang Xiu in a voice full of gentleness and desire.

Ye Chen couldnt stand it, he couldnt stand what Dongfang Xiu said anymore, there was no way Ye Chen could stand it when he listened to what Dongfang Xiu said.

“this is it” Ye Chen held Dongfang Xius head, he gave Dongfang Xiu what she wanted.

Ye Chen gave his all, he gave Dongfang Xiu what she wanted.



.” Dongfang Xiu felt full, Ye Chen gave a lot of essence to her.

“Glup .

.” Dongfang Xiu started to swallow it all, she really liked this, it was something she could get addicted to.

After a while Dongfang Xiu finished receiving everything, he was able to accept everything with ease.

“emmm, this is delicious, its been a long time” Dongfang Xiu said as she praised Ye Chen.

“It seems you really like that thing” Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

“of course, this is a very good thing, this is very great, honestly this is what makes me unable to forget that day” said Dongfang Xiu to Ye Chen.

“hehehe, so thats how it is, youre quite a pervert ” Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

Dongfang Xiu blushed, it seemed that what Ye Chen said was not wrong, she might indeed be a bit of a pervert.

After that, Dongfang Xiu helped clean up Ye Chens property, she was very careful when doing this.

It can be seen that Dongfang Xiu was very happy with Ye Chen.

Dongfang Xiu teased too much Ye Chen naturally couldnt stand what Dongfang Xiu showed.

“I dont want to hold it in anymore, lets finish this” Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen brought Dongfang Xiu, himself intending to settle this matter with Dongfang Xiu.

Ye Chen see Dongfang Xius secret garden, Dongfang Xius secret garden was already watery enough.

“Is that so, it seems she is quite excited.” Ye Chen saw that Dongfang Xiu was already very excited.

“dont look at it, lets do it” Dongfang Xiu said to Ye Chen, she invited Ye Chen to do it immediately.

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