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Yun Yuanfeng had no sense of responsibility.

In his eyes, he only wanted to maximize his benefits.

No matter who it was, as long as they were useful to him, he would make use of them.

His selfish nature was deeply rooted.

Hence, if she did not leverage the child situation well, everyone would lose face.

If she used it well, she would be able to cut off all ties with the Yun family.

She would see if God was on her side this time when the DNA results were released!

The wedding was on the 20th, which also fell on the day of the Lantern Festival, and it was already the 9th.

Yun Xi deliberately reminded Lin Shuhua that regardless of whether the child was Yun Yuanfengs or not, she would reschedule the wedding date when she went back to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Since Yun Yuanfeng agreed to Lin Shuhuas requests, especially since he was marrying for the second time and she was pregnant, she would go to the hospital for a checkup before the wedding as an assurance.

As long as she got the test report, she could make arrangements in the shortest time possible.

This wedding banquet was meant to make a joke of Yun Yuanfeng.

It was not uncommon to send an invitation over to change the time.

Even if a big commotion were to be caused at the wedding, it would not be out of the ordinary.

Those who were willing to give them face or had favors to ask of them, would naturally attend.

The people who would not bother with such trivial matters, such as the Big Four Conglomerate Families or the Three Noble Families, would not even look at the wedding invitation at all.

Yun Yuanfeng had used Yun Xis status to ask her to hand them an invitation.

She really couldnt afford to lose face like this.

The invitation went into the trash can the moment she stepped out of the door.

Regardless of whether the wedding banquet continued or not, and whether the child really belonged to the Yun family, Yun Yuanfeng would definitely be cuckolded!

It was not difficult for the child to enter the Yun familys household register, but it was not so easy for Lin Shuhua to marry into the Yun family!

Yao Ying sighed slightly.

She knew her concerns.

After all, he was still a child who had yet to be born.

He might really be Yun Yuanfengs only son in this lifetime.

If this child was lost due to their suspicions, they would probably think that they were too cruel and immoral when they looked back on this in the future.

“Your father is getting more and more muddle-headed as he gets older! Hes so stubborn that hes gone crazy for a son! A daughter might not be worse than a son.

Why does he have to insist on having a son and cause so much trouble Its so infuriating!”

“Second Aunt, just pretend that you dont know anything and take good care of the family.

If the outside world is in chaos, the family cant be in chaos either.

As for the rest… let nature take its course!”

Even though Yun Xi said that she would let nature take its course, she also understood that this matter couldnt be resolved without making a huge commotion.

Liang Danyi went over from home after lunch and was about to replace Chen Lixue, who had been on watch the whole morning.

As soon as she reached the door, she heard people talking about how Chen Lixue had been arrested.

In shock, she hurriedly stopped a few people in their tracks and asked them about it.

After confirming that her mother had been arrested, she suddenly felt helpless.

Throughout the entire Chinese New Year, she gradually understood that the three of them had no backing, no money, and no support.

They were like street rats.

This would not do!

Other than this house, there was nothing else from Muyang Town to Jingdu!

Soon, they would not be able to even afford to pay for their meals!

Now, her mother was locked up in the police station.

Liang Xinyi had gone out early in the morning and returned late at night, and was nowhere to be seen.

Every day when she came back, she would fall asleep drunk.

She had no idea what she did every day!

After asking a few people, she found out that her father had gone on a research trip and was not in Jingdu for the time being.

She wanted to see him and ask him for money.

Asking him to help her get her mother out was simply wishful thinking.

Ever since she was young, she had been pampered by her mother for more than ten years.

Even in the countryside, she had lived a better and more comfortable life than other children.

When she came to Jingdu, she entered the Su family with her mother.

Although she had to watch out for other peoples moods, she did not suffer many difficulties.

Now, she only felt the despair of the sky falling on her.

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