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[Great Sage Mountain-Moving clearly knew that the Buddhist League was not easy to deal with, so he directly said to Great Sage Demon Bull, “Big Brother, I dont suggest we touch that monk.

In this world, either the Buddhist League or the Heavenly Court will rise.

It has nothing to do with us.

Why do we have to do something that wont benefit us”

[The Demon Sages nodded in agreement.

[The current rulers of the continent were not the Demon race, but the human race.

[Therefore, even if the Buddhist League and the Heavenly Court fought, the demons could not intervene, because they could not become the hegemons of the current world.

“Hehe, I didnt say that Im going to attack that monk.

Furthermore, Patriarch Nine Spirit has already promised the Buddhist League to fully cooperate with their journey to the west,” Great Sage Demon Bull said with a smile.

His eyes were slightly misty, so none of the Demon Sages knew what he was thinking.

[Then, Great Sage Demon Bull continued.

“Im going to take advantage of this time when the Buddhist League is not around to sort out the internal affairs of our Demon race.”

[Upon hearing this, all the Demon Sages perked up.

[Although they were called the Demon Alliance, there were still many experts in the Demon race who did not join.

Those demons were either close to the Heavenly court or the Buddhist League.

Anyway, the Demon Sages had long disliked them.

[Great Sage Sea-Topplings eyes were also slightly dazed as he spoke hesitantly.

“Big Brother, what do you mean”

“In a while, we will visit the remaining Demon Sages, one by one.

If they really want to join our Demon Alliance, then forget it.

If they dont agree, then dont let them use the identity of the Demon race,” Great Sage Demon Bull said with cold eyes.

[You couldnt help but be secretly shocked after hearing it.

‘I didnt expect that Great Sage Demon Bull, who is obviously not very smart, would have such a plan.

He wants to take advantage of the fact that the Buddhist League and the Heavenly Court are paying attention to Tang Sanzang to clean up the internal affairs of the Demon race.

[If the Demon race could really be united, their strength would be extremely huge.

Moreover, Great Sage Demon Bull would obtain more fate energy.

[The current Great Sage Demon Bull was already at the 9th Protostar of the heavenly Lord realm.

Even if Buddha Rulai of the West came personally, Great Sage Demon Bull might not be afraid of him.

[All kinds of schemes were linked to each other.

You were sure that it was definitely not Great Sage Demon Bulls idea, but Primordial Sage Nine Spirits.

[Primordial Sage Nine Spirit had yet to appear at the banquet.

You were still curious and must have gone to make other arrangements.

‘I should think of a way to see if I can trick Primordial Sage Nine Spirit into giving me the Sea-Pacifying Pearls.

[You had been coveting the 16 Sea-Pacifying Pearls in the whirlpool of the Northern Sea.

[As Great Sage Demon Bull finished talking about business, the banquet was over.

You would follow the Demon Sages, hide your cultivation level, and go straight to the nearest cave abode of a Great Sage.]

[At the Chechi kingdom…

[This was originally a small country on the road to the west.

A few years ago, three Immortals came to the Chechi kingdom and were honored as the State Preceptors by the king.

In the entire country, they respected the Heavenly Court and forced all the Buddhists to do hard labor for the Heavenly Court.

[In the largest temple in the city, the Three Pure Ones Temple…

[One of the three Daoists sitting cross-legged below frowned and calculated a few times.

He was very puzzled and couldnt help but ask the Daoist beside him, “Big Brother, the Demon Alliance annihilated the Dragon race of the four seas and sent us an invitation.

We didnt go.

Will they come and cause us trouble”

[The one who had spoken was the Deer Immortal, a Plum Deer Demon.

He was extremely sensitive to danger and was skilled in the Dao of Divination.

[A burly man with thick brows and big eyes sitting in the middle replied indifferently, “Eh Third Brother, did you notice something The three of us have obtained the Heavenly Courts righteous technique, so how can we mix with those demons and evil Now that Im in the Demon Sage realm, I think the Demon Alliance wont dare to come to us…”

[On his forehead was the character “King.” This was the Tiger Immortal.

[The goateed Goat Immortal stroked his goatee as he spoke.

“Thats right.

With our cultivation levels, theres nowhere we cant go in the three realms.

Why do we need to join the so-called Demon Alliance Well cultivate properly and become Sages and Ancestors sooner or later…”

[Just as the three demons were talking, the door of the Three Pure Ones Temple opened with a bang, as if it had been blown open by a strong wind.

[The three demons looked toward the door at the same time.

[At that moment, eight figures had already appeared at the entrance.

Some had the head of a beast and the body of a human, while others had extraordinary looks.

“Who are you How dare you break into my Three Pure Ones Temple”

“Youre all demons!” bellowed the Goat Immortal.

The eight Sages had all hidden their cultivation, so the three demons couldnt tell for now.

They thought they were just ordinary demons.

“Im the King of all Demons, Great Sage Demon Bull.”

“I am Great Sage Heaven Battering…”


[The eight Great Sages did not make a move.

A simple self-introduction had already made the three demons afraid to speak.

[In the end, the Tiger Immortal, the Eldest Brother, awkwardly spoke.

“Supreme Sages, its my honor to have you here.

What can I do for you ”

[It wasnt that the Tiger Immortal didnt have a backbone, but the scene before him was simply too much.

[Not even in his wildest dreams had the Tiger Immortal imagined that eight Demon Sages would come to find him and block his way.

[He was just a newly promoted Demon Sage, and he might not even be able to defeat any of them alone, let alone fight them.

[Furthermore, there were eight of them…

“We are here to invite you to join the Demon Alliance and be the Tiger Grand Sage of the Demon race.

Are you willing to” Great Sage Demon Bull asked casually.

[It was very casual, but one could tell from the situation that the outcome of agreeing or disagreeing was obvious.

[The three demons looked at each other.

Although they cultivated the orthodox Dao and loved the Heavenly Court, they would still try to protect themselves when their lives were in danger.

“We are willing to join the Demon Alliance!” said the three demons in unison.

[After that, your group expanded once again.

The Tiger, Deer, and Goat demons would not even care about the Chechi kingdoms base and would follow you.

[On the way, you encountered many demons, such as the Lute Spirit, the Goldfish Spirit, the Clam Demon, and the True Immortal Ruyi.

[However, after investigation, you found that most of these demons were Demon Kings, and there were very few Great Demon Kings.

There was no need for Demon Sages like you to take action for such characters.

[However, in order to strengthen the Demon Alliance, Great Sage Demon Bull still commanded the Deer and Goat demons to subdue them.

[During this period, when you passed by the Flaming Mountain, Great Sage Demon Bull was very open-minded and asked all the Demon Sages to visit his territory.

[You met the wife of Great Sage Demon Bull, Princess Iron Fan, the princess of the Luosha race.

She was really beautiful.

[Just looking at how she managed to subdue the King of all Demons, Great Sage Demon Bull, you could guess that she was definitely not a simple woman.

‘By the way, given Great Sage Demon Bulls bloodline, his son, Red Boy, should be a little Bull Demon, right you couldnt help but ask in your heart.

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