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Su Qing looked at Wen Huan and suddenly thought of something.

She was stunned for a while and looked at his eyes, seeing an ambitious desire.

After thinking for a short time, she smiled and put her hand in Wen Huan’s.

The two looked at each other and smiled as if some agreement had been reached.

On the mall’s upper floor, Gu Jingyu and Su Hangyu were drinking coffee in the cafe, watching the drama downstairs.

Su Hangyu looked at Gu Jingyu with the greatest surprise and said, “Haven’t I seen this girl before The one who came to our house that day.”

The girl that she thought was his son’s close friend.

Surprisingly, she was actually involved with several boys.

Su Hangyu’s mindset remained when she was in college, believing that a person could only fall in love with one person.

Those who were like that were playing hooligans.

“Son, are you familiar with that girl” Su Hangyu asked somewhat cautiously, afraid of hurting Gu Jingyu’s self-esteem.

Su Hangyu didn’t know what happened after Gu Jingyu came home.

She thought he rushed back because of Song Ningxuan.

“Mom, I’m not familiar with that woman.

We worked in the same company before, but I’ve already resigned, so I don’t have any dealings with her.”

Su Hangyu nodded, feeling relieved.

Not that she was too narrow-minded.

It was just that Song Ningxuan gave her the impression that she had really messed up the relationship between men and women a bit.

“Do you like any of the clothes below Do you want to go down and take a look”

Su Hangyu suddenly felt a little shy and showed a reluctant face when looking down.

“Why are these clothes so strange There isn’t much fabric, and they’re widely displayed.”

Since Su Hangyu had gotten out, she felt that there was a big change.

When she was in college, the most revealing clothes she wore were the ones that showed half of her arms.

These days, the clothes revealed either the navel or the arms and thighs, and the excessive necklines were so open that everything was visible.

Gu Jing Yu thought about it and took Su Hangyu to a cheongsam custom store upstairs.

As expected, her eyes lit up when Su Hangyu saw the cheongsam.

In her opinion, she didn’t like the fashionable clothes downstairs.

Cheongsam, on the other hand, was to her liking.

After happily customizing some cheongsams, Gu Jingyu took Su Hangyu to the beauty salon.

Su Hangyu’s body structure was especially good, but her long depression and physical work had crushed her body.

Even after recuperation, she could not return to her normal level.

Su Hangyu, who had just entered the beauty salon, was filled with caution.

Fortunately, the beautician was chatty.

She chatted with Su Hangyu in three or two sentences, and laughter could be heard occasionally.

After doing the basic skin care in the beauty salon, the beautician drew a beautiful special makeup and then put on the custom-made cheongsam.

The people around breathed a sigh of relief when they walked out of the beauty salon.

How should we put it Su Hangyu wasn’t particularly beautiful, which meant that her skin had become rough after years of suffering.

But that brows, smile, and movement all had the elegance and stability accumulated over the years.

The years did not disgrace her beauty, which meant that it liked Su Hangyu.

Even without the beautiful face, every move remained the same as in the past.

Gu Jing Yu did not notice a person holding a camera somewhere in the corner.

The person was following Su Hangyu around the street.

Su Hangyu slowly brought her memories back together with her reality.

She had to adapt to this era little by little.

Even if she couldn’t help her son, she would try not to add to his burden.


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