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Gu Jingyu’s side was busy as hell.

Naturally, there was no way to pay attention to what was happening on the female lead’s side.


He was unaware that Wen Huan had already been on a path with Song Ningxuan.


Ou Xiuyuan’s side was simply too busy.

Some time ago, he and Song Ningxuan were ambiguous for a while.

Still, later, Ou Lingtian found him a business marriage partner.

And without his consent, he transferred Song Ningxuan to a branch company.


In the past, he did not like Song Ningxuan that much.

However, since Song Ningxuan left, he always felt that he did not feel good, and his mind would always recall the days when Song Ningxuan took care of him.


After several days, Ou Xiuyuan always felt that his fiancée was not good everywhere.


Not as gentle as Song Ningxuan and not as obedient as her.

He even said that she was born with arrogance because of her family.


Ou Xiuyuan was following his fiancee on a date this day.

Song Ningxuan accompanied Wen Huan in the store to choose clothes.


The four met with each other.


Ou Xiuyuan looked differently at Wen Huan and Song Ningxuan.


He did not know how his heart swelled with an uncomfortable feeling, and it was like something that belonged to him had slipped away without a sound.


Of course, Wen Huan knew that Ou Xiuyuan was here, and this was his carefully planned rendezvous.


He wanted to see what Ou Xiuyuan would actually do.


He didn’t expect Ou Xiuyuan to leave his fiancée behind and come toward them.


Ou Xiuyuan’s fiancée was standing in the background, looking blue.


Ou Xiuyuan stared deadly at Song Ningxuan, which was like the look you get when you catch an adulterer.


And his real fiancée was behind.


The people around looked at Ou Xiuyuan as if they were watching a good show, but their eyes were very subtle.


Wen Huan secretly mocked Ou Xiuyuan in his heart, but his face put on an expression of being insulted.


He stood in front of Song Ningxuan, just like a flower protector.


“President Ou, what do you want to do to my girlfriend”


Ou Xiuyuan’s ears caught the words, “What do you want to do to my girlfriend”


The anger inside reached the extreme, and the string belonging to reason in his brain broke.


He pulled Song Ningxuan behind Wen Huan and took her away directly.


Behind Ou Xiuyuan was the fiancée, who had just made a decision.

Her face could not be darker.


Both of them were also children of prominent families.

Su Qing was insulted like this for the first time, and she could no longer stay as the people around looked at the excellent show.


Looking at Wen Huan, who was standing there indifferently, she was overwhelmed with an ulterior motive.

“Your girlfriend ran away with someone else, and you’re not angry”


“Miss Su, no matter how I put it, you would be a little angrier.

After all, she was just one of my girlfriends, and your fiancé took her.”


It was to be anticipated that it would not be long that Miss Su Qing’s fiancé left with his mistress in public would spread to the whole circle.


“You ….”


Su Qing was furious, but Wen Huan was right.

Ou Xiuyuan acted this way under Su Qing’s and her family’s reputation.


“I wonder if I have the honor to invite Miss Su Qing to dinner”


Wen Huan suddenly came over and elegantly extended his hand.


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