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Due to the teacher’s indifference and the surrounding students’ bullying, Gu Jingyu became increasingly silent.


Until he met such a girl who would quietly comfort him when he was being bullied and talk to him now and then.


Song Ningxuan naturally left a deep impression on Gu Jingyu’s heart.


Later, when he met Song Ningxuan at the company, he naturally recognized this person as the girl who comforted him as a child and gave that person the most help within his authority.


The original Gu Jingyu thought Song Ningxuan did not recognize him.

But with the current situation, Song Ningxuan did probably recognize him.


It was just a matter of not saying so.

Besides, what was the reason for not saying so


“What did Ms.

Song say I don’t remember.

Please don’t say something untrue in my house, and I hope you won’t bother me in the future.”


It turned out that Gu Jingyu’s business was none of his business.

He had his own business to do now, and Song Ningxuan would only bring trouble to him.


Song Ningxuan did not expect that Gu Jingyu would still be so cold and heartless after she had pulled out her biggest card.


She had no choice but to leave Gu Jingyu’s house.


On her way back to the office, she met an unexpected person, Wen Huan, the vice president of the Ou Shi Group.


“Vice President, hello!”


Song Ningxuan had been a secretary for a while.

Even if she spent most of her time catching fish, Wen Huan must have known her.


Just when she wanted to go past him to leave, Wen Huan was in front of her again.


“Vice President, do you have something If there’s nothing, I’ll go back to work first.” Song Ningxuan had a lost expression, lacking a bit of energy.


A trace of disdain flashed in Wen Huan’s eyes.

He was supposed to be the best partner for Gu Jingyu.

Yet, the news of his departure was heard before he could extend an invitation for cooperation.


If a person wanted to pull down the father and son of the Ou family, it was necessary to do so slowly.


He had heard that Ou Xiuyuan had a special regard for a small secretary in the company and had rebelled against his father for her.


As soon as he arrived at the company, he saw her hurriedly walking somewhere with her bag.

By some miracle, Wen Huan followed.


Song Ningxuan went to Gu Jingyu’s house and stayed inside for a long time.


Not long after that, he saw Gu Jingyu driving home, and Song Ningxuan came out with a distressed expression.


Wen Huan’s eyes turned and touched his smooth chin, murmuring, “It’s a woman who looks nothing special.

Ou Xiuyuan likes this type”


No one knew what he was thinking.

He followed Song Ningxuan and arrived at the company directly in front of her.


He smiled warmly and looked particularly harmless.


Song Ningxuan saw Wen Huan’s face.

It must be said that his face was very deceiving and could easily make people drop their defenses.


She was still a little angry when she was blocked, but after seeing Wen Huan’s smiling face, that steam inside her was gone suddenly.


“Vice President Wen, may I ask what the matter is Are you here to find someone” Song Ningxuan inwardly weighed the value of both Ou Xiuyuan and Wen Huan.

In the end, the position of the president’s wife was more attractive.


Wen Huan could not see what was in Song Ningxuan’s mind but snorted inwardly.


Ou Xiuyuan’s vision was really not very good.

But ambitious people were better controlled.


From a distance, the two people got along very well.

The employees who passed by saw that the vice president seemed to have a good friendship with the woman who was thought to have been sent away to a branch.


Everyone had their own idea, and it would be better to pay attention to this new employee in the future.


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