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Song Ningxuan’s brain buzzed.


She stared blankly at Gu Jingyu.


She didn’t know if she was angry or she was shocked by his tone of such naked dislike.


Gu Jingyu reminded her, “Miss Song, you should be working now, not coming to my house.

If there’s no business, then I’ll not entertain.”


Song Ningxuan only came back to her senses at this time.

“Brother Gu, are you really that cruel”


Gu Jingyu gave a “hmm” and spoke sarcastically, “If Miss Song has some self-awareness, you should understand my attitude towards you.

I hope you can have some self-awareness.”


“Are you going to give up the career you’ve been working on for so long”


Song Ningxuan kept asking Gu Jingyu non-stop, unaware she was now questioning people like a mad woman.


“The application was handed in more than a month in advance, and the head handed someone over for the job.

It’s not sudden for me to leave, and there will be no repercussions for the group.”


How could it not have an effect Song Ningxuan almost said this out loud.


Since she entered the company, she had been taken care of by Gu Jingyu most of the time.


Later, Ou Xiuyuan paid more attention to her, making her work smooth.


When she thought of Ou Xiuyuan, Song Ningxuan’s face reddened, and she didn’t know what she imagined inside.


When she arrived at the branch, she actually contacted Ou Xiuyuan.


Although she knew it was wrong, the thought of Ou Xiuyuan’s handsome face and the group behind him suddenly made her heart firm.


A sudden thought came to her mind, and she suddenly lifted her head.


“Brother Gu left so abruptly without a word.

Aren’t the people in the Design Department worth your attention”


Gu Jingyu smiled, understanding for the first time how odd the female protagonist of this ancient story was.



Song, this is the last time I’m talking to you.

I hope you have some self-awareness and don’t keep coming to disturb my life.” Song Ningxuan’s heart was suddenly inexplicably flustered.

Still, her pride made her not have any intention of backing down in front of Gu Jingyu.


“Brother Gu, you ….

What do you mean Don’t you remember me”


Trying to grab something, Song Ningxuan began to mumble and spilled out her biggest card.


“What” It turned out that the supporting actor’s memories were mostly particularly vague, except for those related to the plot.


“It’s me.

We met as kids at the same table in the fifth grade.”


The memories of the supporting character Gu Jingyu gradually became clear in his mind.


So that was the case, no wonder the supporting character was so good to the female lead.


When the original Gu Jingyu escaped from the village, he was sent to the local orphanage by the police and started studying in middle school.


Perhaps his face was too good-looking.

In this tiny village, even if he dressed shabbily, he could always attract some people’s attention.


With the original owner’s far superior grades, he became a regular on the praise list of every parents’ meeting and in most parents’ mouths of other people’s children.


Such a reputation was good in the eyes of adults, but for children, that was not so good.


Who could stand to be belittled by parents every time and then praise someone who was nothing in their eyes


Gu Jingyu became the target of everyone’s bullying, taking out all the anger they received from their parents on him.


At that time, he did not dare to resist and could only suffer in silence.

Even talking to the teacher was useless.

At that time, the teacher said one thing most often:


“Why do people only target you Why don’t they bully others too A slap on the wrist does not ring.

Just do a good job on your own.”


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