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Chapter 48: City of Seeker

A distinct structure appeared out of nowhere amidst the tranquil landscape.

With a giant white dome as its centre, there were various buildings such as hotels or large apartment complexes around it.

It looked like a compact city the size of one kilometre square.


「That’s the 『Red Dungeon』.

The building around it is either a research institution or exclusive lodging for Explorer.」


The president explained as he lit his cigarette.

Only to get scolded by Maika, and get both his cigarette and lighter confiscated till they arrived.


「Is that the city which builds to capture the dungeon」


It’s the deepest dungeon in Japan after all.

It took a lot of time and manpower to build this city.

The government also tried to decrease most of the lodging and shopping facilities as much as possible to the point of some buildings have both of those facilities.」

「Hee, that’s amazing.」


There was a gate at the entrance of the city, the gate only opened up after the president showed the entry proof to the guard.

After arriving inside, he parked the car in the dedicated parking lot.

It seems that each dungeon-related company had their own dedicated parking place.

After coming down from the car, they took out their luggage from the suitcase.


「The building that we, D-Minor, rented is the 3rd floor of that building number 04.

Let’s carry our luggage until there!」



Each of them divided a large amount of luggage to carry to the said building.

Yuuma’s breath was disordered when they arrived.


「This is our room…」


The place was rather similar to a studio apartment.

The arrangement of the room was to make the room look bigger, the furniture had a unified white colour.

They carried their luggage to the living room, and then looked at the scenery outside of the window.


「There’s surprisingly a lot of people.

Are they seekers from the other company」

「Yes, only personnel of dungeon-related companies or government officials can enter this place.

Most of them are people in the same trade as us.」


The president also looked at the scenery of people heading toward the white dome below the window.

While Yuuma and the president were having such a conversation, Maika placed the basket she brought with her on the table in the living room.


「Let’s have early lunch.

Everyone, wash your hands!」

「Ooh! Yuuma, get some food to eat while you can since we only enter the dungeon after the afternoon!」



Yuuma and the president wash their hands and sit in their seats immediately.


「Tanaka-san, you’re coming too~!」



Tanaka who was tidying up their luggage on the shelves came when Maika called him.

After everyone sat together, Maika opened the lid of the three baskets.


「Oooh! It looks delicious!!」


Yuuma couldn’t help but praise her.

The reason is the variety of food lined up inside the basket.

Ham and egg sandwich, coupled with fruit salad.

There were assorted rice balls, wiener, omelets, and fried chicken.

Yuuma’s drool almost dripped from his mouth seeing those assorted foods.

Everyone then clapped their hands together and said,


「「「Let’s dig i~n!」」」


Yuuma took the side dishes with a chopstick in his hand.

The president also took a lot of side dishes onto his plate, and both of them ate quite a lot.

Tanaka, who looks like the type that eats a lot, is surprisingly a light eater.

“His plump figure was just a false impression huh.” Muttered Yuuma in his heart.


Yuuma, who felt satisfied with the delicious lunch box made by Maika, finished the lunch with a satisfied look on his face.

He even overeats a little bit.

He never expected to have such cosy, family-like lunch.


「This will be the base that we’re going to use to dive into the dungeon for the next three days.

Yuuma, you’ve brought enough change of clothes right」

「Yes, I’ve brought enough.

But, What are we going to do about meals in the next three days Is maika-san going to cook for us every time」


When Yuuma looked at her, Maika shook her head with a frown on her face.


「Well, it’s impossible to cook every time.

There’re many restaurants in this city, we’re going to use that.

I’ve made the lunch box today to save our food expenses as much as possible.」

「I see.」


“It really was a city for Explorers huh.” Thought Yuuma as the president stood up and took a toothpick to clean his teeth.


「Let’s go, we’re heading to the 10th floor first, I want to return as early as possible after all.」


Yuuma and co then left the room with the necessary luggage and headed toward the dome-shaped building.




When they arrived at the white dome’s base, Yuuma was almost overwhelmed by its size.

The outer wall was almost twenty meters high.

Though not as high as the Tokyo dome, it was pretty close.

The entrance was shut tight with heavy metal doors, and guarded with tight security, armed to the teeth.

It was a world apart from the treatment of 『Blue Dungeon』.


「It has really strict security huh」


The president replied with 「Yeah」 while showing his entry pass to the fully armed security.

The heavy, metal door opened up, allowing Yuuma and co to enter.


「This is the deepest dungeon in Japan, it’s filled with fire-attributed monsters.

The entrance was sealed with a heavy metal door to prevent the small chance of monsters from the deep floor being released outside of this dome.」

「Eh, there’s no such thing as a monster coming out of the dungeon right」

「Yes, there’s none.

But, this city was built when dungeon research has yet to progress that much.

Thus, the government who was making a fuss about the possibility of an unknown monster coming out from the dungeon sealed the dungeon with this giant white dome, and its entrance with a heavy metal door.」


Yuuma understood what the president meant.

It was only natural for everyone to raise their vigilance seeing the dungeon that appeared literally out of nowhere.

The place they’re walking right now resembles a huge entrance hole.

Many tall Explorers with fit bodies or businessmen in business suits could be found talking in the white dome.


「This dome itself is kinda like a “Cage” to trap monsters.

Being useful aside, it’s at least increased the sense of security for the people who live around this city.」


When the president continued his introduction, the people wearing grey and white uniforms approached from the front.

For a moment, Yuuma thought they were special forces since it felt like he could see special effects behind them.


「Oh, if it isn’t Kanzaki!」


At that moment, the president stopped talking.

The reason the one who called out to him was the muscular man who led the group of people wearing uniforms.

On his chest was the logo of 『DeNA Elcid』.


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