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It was in the following morning; the day had become bright and sun had risen out from the sky. Sound of the door opened and Henry came out from his room; he was wearing a short trouser and the slippers that he used to wear in his room. He wasn wearing shirt or vest; he just woke up so it was only the trouser that was on him.

He got down to the living room, looked at everywhere and he thought that Aria could have woke up and she could have been there but she didn . He took the bottle water that he came out to take and going to Arias room to check on her. He was still feeling strange about her and he hadn believe that he was the only one seeing her, so all these were making him to be suspicious and monitoring her.

He started knocking at the door as he got to Arias room but no replied from her, so he decided to open the door and entered. Sound of the door opened and he entered into the room, he didn see her on the bed it was only the white gown that she off that was on the floor.

"Aria! Aria!! Are you inside the bathroom" He said like three times but no replied, so he decided to open the bathroom door but still she wasn there.

"Where is this troublesome girl now?" Henry said with low voice, left the room and going out to look for her. He left the living room down to the compound and started searching for her and calling her name loudly.

Henry turned back to his house after some minutes and he had checked his environment including the shop that she said that she should go and took clothes but she was not there. He opened the door and entered into the living room.

"THANK GOD, SHE HAS GONE" Henry said with low voice and sat down on the coach.


Aria was at the hospital that her body was and she was at the backyard with a middle age man, both were sitting on the chair there and talking. Aria met the man around that hospital and him too was in the same condition as Aria; they were both in comma but that man had been there for eleven years.

"I have seen that you are such a lucky girl and that is why I told you to leave this vicinity maybe you can be luck, and now see" the man said with low voice.

"I am happy that I see someone whom could see me and I am happy" She said with loud voice and the man just giggles.

"Its such a big opportunity for you, and be grateful. That mean soon you will wake up to life" the man said.

"Wish so and also wish that I could see you when I wake up so that you too can wake up; I will be happy to be seeing you beside me always even when I woke up"

"Huu! Forget about my own, I will just be happy if you wake up back to your body" the man said with low voice and looking sad.

"You don want to wake up again?" Aria asked with low voice and looked at him.

"Well! I have lose hope even its my life support machine that I am waiting for them to switch off so that I can go to heaven but I don know who is still paying for it" the man replied.

"Why did you want that? No, you are going to wake up and I will do that for you" Aria said with loud voice.

"That is if you are able to remember me and all these when you wake up" the man said.

"And I am using this movement to say that I will, and believe that" "Say I BELIEVE THAT" Aria said with low voice and looking at the man.

"Say it now" She said with loud voice and frowning her face.

"I believe that" the man said with low voice and Aria smiled.

A very expensive car drove inside the hospital compound and parked at where other cars were parking. The door opened and a woman got down from the car; she was wearing a very beautiful and expensive cloth and carrying a designer bag. She was really dressing like woman of a rich man, she entered into the hospital, talked to the receptionist and going to the Doctors office.

Sound of the door opened and she entered into the office, she met the Doctor there and she was busy with the laptop. The woman greeted her and sat down on the chair.

"I am the mother of the child that had an accident and rushed here, I received a call from this hospital" the woman said.

"What is the name of that your child? And can I see her picture" the Doctor asked.

"Her name is Aria and here is her picture" She gave the phone to the Doctor and collected it back after few minutes.

"We have called you since a day before yesterday as they rushed the child here and you are just coming now Ma" The Doctor was so surprised.

"I have been so busy and that is why" the woman replied.

"So how is my child? Is she okay?" She asked with low voice, the Doctor closed the laptop and faced her.

"She is in comma and we have put her on life support machine Ma" Doctor replied.

"Good that you have done that, so when will she wake up?" She didn even feel remorseful at all.

"I can say yet, everything is in hand of God now Ma" the Doctor replied.

"No problem, I will deposit some money now and you should carry on with the treatment. When she wakes up make sure you call me again because I won have time to be coming here" Doctor looked at her as she said so and she felt someone because the woman was not behaving like a mother at all.

"I will go and do that, and I have to go now" She got up and carry her bag.

"Wait Ma; please are you the really biological mother of that child? I have my reasons for asking" the Doctor said and she too got up.

"Yes, I am the really biological mother of Aria, hope no problem" She replied with arrogance.

"In that case you need to be coming often to stay with her, sing her favorite song for her, play with her and let her feel the warm of your body. Doing this it can make her to come around quickly Ma"

"Oh! I don think I can have time for that now because we are campaign for my husbands election and the load is on me" She replied.

"Her father?" The Doctor asked.

"Her stepfather" She replied with low voice and the Doctor breathes in.

"I have to go now, thank you Doctor and take care of her" She said and going out. Sound of the door opened and closed.

Aria was standing at the entrance door and looking at her mother going to her car; Aria was looking so sad and it was everything that she said inside the Doctors office that she heard because it was at the window side that they were sitting.

She was not surprised with her mothers behavior because that was how she used to treat her but she couldn believe that she could still do that at this point. Aria looked at her mother still she entered into the car and the driver drove away; she cleaned the tears in her eye and she too leaving the hospital.


Aria returned back Henrys house, she opened the door and entered into the house. She met Henry in the living room with the laptop and busy reading.

"I thought you have gone" Henry said with low voice.

"I have nowhere to go too; also you are the only human seeing me" Aria replied with low voice and just sat down on the chair gently. Henry closed the laptop as he saw that she was looking dull and unhappy; he was just looking at her and not saying anything.

"I want to ask you a question Henry" She said with low voice, just looking straight and so sad.

"What is that?" He asked with low voice.

"Do people just use to leave the person in comma just to wake up, no need to see him or her or talk to the person? Is it only the hospital that can be taking care of those people?"

"No! His or her family supposes to be with that person always, let him or her be feeling their present, tell her the story she loves most, sing for her and do some other things. Even this love can make the person to wake up on time" Henry said with low voice and looked at her.

"Are you okay? Is everything fine?" Henry asked.

"My mother just came to the hospital today since a day before yesterday that I have had an accident; she didn even stay long and didn brother to check on my body at all" she took a breaths.

"Doctor even advised her on what to do but she said that she didn have time because she is busy with her husbands election campaign" Aria was really sad.

"And that is your father right?"

"HE IS NEVER MY FATHER" Aria replied with loud voice and didn shift her eyes from where it be.

"He is her husband, my stepfather" she said with low voice and Henry breathes in.

"She hasn showed me mothers love for a day and I don bothered but I can believe it that she can still did that at this point" Aria said and she was really sad.

"Where is your father? Who is he?" Henry asked with low voice and felt sad for her.

"Don know him, she told me that he is dead but I know that she is lying" "ITS A LIE" She said with anger and shouted.

"Why did you say that?" Henry asked with gentle voice.

"I always use to ask her to take me to my fathers grave but she refused, she said that she didn know where they buried him"

"But how can that be possible? The man you married to for good ten years, had a child for and said that he dead when I was five years old. And that was when you remarried" Aria faced Henry.

"So tell me, IS SHE NOT LYING?" She asked but Henry was unable to say anything.

"I am having the feeling that my father didn die, and there is something wrong" Aria said loudly.

"Take water, drink and calm down okay" Henry gave her the bottle water that he was drinking; Aria collected it and drank little from it.

"Calm down, maybe this is the time you will find out and unfold all the mysteries" Aria looked at Henry as he said so and she smiled.

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