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Chapter 284: Hotel Rafflesia

The fat Doll floating beside Noro was called Potclean, a type of Nen manifestation that calculates the Nen interest to whomever it was attached to.

When Knuckle is 50 meters away from Noro, Potclean would add 10% interest every 10 seconds.

And when the distance between them is more than 50 meters, Potclean won’t calculate and temporarily stop the interest.

Additionally, Potclean won’t just calculate the interest from the base value, but instead, the interest will be calculated by the last displayed value.

When the Aura balance is turned toward Knuckle, then Noro would go into bankruptcy and Potclean will become Toritaten, a debt collector that follows the debtor for 30 days, forcing him into a state of Zetsu.

Before the debt is paid back to Knuckle, Noro’s attack won’t cause any damage, instead, they would give Knuckle Nen.

Once the debt is paid, Potclean would disappear.

“Damn thing, get out of here.”

Noro who was originally angry at the loss of his eye, was even more upset when he saw the fat doll floating beside his head.

He tried hitting it but it didn’t work.

Potclean won’t be lifted unless Knuckle is unconscious or a strong exorcist lift lifted it and even then, it would take too much out of him.

“It’s useless, no matter how much you attack, it won’t go away.” Not far away, Knuckle explained.

Noro snorted and immediately, his target changed as he moved straight toward Knuckle.

Since he can’t get rid of the doll, he believed that as long as the one who used it is dead, it would disappear.

Knuckle ran away instead of facing Noro.

Knuckle knew that Noro is strong, and if he was hit this early since Potclean was attached to him, the debt will be paid with just one hit.

Therefore, Knuckle ran away desperately.

A Lot of trees were destroyed around them.

Knuckle was scurrying around the woods without a single thought to retaliate.

Noro behind him was doing his best to land a hit, but Knuckle was just faster and more flexible.

And although Knuckle was strong in close combat, facing a monster like Noro was disadvantageous.

Since Noro was hit by Amortizing Power Redirector, there was no need for a frontal confrontation.

Knuckle was confident that he can escape, which made it difficult for Noro to land a hit.

In the next second, Noro changed his form from giant claws to normal-sized claws.

Although the destructive power is reduced in this form, he was faster and more agile.

In a flash, Noro appeared in front of Knuckle.


Knuckle was taken aback.

Unexpectedly, his opponent’s speed increased so much as he reduced the size of his claws.

“I can’t escape.” Knuckle showed a terrified expression.

Knuckle felt a huge force coming toward him, and suddenly he flew back and hit several trees before he stopped.

Afterward, Potclean disappeared from behind Noro.

This meant that Noro paid all the Nen back.

Although he didn’t take damage, Potclean disappeared and if he was to be hit again, he might die.


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