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Chapter 1412: A Complete JokeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Previously, she had refused to admit this.

However, when He Jiang thought that she hated him, she suddenly became honest.

Clearly, it was because she still loved He Jiang and was even unwilling to let He Jiang question her love!

It was precisely because of this that Tang Jianming was even more disappointed.

A word from another man could provoke her to such an extent.

As her husband, how should he deal with this

The humiliation was piling up.

He was already riddled with holes.

Lin Xiruo looked up, her eyes filled with disbelief.

She didnt dare to imagine that Lin Shulians thoughts were so vicious and unreasonable.

He Jiang clasped Lin Xiruos fingers tightly, his actions extremely comforting.

He waved his hand to signal Su Bei to stand beside him.

After a moment of silence, Su Bei stood beside Lin Xiruo and said softly, “Mom.”

Lin Shulian watched their family stand together warmly and harmoniously.

She closed her eyes and said, “He Jiang, I really dont hate you… I just love you too much.”

He Jiang couldnt hide the disgust in his eyes.

“Your love is too twisted.

No one can bear it.

This isnt love, its just selfishness.

You broke up my family and took my daughter away, making all of us suffer.

Lin Shulian, youre not worthy of love.”

“Im selfish Ive never been selfish! In the Lin family, I was humble and tried my best to integrate into that family.

But have you ever asked how the Lin family treated me They never treated me as a member of the Lin family.

Clearly, Lin Xiruo and I are both daughters of the Lin family, but how were we treated

“Even if Lin Xiruo didnt put in any effort, she was still able to obtain everyones love, praise, and concern.

She was able to enjoy high popularity.

As for me, only by being conscientious and working hard could I obtain slightly good treatment.

“It was the same even with Dads inheritance.

What did she do that made her deserving of getting a share of the inheritance I worked my *ss off to take care of Dad for years and worked harder than a caregiver or a servant to get a small chance for my child!

“Even He Jiang! The He family has a good relationship with the Lin family.

When the Lin family wanted to marry Lin Xiruo to He Jiang, they never once considered me.

If I had met He Jiang before Lin Xiruo, wouldnt I have had that opportunity too”

Lin Shulian was originally gentle and introverted.

She had always been silent in front of others.

However, at this moment, as she recounted the various injustices she suffered in the Lin family, her expression and gaze were exactly the same as Tang Yues previous madness.

Only at this moment did the mother and daughter have the same personality and emotions.

She tried to stand, but she forgot about her bad legs and fell out of the wheelchair.

She fell hard, but no one came forward to help her.

Tang Jianming had already given up, and Tang Yue could not even take care of herself now.

Old Master Tang was extremely disappointed and could only watch helplessly.

Lin Shulian crawled a few times but couldnt get up.

She choked with embarrassment and said, “How am I inferior to others Must I suffer these grievances and hardships How am I inferior to Lin Xiruo How am I inferior to her in every aspect

“And He Jiang, even if you didnt like me, why did you lead me on”

He Jiang was puzzled and even more embarrassed.

He said seriously to Lin Xiruo, “Xiruo, I didnt.”

Even though Lin Shulian was crying tears of blood, he was only concerned about Lin Xiruos feelings.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see through his thoughts at a glance, but Lin Shulian could not.

She said loudly, “You didnt lead me on Why did you give me a book when I was crying in grievance upon coming to the Lin family”

“Huh…” He Jiang had completely forgotten about such a thing.

“You even said that theres nothing in life that I cant get past.

Its because of this that I fell in love with you and have always remembered you deeply! But you later fell in love with Lin Xiruo!”

He Jiang frowned in deep thought.

Then, as if he had finally remembered, he said to Lin Xiruo, “I have some impression of what shes talking about.

When I came to the Lin family, I saw someone crying.

I thought she was a servant of the Lin family, so I casually gave her my book.

Moreover, that book was originally stuffed into my hand by some woman earlier in the day.

I didnt know at that time that the person crying was Lin Shulian, and I completely forgot about it later.

After that, I didnt have any interaction with her.”

Lin Xiruo nodded gently.

“Of course, I believe you.

I know very well how youve treated me all these years.

Even when I was sick, you kept taking care of me.

I dont need anyone to tell me this.”

The expression on Lin Shulians face cracked.

She did not expect that He Jiang did not take her seriously at all.

In fact, at that time, he only handed the book to her because he did not want the book that someone had given him to occupy his hand.

Furthermore, he thought she was a servant!

All her fantasies were destroyed by Lin Xiruo.

Lin Xiruo was the star in the sky, while she was just dust on the ground.

“He Jiang, you!” Lin Shulians humble and fervent admiration was turned into a complete joke.

In fact, she should have known better.

He Jiang had never looked her in the eye since that encounter.

She had written so many love letters that revealed her feelings, yet He Jiang had casually handed them over to his assistant to deal with.

The letters were piled there, covered in dust.

Many of them were never even opened.

He Jiang only had Lin Xiruo in his heart.

She had no place in his heart!

“Lin Shulian, I had no interactions with you, let alone any personal feelings.

Did you really think that taking my daughter away would satisfy your selfishness All the unfair treatment you think you received in the Lin family wasnt because of the Lin family.

It was brought to you by your mother and even more so by your own inferiority, cowardice, selfishness, and jealousy!

“When Father was still alive, do you dare to say that he didnt have any fatherly love for you Didnt the entire Lin family raise you and send you to receive a proper education You originally had the same starting point as Xiruo and went to the same school as her, but you were far from Xiruo.

Was this also brought to you by the Lin family” He Jiang looked straight at Lin Shulian and questioned her calmly.

Lin Shulian grabbed her clothes fiercely, her fingers distorted.

“The reason why the Lin family hates you has to do with your mother.

Dont you have any awareness How do you think youre going to make them accept an illegitimate daughter like you who turned the entire Lin family upside down but thinks that youve suffered a great grievance How are you going to make up for the 20 years you let Su Bei wander outside”

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