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Chapter 1410: He Jiang and Lin Xiruos DaughterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Moreover, many things didnt make sense.

If what Su Bei said was true, it would confirm a lot of things that didnt make sense before.

Lin Shulian lowered her head, then raised her eyes firmly.

“How can that be Su Bei, youre too good at joking.

Why would I do such a thing”

“No Then why am I Lin Xiruos daughter Can you explain this”

“Youre Lin Xiruos daughter” Tang Jianming looked at Su Bei in surprise.

“Youre He Jiang and Lin Xiruos daughter”

“Are you surprised The photo in my hand when I was young is clearly identical to the photo of the little girl in your house, but Im not your daughter.

Im Lin Xiruo and He Jiangs daughter.

I spent time in your house from when I was a baby to when I was nearly two years old, but my bloodline doesnt match yours.

If this isnt your doing, Lin Shulian, who else could be the one responsible for it”

Lin Shulian defended herself anxiously.

“No, no, Hubby, believe me…”

Su Bei watched her coldly.

“When you acknowledged me before, you were very agitated, but you usually dont have any mother-daughter feelings for me.

I always thought that it was just because we never lived together, so there were no feelings.

Now, these things are very easy to explain.”

“Su Bei, I really didnt know about this.

If there was such a mistake, it could have been caused by the nurse.

She mightve accidentally swapped the babies.

Why do you insist that Im the one who did it” Lin Shulian was on the verge of tears and tried to explain weakly.

“Because youve always known that I dont have your bloodline.

When you acknowledged me and brought me home, you deliberately avoided checking my DNA and insisted that I was your daughter.

When Tang Yue tricked me into donating my kidney, you would rather distance yourself from her and persuade her not to have me donate my kidney.

All of this is because you already knew in your heart that Im not your biological daughter!” Su Bei pointed out.

Lin Shulian cried, “I just felt sorry for you…”

“No, you dont feel too sorry for me.

You probably just want another child to fight for Old Master Lins inheritance.”

“No, thats not true.

I really didnt…”

Tang Jianmings mind was a mess as he looked at Lin Shulian indifferently.

Old Master Tang was also shocked by this sudden news.

He frowned and listened to Su Bei.

Su Beis tone was filled with helplessness.

“At that time, we also suspected that the nurse or doctor had made a mistake, so we searched the hospital where you and Lin Xiruo gave birth back then.

We didnt miss any clues and asked everyone repeatedly.

Finally, we found a clue.”

As she finished speaking, footsteps sounded outside the door.

Her bodyguard entered with a middle-aged woman in her 60s.

The woman was already a little old.

When she saw Lin Shulian, her eyes suddenly looked like she had seen a familiar person.

She said, “Mrs.

Tang, do you remember me”

“Who are you I dont remember you! No, I dont know you.

I dont know you at all!” Lin Shulian shook her head and said loudly.

“But I remember you,” the woman said bitterly.

“Even though its been over 20 years since the incident, I still remember you.

Youre still so young and have taken good care of yourself, but do you remember that child of yours”

“What on earth are you talking about I dont know you.

Dont talk nonsense!”

Old Master Tang stopped Lin Shulian and said to that person, “What exactly happened Tell me!”

“More than 20 years ago, I was a nurse in a hospital.

At that time, I was in charge of taking care of Mrs.


On the night Mrs.

Tang gave birth, I was taking care of her all around the clock.

That night, after the child was born, Mrs.

Tang was carrying her.

After midnight, I realized that something was wrong with the child and wanted to report it to the doctor.

It seemed that the childs condition was very serious and dangerous.

“However, at that time, Mrs.

Tang refused.

She gave me a sum of money and said that since the child had such a big problem, it was better to leave it at that so that the child would not suffer if he could not be cured.

She hoped that I wouldnt tell anyone.

She also said that I didnt have to continue to take care of her.

“At that time, the sum of money she offered was really a lot.

It was enough for me to live comfortably.

I took the money and thought about the childs condition.

It wasnt my business if the childs parents chose not to treat the child.

“I was afraid that she would go back on her word, and I was even more afraid that she would take back the money, so I left that night.

“However, within two days, I heard that Mrs.

Tangs child was fine.

On the other hand, Lin Xiruos child, who was delivered on that same night, had died of a very serious illness.

The symptoms of that illness happened to be the symptoms of Mrs.

Tangs child.

“I was terrified.

After all, I had to take responsibility for this.

I didnt know what was going on internally, so I didnt dare ask or say anything.

“However, there was a clear thought in my heart.

I knew that Mrs.

Tang might have done something to swap her child with someone elses.

However, without any evidence, who would believe me Moreover, the Tang family was a rich and powerful family.

I couldnt be sure and didnt dare to say anything.

“But when Lin Xiruo looked for me and asked about the situation back then, I chose to tell her what I knew.

Perhaps my guess wasnt completely correct, but I couldnt continue to hide it.

“Ill leave it to you to judge the truth.”

The woman told them everything she knew.

Old Master Tang and Tang Jianming were both shocked.

However, Lin Shulian refused to admit it.

“Youre lying and blaming me for something I didnt do.

Because of my background, the Lin family doesnt like me very much, so they arranged for you to push the crime on me! How can you do this I lost my daughter! Why are you doing this to me”

“I didnt lie.

I took care of you back then.

As the nurse closest to you, I knew everything about you.”

“So youre relying on that to convict me” Lin Shulian asked.

The nurse kept shaking her head.

“Im just telling the truth.

Its not up to me to decide if youll be convicted of your crime or not.

I wouldnt dare say anything.”

At that moment, there was another knock on the door.

A group of bodyguards escorted an old woman with white hair.

She was accompanied by two people in their 50s.

The man was tall and straight.

The years had carved a few marks on his face, but they did not diminish his elegance.

They made him look calm and reserved.

Meanwhile, the woman was gentle and beautiful.

She was calm and composed.

She wore a long dress that made her look outstanding.

Lin Shulians gaze landed on the old woman.

Her eyes darted around for a moment before she quickly looked away.

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