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In the water attribute territory.

The team members of the European Federation were fighting the remaining elite monsters at the front.

It was ending.

At the back, Hans Wilson and Derek Doyle were discussing the matter of cooperation with the envoy sent by the Red Star Empire team.

The two teams had conflict over these years.

During the battle two days ago, the European Federation team had almost eliminated the Red Star Empire team.

However, their common enemy of both sides was the powerful Land of Origin team.

Their interests were the same, so it was good for both sides to work together.

After the two sides communicated, they agreed to work together to deal with the Land of Origin team.

Although the Land of Origin team was strong, the strength of the European Federation team and the Red Star Empire team were not weak either.

If they worked together, they had a high chance of defeating the Land of Origin team.

Once they had dealt with the Land of Origin team, their two teams would advance to first and second place.

They would both be able to receive rewards.

As for who would come in first or second, it would depend on their abilities.

Whoever could collect the Lords token fragments faster would be the first to advance.

Hans Wilson assumed that the speed at which the European Federations team collected the pieces would be faster and would be the first to reach 10,000 pieces.

After all, the European Federations team was already ahead of the Red Star Empire team.

In addition to their current strength, they would naturally be able to obtain first place in the end and obtain a generous reward to advance.

Although the Red Star Empire team from the earth attribute territory was weaker, they were luckier during the monster riot this time.

They had obtained more pieces of the Lords token fragments than the European Federation team.

However, Hans Wilson did not know about it.

After both sides agreed, the Red Star Empire teams emissary returned to inform his team.

However, the two teams had not eliminated the monsters yet, so there was no need for them to ally now.

Otherwise, it would trigger the Will of Towers announcement and attract the attention of the Land of Origin team.

It was better to wait for the two sides to be ready and start the operation before allying.

This way, they could avoid alerting the enemy.

At this time, Liu Yan and the others were unaware of the plan of the European Federation team and Red Star Empire team.

At this time, the group of experts led by Liu Yan had already rested and regrouped.

Then, they returned to the fire attribute territory.

The battle with Moonshine Qilin had been fraught with danger, and everyone had given it their all.

All team members were experts and had high-level consumables to use.

Therefore, they recovered relatively quickly.

Furthermore, Liu Yan, Xu Han, Murong Xue, and Allen Smith were the MVPs in the battle.

The rest of the experts had not been injured at all.

Not long after Liu Yan and the others returned to the fire attribute territory, the other members from the wood attribute and metal attribute territories also arrived.

The ordinary members of the Land of Origin team, who rushed to the two territories to support the battle, had returned one after another.

The members of the Pan-ocean Community team and the New Continent team had also arrived after finishing the battles in their respective territories.

All the members of the three teams had arrived.

There were more than 200 people.

Even the slightly mediocre ordinary members were the best among the students on three continents.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to pass the previous trials and successfully reach the fifth level of the Tower.

These 200 people were the elites among the elites and were a powerful force.

The power of one team was already tremendous, not to mention the combined power of three territories.

After the members of the three teams arrived, Liu Yan ordered them to rest and prepare for the battle.

When the team members heard this, they began to rest and reorganize.

At the same time, they were also very curious.

The monster riot had ended, and the monsters in the first four waves were killed.

Liu Yan and the other experts had killed the only boss in the fifth wave.

Logically speaking, they should take a good rest at this time.

The battle ended, and they collected close to 10,000 pieces of the Lords token fragments.

They only needed to collect a few hundred pieces of the Lords token fragments to advance to the sixth level.

Why would they have to continue fighting

All the team members were discussing and guessing curiously.

“Didnt the battle already end Why do we still have to fight”

“I guess the captain is still doing something”

“There are no other monsters on the fifth level of the Tower.

There are only three forces left.

What else is there to fight”

“Is Captain Liu going to make a move against the Red Star Empire or the European Federation team”

“My God, this is too cruel.

But after thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is a good chance.

Well attack them while they are still busy killing the monsters.”

“No wonder Captain Liu asked us to rest.

It seems like theres a big operation.”

“I wonder if the team leader wants to make a move against the Red Star Empire team or the European Federation team.”

“The Red Star Empire team is weaker and easier to deal with, but they dont seem to be a threat.

They cant threaten our position as the first in the advancement.

The European Federation team can threaten us, but they arent weak either.

They might not be easy to deal with.”

While the ordinary members of the three teams were discussing among themselves, Liu Yan and the other core members had already gathered.

They were preparing to discuss their next move.

“Ive already told you about the plan.

You can give me some suggestions or tell me if you have any specific methods.” Liu Yan looked at the crowd and spoke.

Liu Yan thought of this plan when they were dealing with the second wave of monsters.

Everyone agreed with it.

Up until now, the plan was going well.

Not only did the Land of Origin team take the lead in killing all the monsters in the three territories, but they also killed the only boss in the fifth wave in advance and obtained a generous boss reward.

At this time, the Land of Origin team and the two captive teams also freed up their hands.

On the other hand, the situation of the European Federation team and Red Star Empire team was not as good.

One of them was still dealing with the fourth wave of elite monsters.

They were only halfway.

There was still some time before the battle ended.

On the other side, although the European Federation team was in a much better state and the battle was ending, they were also exhausted from the continuous fights.

At this moment, Liu Yan and the others had brought a group of team members to declare war, so there was a high chance that they could successfully take down the enemy.

There was an enormous difference in strength, so the battle was bound to be one-sided.

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