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Ao Yun activated the sacrificial formation excitedly and nervously.


The entire formation was instantly activated.

A faint red light rose from the formation and directly enveloped Yunas body.

The sacrificial array was beginning to work!

Bit by bit, the power began to be extracted from Yunas body and entered Ao Yuns body.

This was pure dark-type power.

Ao Yun felt that he was on his way to becoming a divine dragon.

In the Black Fog Forest, Lu Yan was bringing the surrounding undead to the place where he had fought the necromancer previously.

Soon, Lu Yan arrived at the place where the battle happened.

Looking around, Lu Yan was still very familiar with the surroundings.

At that time, the isolation barrier had enveloped this place, forcing him to face many undead knights and the last necromancer.

After getting the undead to spread out, Lu Yan began to explore the surrounding area to see if he could discover anything.

He swept the surroundings with the undead and did not discover anything.

However, when he thought about it, it made sense.

Lu Fang and the others had definitely come to investigate.

If they had discovered anything, they would have long known about it.

Just as Lu Yan was about to leave with the surrounding undead and continue hunting demon beasts in the surroundings before heading towards his destination, the necromancer beside him suddenly moved.

Ever since the necromancer transformed into Lu Yans undead, he was like an undead without intelligence and only had some combat memories.

However, at this moment, this necromancers body seemed to have stiffened.

Then, the Netherworld Fire in his eyes swayed.

Lu Yan instantly frowned.

He could sense an undead power appear in this necromancers body.

It was as if he wanted to break through his restraints.

However, this undead power was clearly not enough to break through his restraints as an undead monarch.

Looking at the surrounding environment and thinking of the battle with the necromancer, Lu Yans eyes flickered slightly.

Then, Lu Yan weakened his control over this necromancer.

The Netherworld Fire in the necromancers eyes flickered again.

Then, his body froze as he headed in a direction.

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes and frowned as he looked in the direction the necromancer was heading.

This necromancer was moving in the direction where it had come from previously.

It was the direction of the blood pool!

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly followed.

Soon, the necromancer in front of him arrived at the pool of blood from before.

At that time, a teleportation formation was formed here, and the necromancer came out from this formation.

Lu Yans gaze landed on the ground in front of him and he discovered that the spot where the blood was previously was still dry.

Moreover, after a few days, the color had dimmed a lot.

However, after arriving, Lu Yan discovered that the power of the necromancer beside him was becoming richer.

Lu Yan frowned and then slowly weakened his control over the necromancer.

However, he did not directly remove the control of the necromancer.

Under the competing influence of the two forces, this necromancer began to raise the staff in his hand.

Thick blood spread out from the white bones in this necromancers hand and directly landed on the pool of red blood in front of him.

The red blood slowly outlined, forming a small array formation.


The entire array instantly lit up, and a red light seeped out.

“It should be a teleportation formation.

This necromancer should have come out from here previously.

“I wonder where this teleportation formation leads.

Perhaps I can learn some secrets about necromancers through this teleportation formation.”

Lu Yan looked at the lit array formation and his expression changed slightly.

Then, he slowly approached the array formation.

Lu Yan wanted to check the situation.

However, just as he approached, the red light on the array formation suddenly enveloped Lu Yans body.

A light flashed and Lu Yans body instantly disappeared from his spot.

Because the surrounding undead were too far from Lu Yan, their bodies froze before returning to the undead space.


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