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Ao Yun felt that he had thought of a good idea.

In that case, he only needed to summon the lich and get it to go out and cause trouble to attract attention and help him obtain half an hour of time for his sacrificial formation.

However, there was a problem now.

He knew Moreton, but he did not know the lich.

What if the other party came out and killed him

This was not impossible.

Instead, it was very likely.

After thinking for a moment, Ao Yun thought of a good idea.

He had heard Moreton say that the amount of blood essence was related to the strength of the lich summoned.

He only needed to make sure he didnt give the lich too much blood essence.

It would be fine as long as that lich was not too powerful.

At that time, he could at least resist the other party.

With the summoning formation activated, the aura he had sensed previously would probably quickly rush over.

At that time, the lichs attention would be attracted.

Half an hour!

He only needed half an hour.

It was not too much, right

Ao Yun carefully went through the entire process in his mind.

There should be no problem.

Taking a deep breath, Ao Yun directly arrived in the center of the cave formation.

With a swing of his tail, the soil on the array was swept out.

The entire array formation below had already been completely completed, and the activation had also been completed.

It only needed the last bit of blood essence to be directly activated.

This was also the reason why Moreton had let the undead knights go out to hunt despite the risk of being discovered.

“Damn, I need to give away my blood essence again.

Damn, how many demon beasts do I have to eat to replenish it I hope I can successfully advance!”

Ao Yun cursed, but his eyes revealed extreme desire and yearning.

It was Ao Yuns lifelong dream to leave the flood dragon bloodline and become a divine dragon.

For this reason, he had devoured many demon beasts with dark attribute bloodlines.

Devouring the dark elf that contained the king blood was the last step for him to advance to a divine dragon.

Thinking that he might be about to obtain the divine dragon bloodline, Ao Yun was incomparably excited.

Looking at the huge summoning formation below, Ao Yun did not hesitate anymore and slowly opened his mouth.

Ao Yun spat out a drop of blood essence.

As this drop of blood essence left his body, Ao Yuns expression instantly withered.

Controlling this drop of blood essence, Ao Yun directly sent it to the summoning formation in front of him.

Then, this drop of blood essence dripped down and directly landed on the summoning formation, instantly fusing into it.


As this drop of blood essence landed, the entire summoning formation was instantly activated.

Light lit up from the surrounding array patterns and quickly filled the entire formation.


The dense force directly shattered the rocks in the surrounding cave, and a large amount of soil slid down.

Thick spatial power began to form in the surroundings.

Black fog rose and enveloped the cave.

Ao Yun raised his eyebrows and sensed dense undead power begin to appear around him.

A figure slowly appeared from the array.

In the Black Fog Forest, Lei Shuo and Liu Quan gathered.

“The performance of these ten little guys is not bad.

They basically all successfully arrived at their final destination.” Liu Quan chuckled.

Lei Shuo nodded.

“Theyre much stronger than the new students of the previous batch, especially Lu Yan and Bai Miao.

The first special training is basically not difficult for them at all.”

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