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Chapter 166

“Kuhk, huhk!”

The head of the research lab leaned against the wall and took a rough breath because he felt like he was going to vomit blood.

He ran away frantically.

He could really taste the taste of blood in his parched throat.

But he must not stop here.

The head of the research lab ran again and again, even though his physical strength had already reached the limit.

‘You, you crazy devil bastards…….’

It was just yesterday that he reported the Cardinal’s corruption directly to the Pope and survived alone.

But now, why is he being pursued by the devil

‘Gasp, what’

But strangely, the sound of the slow footsteps chasing him was no longer heard.

The head of the research lab, who paused for a moment and looked around, quickly opened the door to the nearby laboratory and crawled under the desk.

And he quickly picked up the communication device he had hidden in his arms.

“Hurry up, answer, hurry…”

Not long after, the Pope’s face, with a blatantly displeased look, was reflected through the glass.

The Pope was not the kind of person who could be contacted privately by the head of a research lab from a small country.

“Your Holiness!”

– I didn’t expect you would call me right away.

I hope this time is just as important as the last time.

Pope Ambrosio spoke as if to test, with his eyes gleaming like the scales of a serpent.

“Your, Your Holiness, help me, I’ll die.

What would have happened if you had been unaware that Cardinal Andrea was gathering troops secretly from the Pope It is clear that I have contributed greatly to being able to get rid of the rebels in advance!”

The head of the research lab poured out his words so quickly that he did not know if he breathed or not.

– Oh, calm down.

Who is going to kill you

“Va, Valentine!”

He lowered his voice as much as possible and screamed in a hoarse voice.

“They’re trying to kill me now!”

– Valentine


For a moment, the Pope rubbed his chin without saying a word, as if he were weighing the moment.

Meanwhile, the head of the research lab was burning.

– You, what’s your name

“What My, my name It’s Jackson, but…”

– Jackson, yes.

I will remember your name today.

And the contact was cut off.

The head of the research lab couldn’t believe the reality that was facing him, so he looked at the communication device in dismay.

I will remember your name today. It was a common word to comfort the soul at funerals.

“It looks like you’re being abandoned”


He trembled in surprise almost as if he was going to have a heart attack.

Lloyd was sitting at an angle by the window.

He could clearly see the head of the research lab under the desk.

“What’s the last thing you want to say”

“It’s, it’s not my fault!”


“It’s, it’s all Cardinal Andrea’s work! I did everything I was told!”

Lloyd patted the window sill with his finger as he watched the head of the research lab scream fiercely.

His expression was still full of utter boredom.

“Every single researcher was judged by God’s goodwill and died.

But the head of the research lab is claiming that he is completely innocent…”

Suddenly, Vincent appeared from behind and dropped the papers in front of him.

The list of experiments carried out by the head of the research lab was written in full.

Even the names of those who died unfairly directly at his hands.

“Finish him.”

At the same time as Lloyd pushed down the bug crawling on the window sill, Cloud swung his sword.


Aria suddenly woke up to the voice calling her.

She frowned at the sunlight streaming through the window, then slowly lifted her eyelids.

Lloyd looked slightly startled in front of her.

His reaction was because he did not know that Aria would open her eyes when he called out her name unintentionally.

‘Your face is close.’

How much time has passed Aria couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to Lloyd.

The atmosphere between the Lloyd she had seen before she fainted and the Lloyd in front of her right now was strangely different.

Of course, he hasn’t changed significantly.

‘Your gaze…….’

It was sticking to her so thickly and tenaciously.

Not wanting to take his eyes off her even for a moment, lest she would disappear.

Aria thought so, so she reached out to the corner of his eyes.

She could clearly see his completely faded gray eyes were swirling with a peculiarly unusual desire today.

“I thought you wouldn’t wake up.”

Lloyd, who was silent for a moment, muttered.

“Come here.”

It was then.

Lloyd suddenly and unexpectedly hugged Aria.

He let out a hot sigh in her ear as Aria blinked her eyes, startled without saying a word.

“What a relief.”



Yes. She wanted to answer, but only the sound of the wind came out.

Like when she took the potion.

Aria felt an excruciating pain burning her throat and wrapped her arms around it.

“……what’s the matter”

Aria looked away from him and said nothing.

Lloyd, noticing something strange, hurriedly wrapped his arms around her shoulder and looked at her complexion.

“Don’t tell me… you can’t speak”

Lloyd’s face slowly revealed a grim feeling.

Aria was startled and replied with a message.

– I’m okay.

She was familiar with being unable to speak.

– There are artifacts, so it’s not particularly inconvenient.

Aria reassured him, but she feared that he would call a doctor and threaten to kill the doctor.

But Lloyd didn’t show any reaction, contrary to her thoughts.

All he did was let out a slow sigh after he hid his muddy gaze with all kinds of emotions mixed together behind his eyelids.

“I’m sure I’ll get better with treatment.”

HIs response was surprisingly calm.

Aria was bewildered for a moment, then nodded her head in affirmation.

It was not a vain hope.

If Valentine mobilized all of their wealth and power, there was a fairly high probability that the torn vocal cords would be repaired.

– Yes, I will speak again.

She doesn’t know how long it will take.

‘Maybe after I die, I don’t know…….’

As soon as Aria thought so.

Lloyd sharply hit his point.



“When can you get better”

Her heart pounded and fell.

Aria just noticed.

‘You know I’m going to die soon…….’

Lloyd noticed the truth that Aria had been keeping secret.

‘But how’

Aria was stunned and lost her words

She didn’t expect to be found out about her limited time before she revealed it herself.

“I said I wanted to live with you for the rest of my life.”

– Lloyd, I…….

“You heard that and you told me that you want to live too.”

She did.

Obviously, she did.

Aria thought that by then she would be able to find a way to live.

But by the present time, she was half losing her hopes.

Of course, she was going to fight till the end, but on the other hand, it means that she was also prepared to accept her death.

‘If he already knows, the closer he gets, the more uncomfortable he will feel.’

Before this, Aria wanted to get close to Lloyd even a little bit.

She wanted to share a part of his life as his ordinary wife, not as someone who would soon die and leave him.

‘But it was my greed.’

She was terribly selfish.

She knew that the more she permeated his daily life, the more it would be painful for him.

Still, she couldn’t stop.

Aria spoke after the long silence.

– Sorry.

“Why are you apologizing”

– Hold hands with Lloyd for one more day.

Kiss Lloyd for one more day.

Just for one day, just for one day, I want to tell you my heart.

As it increases day by day, I keep getting greedy…….

Somehow she felt like crying.

But Aria bit her lip and held out.

It would be better for her to stop leaning on hope and prepare her mind right now.

‘I’m still afraid of getting resentment.’

Still, rather than breaking the pretense, speaking honestly was a way to not make the situation worse.

– There are only two energies that can heal the body.

Magic and divine power.

However, I am the last remaining Siren, and the divine power could not restore my life.


– Lloyd.

I’m going to leave a deep scar on you and I’m not sure how to pay you back…….

She hesitated and then continued her words.

– As planned, when we grow up, divorce me.

Even now, it means that they should draw a line on their feelings before it’s too late.

Just as they first planned.

– I won’t bother Lloyd any more with my greed…….

But before Aria could finish her sentence, Lloyd reached out to her first.

The big, smooth fingers took a handful of her hair.


Lloyd kissed it reverently and said.

“There are still six years left.”


“If you try to tame me and run away through divorce or death, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Lloyd’s gaze touched her ankle for a moment when he said he didn’t know what to do, and then moved away.

“If you want to live, focus only on your desires.

If someone tries to tell you to give up your heart, kill them and get it back.”

– Kill them

“Yes, God or whatever.”

Kill God.

There could be no greater blasphemy than this.

As Aria looked up at him blankly, he murmured, putting his lips on Aria’s hair.

“If you leave me in the end, I will rescue you from hell.”


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