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Chapter 9 Co-existence Of Danger And Opportunity

After a day of battle, Lu Yu killed about a dozen Cat Demons and obtained more than twenty eyeballs.


After a day of battle, Lu Yus mastery of the Armor Penetration skill had reached perfection.


He was also familiar with his double jump, which he didnt use frequently.

After battling for the entire day, the damage he took was less than he took during the battle of the first two Cat Demons at the beginning!

Lu Yu scanned his surroundings.

In the dark environment, many eyes were staring at him.

It seemed that it would not work if he wanted to spend the night here.

He had to find a safe place to spend the night as soon as possible.

Lu Yu packed his things and prepared to look around for a safe place.

He began to walk around and observe his surroundings.

What gave him a headache was that this area was filled with Cat Demons, and these monsters were too agile and could go anywhere.

Moreover, their sense of smell was very sensitive, which gave Lu Yu trouble.

At that moment, two dim lights appeared in front of Lu Yus eyes.

One was red, and the other was green.

He immediately knew this was a hint given by his Eyes of Truth.

The red light had the word “Danger” written on it, and the green light had the word “Opportunity” written on it.

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It was obvious that as long as Lu Yu followed the green light, he would be able to find a safe place.

Following the hint, Lu Yu continued to move forward until he finally arrived at the place where the green light stopped.

There were quite a few withered tree roots here.

Lu Yu scratched his head and saw another notification.

[ This hollow withered tree root is your shelter.

Rest here for a night, and you will have the chance to obtain some unexpected gains.



He looked around and soon saw the hollow tree root aforementioned.

It could just nice fit a person in it.

He pondered for a moment and decided to follow the notification.

He went straight in.

After entering, Lu Yu was surprised to find that the place was actually quite comfortable.

There was also a refreshing fragrance to it.

This place was like a different world compared to the outside, and it did not seem to be one with the rotten-smelling forest.

Lu Yu checked around and did not find anything.

However, as this was a good place, he chose to sleep there.

The next morning.

Lu Yu woke up early.

He did not encounter any danger last night and slept comfortably.

The morning sun shone through the leaves and illuminated his surroundings.

The morning air in the forest was very fresh, giving Lu Yu the urge to take a few deep breaths.

Lu Yu stood up and prepared to continue his quest for the day.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered the hint given by his eyes.

There was an opportunity to be found here.

It seemed that he needed to search carefully to find the so-called opportunity.

It should be impossible that this opportunity was as simple as just giving him a good nights sleep…

With this thought in mind, Lu Yu began to search around.

However, he did not find anything after looking around for a long time.

The strangest thing was that it seemed he did not encounter any Cat Demons

Could it be that this place was naturally isolated from the Cat Demons

Just as Lu Yu was puzzled, he suddenly smelled a light fragrance.

He sniffed carefully and headed toward where the fragrance was.

Slowly, he walked to the root of the tree.

When he took a closer look, he felt something strange.

Why was there suddenly a pleasant fragrance coming from here

He squatted in front of the root and looked inside with caution.

At that moment, a dazzling fruit attracted Lu Yus attention.

There was a fruit lying quietly inside.

The fragrance was emitted from this fruit!

Lu Yu could tell at a glance that this fruit was not ordinary, so he quickly used his Eye of Truth to look at it.

[ Cleansing Fruit: A precious item.

It bears fruit once every ten years.

After consuming it, it can calm the mind and significantly increase the users skill level.



After reading its description, Lu Yu was overjoyed.

He had known about this item, which was definitely a world treasure.

In Riverdale City, many upper-echelon people were looking for this Cleansing Fruit.

After consuming a Cleansing Fruit, ones skill level would increase rapidly, which would, in turn, increase ones strength.

In this world where strength reigned supreme, a treasure that could rapidly increase ones power would be sought after by countless people.


Lu Yu carefully stretched out his hand, wanting to take this fruit.

His skill level was relatively low right now, so his strength would also increase considerably after eating it.

He could also sell it for a reasonable price if he decided to sell it.

No matter how he dealt with it, he would definitely make a profit.

He had struck gold.

Just as Lu Yu was about to touch the fruit, a series of notifications appeared before his eyes.

[ Opportunities and dangers coexist.

Please think twice before picking it up.

Do be prepared at the same time.


Lu Yu looked at this notification and fell into deep thought.

Obviously, picking this fruit would bring danger.

He was not sure yet what the danger was.

For a moment, Lu Yu paused.

What if he could not deal with the danger

After hesitating for a short moment, Lu Yu made up his mind and picked the fruit!


He wouldnt lack the chance to encounter such an opportunity.

If he were afraid of danger every time he met a similar event in the future, he would never be able to become someone strong in his lifetime!


Therefore, he had to get this fruit!

What Lu Yu needed most now was to improve his strength.

This fruit came to him at the right moment!

He reached out and picked the fruit.

After inspecting the crystal clear light yellow fruit, Lu Yu put it into his backpack.


Then, he squatted on the spot and carefully sensed the movements around him, waiting for danger to come.

After waiting for a long time, Lu Yu noticed there wasnt any danger coming to him.

Just as he was about to get up and leave, he suddenly felt a chill on his back!

Lu Yus entire body froze.

At that moment, he sensed a hint of danger.

He slowly turned his head and saw a giant Cat Demon.

This! This was the Shadow Cat Demon!

Its dark purple fur, sharp claws, and the muscles on its body indicated that this monster wasnt to be trifled with.

The Shadow Cat Demon, which was about the same size as a lion, began approaching Lu Yu.

Lu Yu soon realized he was in the Shadow Cat Demons territory.

And this Cleansing Fruit was the fruit that the Shadow Cat Demon was guarding.


With the fruit snatched away, the Cat Demon was extremely angry, and it bared its fangs at Lu Yu and growled.

The Shadow Cat Demon was several times stronger than ordinary Cat Demons.

If Lu Yu were to fight it alone, he had to be very careful!


Lu Yu had read up about the Shadow Cat Demon in school.

It was called the Shadow Cat Demon because it was swift and could teleport.

Ordinary attacks could only hit the shadow of its afterimage, hence the name Shadow Cat Demon.

Lu Yu wasnt sure if his speed could catch up to it.

But now, he had no way out.

The Cat Demon stretched its claws and slowly closed in on Lu Yu.

Lu Yu slowly retreated, not daring to look back.

For felines, they would pounce on enemies with their backs facing them.

For now, Lu Yu slowly retreated.

At the same time, he unsheathed his claws and prepared for battle.

The next moment, with a swoosh, the Shadow Cat Demon flashed into an afterimage and rushed towards Lu Yu.

Lu Yu widened his eyes.

The Shadow Cat Demon was indeed fast!

He did not have time to hesitate.

He immediately jumped into the air and followed up with a double jump, barely dodging the Shadow Cat Demons first attack.



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