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Chapter 88 Ancient Dragon Body Complete Form, 5-Star Pharmacist

At that moment, Chen Sheng looked at the group of new students with a helpless expression.

His brows were tightly knit, and he was still in disbelief.

Why did Lu Yu have to spend so much effort to finish the 1-star potion, and yet he could now finish brewing the 5-star potion this easily

He shook his head slightly, finding it hard to believe.

What made him feel even worse was that he had bet against Lu Yu ten million in cash plus the five million reward from the Pharmacist Union.

Lu Yu just earned 15 million by brewing this medicine!

He sighed helplessly, “Everyone, I think the first place in this trial has already appeared, and that is your classmate, Lu Yu!”

The freshmen stopped what they were doing and looked at Lu Yu.

“Whats going on The first place has already been decided”

“Thats right.

We havent finished preparing the medicine yet, and the result is already out”

“Are you serious Didnt Lu Yu get a 5-star medicine to brew”

“Am I dreaming Lu Yu completed making a 5-star medicine”

“Whats going on Even Chen Sheng hadnt successfully concocted that 5-star potion, but Lu Yu finished it”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu in surprise.


Chen Sheng had no choice but to continue speaking, “Lu Yu just finished making a 5-star potion, so he is the champion of this test.

You guys, continue to prepare your medicine to determine your placement in this trial…”

All the freshmen were shocked beyond belief.

Lu Yu had just finished making a 1-star potion with great difficulty, but now he had finished brewing a 5-star potion faster than they had finished making a 3-star potion!

No matter who, anyone in this scenario would feel that this was just ridiculous!

Liu Xiao clenched his fists and widened his eyes.

His heart was filled with resentment!

He could not accept this result.

He was born into a wealthy family, and under the guidance of a top-notch pharmacist, he was trained to create medicine since he was young!

However, he was now inferior to a fledgling pharmacist!

Could this be the difference in their talents

He could not accept this fact!

“Somethings wrong.

Theres something wrong with this potion.

He must have cheated!” Liu Xiao shouted loudly.

He could not accept that someone his age was so much stronger than him in creating pharmaceutical medicine!

Chen Sheng asked, “Do you think we cant tell if the potion is real or fake”

Liu Xiao did not care and continued to shout, “Im the one whos supposed to be in first place in this trial.

He must have used some kind of trick.

Its impossible for him to produce a 5-star potion!”

Liu Xiao, who had been spoiled since he was young, could not accept his failure.

He had never lost.

This was why he could not accept the reality of the situation.

If he could not get first place in the first three trials, thats fine.

But the field of pharmaceuticals was his strong point!

Seeing Liu Xiao shouting irrationally and refusing to admit his failure, Chen Sheng and the pharmacist beside him sighed.


Liu, the result is clear.

Lu Yu is number one.

This is the result I gave, and you must accept it!”


Huang was also a pharmacist and an internal member of the Pharmacist Union.

He had a high status within the union.

If Liu Xiao wanted to continue on the path of a pharmacist in the future, he would eventually have to join the Pharmacist Union.

Therefore, Liu Xiao carefully weighed the consequences silently and finally nodded helplessly.


Huang is right.

I… wont say anymore…”

Liu Xiao was highly reluctant but didnt dare to say anything more.

If he continued to act stubborn, he would be disgracing himself before this distinguished pharmacist.

Xu Mao and Zhao Kai were reluctant to accept this result in the freshmen team.

Lu Yus outstanding performance was something the two of them couldnt bear.

The tallest tree in a forest would be the first to be destroyed by a strong wind.

At the same time, Lu Yus impressive performance made the three of them unhappy, and they all felt a desire to take revenge.

Lu Yu ignored the gazes of others and walked straight to Chen Sheng.

“Instructor, can you fulfill your bet”

Chen Shengs mouth twitched.

Ten million was not a small amount!

Although he had earned a lot of money over the years, most of it was invested in his pharmaceutical business.

If he really were to fulfill this ten million bet, he would undoubtedly feel the pain.

“I understand!” He said impatiently and took out a bank card from his pocket.

“There are exactly ten million dollars inside this card.

The password is written on the back.

Take it…”

He handed the bank card over.

Lu Yu reached out and took the bank card from his hand.

However, Chen Sheng clenched his fingers tightly.

At the same time, he gritted his teeth and showed a reluctant expression.

“Instructor Chen, please let go.”

Chen Sheng reacted with an awkward smile and let go of his bank card.

Seeing the bank card enter Lu Yus pocket, Chen Sheng felt very uncomfortable.

Lu Yu didnt care whether he was uncomfortable or not.

He directly walked toward the newly arrived pharmacist.


Huang, right I heard that your union is offering a reward for completing the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine.

I will be rewarded with five million, right”

Hearing that, Mr.

Huang quickly nodded and said, “Of course, not only that, you can also join our Pharmacist Union and be rated as a 5-star pharmacist!”

Hearing that, Chen Sheng felt like a knife was cutting his heart.

The title of a 5-star pharmacist was the title that he dreamed of getting every single day!

He did not expect a rookie pharmacist to reach 5-star faster than him.

This was simply unacceptable!

Lu Yu took the bank card that Mr.

Huang handed over and shrugged, saying, “I wont consider being a pharmacist for the time being.

Lets talk about it in the future.”


Chen Shengs heart ached even more when he heard that.

If he were to advance to the level of a 5-star pharmacist, he would hold a press conference to show off!

Liu Xiao, standing at the side, had an even gloomier expression.

His goal in life was to become a pharmacist.

He would continue to create medicine and increase his capabilities, with the ultimate goal of joining the Pharmacists Union and becoming a 5-star pharmacist.

Lu Yu had just completed all of Liu Xiaos life goals in one go!

Such a vast difference made Liu Xiao gnash his teeth in hatred.

After Lu Yu took the 15 million, he couldnt be bothered to waste his time talking with them.

He simply found a chair and sat down, watching as the other freshmen continued to make their medicine.

Although the others were envious of Lu Yu, they were all still engrossed in making their medicine.

Although they couldnt get first place anymore, they still fought for second and third place.

Lu Yu took out the dragon blood medicine in his hand.

After sizing it up, he opened the lid and prepared to drink it.

Since it was a dragon blood secret medicine, there shouldnt be any problem for him to drink it.

After all, he had inherited the Ancient Dragon Body.

Medicine related to dragons could be drunk by him.

Therefore, Lu Yu instantly drank the entire Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine bottle in one go.

Chen Shengs pupils constricted when he saw this, and his heart was bleeding.

Did he drink the 5-star medicine on the spot

After drinking the medicine, Lu Yu began to feel the changes in his body.

Soon, he felt the mysterious energy in his body spreading in all directions, filling Lu Yus limbs and bones.

[ Progress of the Ancient Dragon Body Complete Form: Increased by 2%.

Current progress: 3% ]

[ Acquired attributes: Attack increased by 20, defense increased by 20, mana increased by 20 ]

[ Current attributes ]

[ Attack: 400 ]

[ Speed: 240 ]

[ Hp: 350 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 270 ]

[ For every 10% increase in the Ancient Dragon Body, there would be a significant change in your attributes! ]


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