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Chapter 86 Rigging The Draw

Chen Sheng secretly reached out his hand and triggered the boxs mechanism.

Soon, a partition in the lucky draw box began to move.

It differed from the usual lot you would get when reaching your hand into the box.

Now, reaching your hand in would give you another set of lots.

They were all the same lots, prepared by Chen Sheng in advance.

Lu Yu reached into the box and casually took a piece of paper.

He opened the paper and looked at it.

He smiled skeptically and said, “Instructor Chen, this is the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine.

Are you kidding me”

Chen Sheng said earnestly, “Theres no problem with that.

Your luck is bad, and you just happened to draw this.

You cant blame anyone else.”

However, when the others heard this, they were all dumbfounded.

“Lu Yu drew a 5-star potion”

“Is this a joke Chen Sheng himself cant even make this bottle of 5-star potion.

How is he letting a freshman make it”

“Damn, this is game over.

Lu Yu cant make that.”

“Of course.

He nearly died trying to make a 1-star potion.

How in heaven would he brew this thing”

At that moment, Liu Xiao looked at Chen Sheng and revealed a faint smile.

He did not expect Chen Sheng to act so ridiculously, dumping the task of brewing a bottle of 5-star potion on Lu Yu.

This was simply over the top!

He exclaimed silently that his money was really well spent!


Lu Yu looked at Chen Sheng and said mockingly, “You cant even handle this by yourself, and you want a freshman to help you complete it.

As expected of a great pharmacist.

Your method of coming up with medicine is simply brilliant!”

The corner of Chen Shengs mouth twitched.

“If youre willing to make it, then make it.

If you want to give up, I wont say anything.”

He was hoping Lu Yu would give up so he could easily receive the money.

“Dont worry.

I didnt say that I was not going to make it.

But I heard that as long as someone can make this 5-star medicine, they will be rewarded with five million in cash, right”

Chen Sheng could not help but laugh, “Wait.

Are you still thinking about the five million Do you think that you can concoct the potion”

“Dont think that just because you concoct a basic potion, you think that you can do it.

The gap between each star is a huge riff that cant be easily bridged.

Do you even understand that”

Lu Yu continued to ask, “Then what if I can concoct it What makes you think that I cant do it”

“Alright, Ill cut to the chase since youre so confident.

Ill pay for all the materials cost if you can concoct this 5-star potion.

“When the time comes, Ill pay you an extra ten million out of my pocket, along with the five million reward from the Pharmacists Union.

What do you think”

Lu Yu nodded in satisfaction.

“No problem, its a deal.”

Chen Sheng sneered.

He felt that Lu Yu was daydreaming.

“Do you really think that you can get these rewards”

When the other freshmen heard the conversation between the two, they started chatting.

“Bro, is Lu Yu serious Does he really want to try concocting this 5-star medicine”

“Where does he get his confidence from Even Liu Xiao doesnt dare to say that he can concoct a 5-star medicine.”

“Even Instructor Chen couldnt do it.

How could he do it”

“Dont overthink it.

He must be bragging.

Please dont tell me theres a fool who thinks he can concoct a 5-star potion.”

At that moment, Liu Xiao opened his mouth and mocked, “Hes just a dead duck.

Watch as how I will crush him; I will let him see what a true pharmaceutical genius is!”

The underlings beside him quickly echoed, “Boss is right.

Let him see what a pharmaceutical genius is!”

“Hes just a guy from a remote town.

What right does he have to compete with Boss”

“Haha! Im afraid he wont be able to afford one of the herbs that Boss usually plays with!”

The surrounding underlings all burst into laughter.

Chen Sheng looked at the crowd and shouted, “The trial is about to begin.

Go ahead, make your own preparations, and prep the ingredients in advance.

After you finish making the medicine, come and show it to me!”

After saying that, the freshmen began to take action one after another.

They walked toward the medicine cabinet and began rummaging through it, looking for the needed ingredients.

Among all of them, only Lu Yu stood in place.

When the others saw this, they thought Lu Yu had given up.

However, when Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God, a panel appeared before him.

The panel showed the formulas of various mixtures and the steps of making various medicines.

Lu Yu quickly found the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine.

He opened it and read through the required materials and steps.

This was like a manual telling Lu Yu all the steps he needed to know!

Lu Yu exclaimed silently that the Eye of the Dragon God was indeed remarkable.

It helped him out in a pinch yet again!

Lu Yu began to move after grasping the required materials and steps.

He went to the medicine cabinet and started to collect the medicinal ingredients.

The first ingredient that Lu Yu got was the deer antler of a Flower Spirit Deer.

The probability of encountering a Flower Spirit Deer in the wild was less than 5%.

Every single one of them was highly precious!

This segment of deer antler that was the size of a finger alone would have cost nearly a million dollars to purchase!

The second medicinal ingredient that Lu Yu took was Earth Dragon Essence Blood.

Similarly, it was worth nearly a million dollars.

It was extremely rare!

Following that, Lu Yu began to take a third medicinal herb.

At that moment, Chen Sheng felt strange.

The medicinal herbs that Lu Yu took were almost all correct!

Could it be that he really knew how to concoct this medicine

Chen Sheng immediately shook his head.

He refuses to accept such a possibility!

On the other hand, Liu Xiao quickly finished collecting his medicinal herbs.

With a smug smile, he began to concoct the medicine.

“Its too easy.

Theres no difficulty at all.

It looks like I will be the champion of this trial!”

“You bunch of peasants, youll never be able to be a pharmacist in your life!”

Liu Xiaos proud laughter caused his underlings to cheer.

“Big Brother, youre awesome! Youve won first place!”

“Boss, youll definitely have a place as a 5-star pharmacist in the future!”

“Lu Yu is a poor peasant, after all.

He cant afford to play with a high-end profession like a pharmacist.

Of course, he cant be compared to you!”

Hearing the cheers from his underlings, Liu Xiao revealed a satisfied smile.

Soon, Lu Yu collected the needed materials and began preparing the medicine.

Seeing this, Chen Sheng immediately walked over and said sternly, “What are you doing with so many precious medicinal herbs”

Lu Yu was speechless.

“What do you think”

“The medicinal herbs you took, added together, are worth more than ten million!”

“If you cant concoct the medicine and waste so much money, who will be responsible”

Lu Yu was instantly displeased.

You gave me the task of brewing a bloody 5-star medicine, and you didnt want me to use any high-grade materials.

What was this bull**

“Instructor Chen, should I use materials from a roadside stall to refine this 5-star potion, then If Im not allowed to use these materials, how am I supposed to concoct a 5-star potion”

At that moment, Liu Xiao shouted unhappily, “You cant brew it at all.

Using it is a waste, so its better not to use it!”

“I suggest you just admit defeat.

Stop struggling.

Its meaningless…”


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