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Chapter 83 Pharmaceutical Expert, 4-Star Pharmacist

When Lu Yus luxurious car appeared, it attracted the attention of countless people.

“Lu Yu is here.

Im really looking forward to his next performance.”

“Every time he opens the car door, Im miffed.

I also want to drive such a luxurious car!”

“I get sour only when the back seat door of his car opens! Its infuriating.”

Lu Yu opened the car door and walked toward the crowd.

Lu Yu no longer cared about the stares from the crowd.

He would gladly drive it since the university had given him a car.

Since the university wanted him to be targeted, why should he care about the envy of the other students With his outstanding results, it was already impossible for him to keep a low profile.

Very soon, the five Deans walked up to the podium.

A man walked to the microphone with a bright smile.

The amiable smile on his face was like a spring breeze.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Li Yun, and I am the Dean of the Side Job Academy.

The next trial is the side job trial!”

“Everyone knows that among all the side jobs, only pharmacists are the most valuable and the most important.”


“Therefore, this trial tests your ability to brew medicine.”

“Is everyone ready”

When the freshmen heard this, they shouted, “Ready!”

They didnt even need to think to know that the trial of the Side Job Academy was definitely to create medicine.

After all, pharmacists have a very high standing in this world.

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They were much more valuable than the side jobs such as chefs and blacksmiths.

At that moment, an array formation extended, and a teleportation door slowly opened.

“Go through the teleportation door and begin the fourth trial.

I wish you all good luck.”

After Li Yun finished speaking, the freshmen entered the teleportation door.

Lu Yu, Yun Zirou, and Su Qing lined up at the end of the line as they followed the line forward.

“Have you concocted medicine before If you dont have any experience, it would be troublesome.”

Yun Zirou asked worriedly.

She really wanted to see Lu Yu get first place in all five trials.

If he succeeded in doing so, she would be able to witness history being made.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and said, “Ive concocted it a few times, but they are all medicines with simple materials and structures with a low difficulty.”

Lu Yu recalled that he had concocted two bottles of evolution medicine when evolving his Dragon Claws.

The first was when he had evolved from Claw Attack to a Dragon Claw, and the other was from Dragon Claw to Flaming Dragon Claw.


Although he only did it twice, the materials he used were not ordinary.

Soon, they entered another space.

Many workstations were placed along the walls in this dark and empty room.

On the workstations were various alchemy tools used to process materials and brew medicine.

After the freshmen came to the space, they saw a figure standing in the middle of the room.

That person turned around and looked at the crowd.

“I am the instructor of this trial.

This trial will be conducted under my supervision.”

The crowd looked carefully and found that the person standing there was a white-bearded old man.

He had a white beard and a square-ish face.

He was wearing a brown leather jacket and blue jeans.

Just by looking at his outfit, he looked like a man of science and engineering,completely different from the other instructors in suits.

However, many freshmen from Ixdale knew the old mans true identity.

Rather than saying he was an instructor, it was more accurate to say he was a businessman.

He was a famous pharmacist in Ixdale.

His brewing skills were well-known for their efficacy.

Many pharmaceutical companies in Ixdale had hired him as a technical consultant.

No matter how ridiculous the price he asked for, these companies would lick his shoes and beg him to join them.

Throughout his life, he relied on his pharmaceutical skills to earn an uncountable amount of wealth, envied by many.

Not only had such a rich man come here to be an instructor, but he had also repeatedly stated that he did not like money.

He never really wanted money, and his biggest dream was to be a teacher…

These words made many angry, as they had never met such a pretentious person.

This persons name was Chen Sheng, and everyone from Ixdale knew him!

When the freshmen saw him, they were so shocked that they couldnt speak.

They were all astonished to be able to meet such a person here.

What they didnt expect the most was that such a person would actually become their instructor.

“Everyone, I dont want to waste my time on you guys.

Recently, Ive been researching the [ Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine ] and have reached a critical moment.”

When he said this, the freshmen were somewhat unhappy.

It was obvious that he was looking down on them.

However, they quickly changed their minds when they heard it was the Dim Dragon Blood Secret Medicine that Chen Sheng mentioned.

This medicine was a 5-star medicine, and it was challenging and required extremely precious materials!

Just the processing of the materials alone required more than ten processes.

The whole process of making this medicine was complicated.

This medicine was critical to Chen Sheng as he was currently a 4-star pharmacist in the Pharmacists Union in Ixdale.

However, once he developed this 5-star medicine, he would immediately be promoted to a 5-star pharmacist!

At that time, he could join the Advanced Pharmacists Conference and have a pivotal position in the entire Pharmacists Union!

But now, instead of developing such a critical medicine, he had specially come over to be an instructor for the freshmen trials.

This puzzled all of them.

“Everyone should be curious as to why I am not focusing on developing my 5-star medicine and instead came over to be your instructor.”

All the freshmen looked at Chen Sheng curiously.

“The reason is that I heard there is a freshman with the Elemental Body Constitution.

This constitution is very suitable for being a pharmacist, so I especially came over to supervise your trials.

Do you understand”

The new students nodded one after another and then looked at Lu Yu.

Elemental Body constitution.

That should be Lu Yu.

They were all a little surprised.

They did not expect that the Elemental Body constitution would be so important that it would attract Chen Sheng to come here.

“Lu Yu is amazing.

He actually managed to attract Chen Sheng!”

“Thats normal.

Just remember what level Lu Yu is at now.

Wouldnt it be normal for him to be valued by bigshots”

“Thats true.

He got three first places and has definitely become the focus of the entire Clanorth University.”

The freshmen swelled and felt that Lu Yu deserved such treatment.

In the crowd, Lu Yu sized up Chen Sheng.

Although this person was smiling, Lu Yu could tell he was faking it.

This guy said he came for the Elemental Body, but he didnt even ask who had it and didnt mention it anymore.

Lu Yu felt that what he said about coming here for the elemental body was probably just a pretense.

How could an Elemental Body constitution be rare with his status and status

Lu Yu didnt know why he had to hide his true intentions or why he wanted to be an instructor.

But it was better to be careful.

In the freshmen team, Liu Xiao used his finger to poke Zhao Kai beside him secretly.

Zhao Kai glanced at him and asked, “Whats the matter”

Liu Xiao leaned on his ear and whispered, “I am the one who called Chen Sheng here.”


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