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Chapter 77 Elemental Trial, Start

The colossal stone tablet in front of them was nearly three meters tall.

A giant crouching dragon was carved on it, incomparably exquisite and beautiful.

Even though it was carved out, the stone tablet gave off a vague sense of majestic aura.

Every freshman here didnt dare to act cheeky, and all of them looked at the stone tablet with solemn expressions and feelings.

Xuan Ya came to the front of the stone tablet, looked at the crowd, and said, “Everyone, the Elemental Academys trial is conducted through this stone tablet.”

“Under the test of this stone tablet, you will know what kind of elemental energy you are suitable for.”

“The more elemental energy you can sense, the more it proves that you are worthy of walking on the path of cultivating elemental energy!”

The freshmen looked at the stone tablet with excitement.

Many of them were already elemental mages, so they were looking forward to the upcoming trial.

Xuan Ya continued, “For the next trial, we will do it in groups of five.

We will start your sensing capabilities trial together so that we can complete the trial as soon as possible.”

After saying that, she began splitting them into groups.

Soon, she completed the task of grouping the students according to the freshmen list.

“Now, I will announce the results of the grouping.

The members of the first group are…”


She kept reading, and the freshmen listened attentively.

Soon, Lu Yu heard his name being called out.

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“The 12th group, the members are Li Qiang, Liu Hao, Zhao Kai, Lu Yu, and Huang Rouli.”

Among these people, there was one name that caught Lu Yus attention, Zhao Kai.

He had heard that Zhao Kai was not someone ordinary.

He seemed to descend from some reclusive ancient family, and his strength and talent were all very strong.

It was evaluated that he would do pretty well in the elemental trial.

Lu Yu felt that his elemental power would not be too bad.

After all, many of his evolutionary routes were related to elemental power.

He even found the rare light and darkness elements amongst his evolutionary routes, along with the common fire and water elements.

Therefore, Lu Yu was also looking forward to his elemental sensing test.

After dividing into groups, they began their tests, batch after batch.

The first group of students lined up and came to the front of the stone tablet.

The five of them stretched out their hands at the same time and placed them on the cold stone tablet.


A low buzzing sound could be heard, and the stone tablet began to hum.

The entire stone tablet was covered in a layer of fluorescent light.

When the freshmen saw this, they were all somewhat surprised.

“How magical!”

“I seem to have sensed the energy contained within the stone tablet.”

“Its so huge.

This energy is definitely not something that we can control.”

“Even if I can obtain one percent of it, it would be able to benefit me greatly.”

“In your dreams.

You wouldnt be able to absorb it even if it was just one-thousandth of the energy contained within this ancient stone tablet!”

After a round of chattering, the stone tablet began to give the results.

All the freshmen stared at the stone tablet, their hearts filled with excitement.

Very soon, a red light appeared before the first person.

The light was dim and dark red, flowing in the air and pulsating at times.

This ray of light represented the fire element.

In other words, this freshman could use the fire element.


This ray of light surged into the new students body and gifted him an abundance of elemental energy.

The second ray of light was a pale blue ray of light.

The rays of light flowed in the air like waves of seawater.

His elemental power was the water element.

This light also entered his body.

Soon, all five of them completed the test.

Xuan Ya judged the result based on the brightness, energy fluctuation, and the number of types of light present.

The brightness of the light represented how much potential the freshman had in this elemental power.

The energy fluctuation represented how much energy he could get from this sensing.

The number of types of lights represented how many types of elements he could control.

Unfortunately, the first batch of freshmen only had one type of light.

This meant they could only control one type of elemental energy.

It would be very difficult for them to enter the Elemental Academy.

If you could not control more than three types of elemental energy, then the Elemental Academy was not suitable for you.

Elemental mages, elemental warriors, or the like cannot use just one type of elemental attribute to fight.

It would be too easy to have a weakness and be targeted.

Just like fire conquers wood and wood conquers water, without more than three types, it would be tough to form a counter-attack to any situation.

Soon, the second batch of new students arrived in front of the stone tablet and began to undergo their sensing.

Light bloomed once again.

The gorgeous light made the new students who were waiting cast their gazes over and quietly admire it.

Soon, the test came to Lu Yus group.

“Group 12, its your turn to conduct the test.”

When Lu Yu heard this, he walked out of the crowd and formed a team with the other four people.

At this moment, the freshmen began to discuss among themselves.

“Big Brother Lu Yu is beginning his test.

I wonder what his elemental energy is and if he will also be number one this time.”

“It cant be.

Hes already so strong in both offense and defense.

If his elemental energy is also so strong, what else would we plebs be left with”


“Even if he doesnt have elemental energy, hes still far ahead of us.”

“Im looking forward to Lu Yus elemental energy test.

Itll definitely be interesting.

What kind of light will he shine”

“Im looking forward to Lu Yu as well.

However, Im more inclined to see Zhao Kais.

Hes the publicly acknowledged genius youth of Ixdale!”

“The Zhao family.

Thats an ancient family with such a deep heritage that it would shock anyone!”

“I heard Zhao Kai seems to have an Extreme Yang Body constitution.

This unique constitution allows him to master fire elemental energy!”

“Does he have a special constitution Hes indeed a genius!”

“Although most people can awaken talents, a special constitution is something many yearn for.”

“Yeah! A special constitution is something you are born with.

Its hard to come by in this lifetime.”

Everyone looked at Zhao Kai excitedly, anticipating his test.

At this moment, Zhao Kais hands were behind his back, and his face was full of confidence.

Two years ago, he used his familys power to come here and undergo a test.

During that test, he clearly remembered that an intense red light appeared in front of him.

Although that light was dim, it was enough to prove Zhao Kais mastery of the fire element.

After two years of hard training, he was looking forward to seeing what kind of situation his elemental power was in now.

Zhao Kai turned around and looked at the crowd.

He said indifferently, “Everyone, dont worry.

I had already undergone this test two years ago.

My fire element energy is definitely beyond your imagination!”

When the freshmen heard this, they were excited and began looking forward to the test.

The two geniuses were in the same group conducting the test.

They definitely attracted more than enough attention.

Soon, their group arrived in front of the stone tablet.

The five placed their hands on the stone tablet and began sensing.


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