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Chapter 55 University Admission, Eye-Catching Yun Zirou

After Lu Yu received the reward from the secret realm, he quickly used his consciousness to enter his storage ring and began to check the reward.

[ Amethyst Knee Guard: Blue, increases defense by 30 points, increases speed by 30 points ]

[ Amethyst Glove: Blue, increases attack by 40 points, increases speed by 10 points ]

[ Amethyst Badge: Blue, gains 10% poison resistance ]

[ Firefly Necklace: Blue, increases 50 mana points and doubles the effect of skills ]

[ Golden Phoenix Wing Crown: Blue, gain three times control immunity and refresh once a day ]

Lu Yus heart was racing just by looking at these five pieces of equipment.

If he could equip all of them, his strength would increase hugely!

Amongst them, two were worn-type equipment, and three were accessories.

Moreover, all of them were of Blue grade, and their attributes were not bad.

Of course, what Lu Yu was most concerned about was this Golden Phoenix Wing Crown.

It could actually provide three times immunity to crowd control!

Although there was a cooldown time of a day, three times of immunity to crowd control was already splendid enough!

This equipment was definitely the most valuable one.

Lu Yu remembered that he had to give Yun Zirou at least a piece of equipment.

After all, Yun Zirou had provided a lot of help during the battle.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for Lu Yu to defeat this Boss alone.

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With a glance, Lu Yu immediately found the most suitable equipment for Yun Zirou.

Of course, it was the Firefly Necklace.

Although this equipments attribute bonus was only to the mana stat, the most important thing was that it doubled the effect of magic skills!

Such a powerful buff was extremely compatible with Yun Zirou.

Moreover, the Firefly Necklace also matched her aesthetic.

Others would laugh at Lu Yu if he wore this necklace.

Thus, Lu Yu took out this necklace from his storage ring.

As soon as it appeared in Lu Yus hand, Yun Zirou couldnt help but cover her mouth and exclaim in surprise.

“What a beautiful necklace.”

The pink necklace was shining brightly, emitting a dazzling light.

It immediately attracted the attention of Yun Zirou and Xiao Qing.

Xiao Qing was also a young girl, so she liked this kind of pink necklace.

However, this didnt match her style as an assassin.

Even if she wanted it, she would just stand aside and watch.

Lu Yu walked to Yun Zirou and personally put on the necklace for her.

The action of him putting on the necklace was like hugging her in his arms.

This was the first time Yun Zirou got so close to Lu Yu.

It made her lower her head shyly.

After putting on the necklace, Lu Yu said, “Yup, its very beautiful.

Well then, this necklace is yours.”

“There are a total of five pieces of equipment.

The rest are not suitable for you except for this.”

Yun Zirou nodded with a smile, “Youve contributed the most, so you deserve it.

As for my butler and maid, they dont need to take part in the rewards.”

Butler Lin laughed when he heard that.

“The two of us barely did anything.

Of course, these pieces of equipment should be shared between the two of you.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and looked at the canyon in the distance.

“Next, lets head towards Clanorth University together.”

Lu Yu took the lead and walked forward.

Yun Zirou followed closely behind with an unconcealable smile on her face.

Danger was everywhere in the dark canyon.

Although the wild beasts here were not as ferocious as those in the secret realm, they were still something.

The four walked along the canyon, occasionally stopping to deal with the beasts that ambushed them.

Soon, they arrived at the canyons end and began to walk uphill.

The beasts around them also began to decrease.

From the looks of it, only the middle part of the canyon had most of the beasts.

When they were about to walk out of the canyon, they suddenly found a teleportation circle in front of them.

They walked toward the formation.

The design of the formation was exquisite and complicated.

All kinds of symbols and patterns were crisscrossed and arranged in an ancient style.

Then, they saw a sign next to it.

“Entrance of Clanorth University.

Please use the admission letter to enter the teleportation gate!” Lu Yu read it out.

Then, he and Yun Zirou took out the admission letter together.

The admission letter was emitting a faint light, and its energy seemed to correspond to the formation.

Soon, a wave of energy rose from the teleportation formation, and the energy spread out to form a portal.

Yun Zirou turned her head and looked at Butler Lin, “You two can go back now.

Only those who have the admission letter can enter this portal.”

“Roger, miss.

Remember that when you are in school, you must inform us immediately if you encounter any trouble.”

Yun Zirou nodded.

“Dont worry.

I will.”

Hearing that, Butler Lin turned around and left with Xiao Qing.

Then, Lu Yu and Yun Zirou walked into the portal together.

When the portal closed, the two of them were teleported to another unknown area!

When Lu Yu opened his eyes again, he saw a magnificent, ancient-looking building in front of him.

The entire building complex was extremely large, comparable to a small town.

A few people in suits at the grand entrance welcomed the new students.

Around them was a large, dense forest.

Despite being here, they did not know the exact location.

Yun Zirou looked at the magnificent building in front of her and exclaimed, “What a beautiful building.

Is this our school”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and praised it too.

“The styles of the other schools are very modern.

As the number one university in the country, it wouldnt be easy to maintain a traditional style.”

Yun Zirou nodded in agreement.

Then, the two of them walked into the gate.

When they passed the corridor in front of the door, the other first-year students couldnt help but look over.

Their gazes were all attracted to Yun Zirou, and they couldnt take their eyes off her.

“What a beautiful girl.”

“Looks like shes also a freshman.

If theres a chance, I might be able to hook up with her.”

“Shes the daughter of the Yun family.

Dont even dream about it! Other than the children of prominent families in Ixdale, no one else is worthy of her!”

“Damn, shes coming from such a strong background It looks like theres no hope.”

“Look, there seems to be a man next to her.

Hes quite handsome!”

A few freshmen not far away looked at Lu Yu in unison.

When they saw that Yun Zirou was walking close to Lu Yu while the two were chatting and laughing, the crowd instantly felt sour.

“Hey, are they already together”

“They really look like a couple.

Who is this guy”

“I dont know.

I dont even know him.

Could he be from some obscure family”


But anyone that Yun Zirou likes shouldnt be ordinary.”

Lu Yu and Yun Zirou ignored the discussions of others and walked into the main entrance together.

At that moment, a middle-aged man walked over with a respectful smile.

“Youre finally here.

Come over here.

Ill arrange for your admission.” The receptionist for new recruits said with a friendly smile.

Yun Zirou naturally thought that the other party was talking to her.

After all, she was the daughter of a large family, while Lu Yu, who was standing next to her, was just an ordinary person.

However, the receptionist directly ignored Yun Zirou and looked at Lu Yu with a face full of anticipation.


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