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Chapter 44 Whos The True Genius

Yun Zirou looked at the equipment in front of Lu Yu and felt that many of it was green equipment.

“These pieces of equipment, are there any that are above green quality”

“Look at my blue robe.

Its of perfect blue quality.

Look at the lovely workmanship.”

Yun Zirou proudly showed off her equipment.

Besides her, the maid Xiao Qing couldnt help but show off as well.

“This speedy vine armor of mine is also blue-quality.

If I didnt work for the Yun family, getting this kind of equipment wouldnt be easy.”

The three people in front of him all showed off their equipment, whether intentionally or not.

But Lu Yu roughly looked at them and felt they were all very ordinary.

[ Blue Magic Robe: Blue, increases 50 mana, increases 15 defense, increases 15 speed ]

[ Speedy Vine Armor: Blue, increases 40 speed, 20 defense ]

There were also a few pieces of inferior blue equipment; the rest were all green equipment.

To be honest, they were pretty ordinary.

Lu Yu did not know where they got the courage to show off.

Lu Yu was a little speechless.

He said powerlessly, “All of my pieces of equipment are blue-grade.

They should be fine.”

The three of them were stunned when they heard that.

Yun Zirou was in disbelief.

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“I dont believe it.

How are your pieces of equipment all blue grade!”

She did not want to believe it.

As the young lady of a large and prominent family, she had only obtained one or two pieces of high-quality blue-grade equipment.

However, this young man who needed to go on a material collecting mission before her was wearing all blue-grade equipment.

How could she believe it…

Xiao Qing and the Butler were in disbelief.

From their point of view, Lu Yu looked like he was from an average family.

How could he own so many blue equipments

“If you dont believe me, just come over and take a look.” Lu Yu was too lazy to explain.

Yun Zirou walked over doubtfully and looked at the equipment carefully.

She picked up one of the pieces of equipment and immediately got the information.

Then, she opened her mouth in surprise.

“Its really blue-grade equipment.

What about this one”

She picked up another piece of equipment.

Sure enough, it was also blue!

She continued to pick up the third and fourth pieces.

In the end, they were all blue-grade.

At that moment, she stood frozen on the spot and couldnt believe what she had seen.

“Its really, really all blue quality equipment!”

Lu Yu shrugged, “Ive already told you.

If you dont believe me, theres nothing I can say.”

Xiao Qing and Butler Lin were also surprised.

Lu Yu looked like a young man from an ordinary family.

To be able to take out so many blue-grade equipments at once really surprised them.

Yun Zirou pouted unhappily.

“Hmph! When I go home, Ill definitely ask dad to get me more blue-grade equipment!”

The four of them started to put on their equipment on the spot.

After everyone was fully equipped, they could make their final preparations.

“I suggest that both of us introduce our talents and our roles to each other.

This will be more convenient for our future cooperation.”

Yun Zirou suggested it.

Butler Lin was the first to respond to Yun Zirous suggestion.

He said, “My talent is Rock Wall.

My defense is very high, so my position is a tank.

I usually take the role of absorbing damage in a party.”

“Oh right, my overall strength rating is level 28.”

After Butler Lin finished, Xiao Qing continued, “My talent is Twin Shadows.

My speciality is invisibility and creating clones, so my role is an assassin.”

“My overall rating is level 24.”

Yun Zirou gave the last introduction.

“My talent is a hidden talent.

The specific name, evolution path, and so on are vague.”

“The only thing that can be confirmed is that my talent is a mage-type talent, so it requires a very high mana value.”

“Oh right, my overall strength rating is level 15.”

After the three of them finished introducing themselves, they looked at Lu Yu, looking forward to hearing about Lu Yus talent.

However, their expectations were not high.

They felt that it would be pretty good if Lu Yus overall strength rating could reach level 10.

Lu Yu began to introduce his talent, but he did not plan to reveal his talents name.

After all, the world had too many prejudices toward the Claw Attack talent.

If he revealed that his talent was publicly acknowledged as the weakest talent, he would definitely be looked down upon by the three of them.

“Based on the effect of my talent, you guys can treat me as a close combat specialist.

My tank and damage output arent bad.”

Yun Zirou was puzzled, “Close-combat fighter… It seems that your talent is also a hidden talent.

I didnt expect us to be the same.

The biggest problem with hidden talent is that we cant estimate our path from previous users with the same talent.

Because she didnt know her specific talent, she couldnt know the complete path of evolution.

If she knew this in advance, she would be able to prepare for the future as soon as possible.

However, as she had a hidden talent, she could only figure it out herself.

“Oh right, you all said that you have a comprehensive rating.

How did you calculate this”

Lu Yu was a little confused about this rating.

There was never a rating on his personal interface.

Yun Zirou was a little curious.

“It cant be that you have never rated your own strength, right”

After saying that, she looked at Butler Lin.

Then, Butler Lin took out something that looked like a scanner and pointed it at Lu Yu.

After scanning him for a while, two numbers appeared on it.

Butler Lin muttered, “Hes actually level 19!”

When Yun Zirou heard that, she was astonished and hurriedly walked over.

“Really Is he actually level 19, higher than me”

“But he looks the same age as me!” Yun Zirou exclaimed.

At that moment, Yun Zirous brows were tightly furrowed as she fell into deep thought.

She was only level 15, and a top-tier institution like Clarnorth University accepted her.

Lu Yu, who looked the same age as her, was already level 19!

Didnt this mean Lu Yu was also very likely to be accepted by Clanorth University

This was a very likely outcome.

After all, Clanorth University would not let a genius out of their sight.

Yun Zirou carefully looked at Lu Yu and asked, “Youre not on a mission for the black market, are you”

Lu Yu shook his head.

“Could… could it be that you are going to Clanorth University for admission”

“Thats right, youre correct.

Im the same as you.

Im going to attend Clanorth University.”

Lu Yu did not beat around the bush and directly said it.

Yun Zirou was utterly speechless.

As the daughter of a large family clan, she had many experts by her side to help her fight monsters in dungeons.

However, the speed at which her strength increased was not comparable to a lone cultivator!

Clanorth University even accepted him!

All this while, Yun Zirou had always felt that she was a genius, a chosen one!

However, in front of Lu Yu, she felt that she was mediocre for the first time.

He was a true genius!

“I didnt expect that I would meet a future classmate…” Yun Zirou sighed and looked at Lu Yu differently.


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