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Chapter 32 Harsh Examinations, Battle Royale

The following day, Lu Yu woke up early and went to school.

As soon as he entered the classroom, Lu Yu saw that his classmates were looking at him strangely.

As soon as Lu Yu entered the classroom, someone asked, “Lu Yu, do you really plan to attend Clanorth University”

“Is that true Wouldnt it be awkward if you didnt get in Arent you afraid of that”

At that moment, Su Qing also cast a curious gaze.

Even she wasnt confident that she would be able to attend Clanorth University.

She didnt get it.

Where was Lu Yu getting his confidence from

Lu Yu looked at the class and explained, “Ive already made up my mind.

My goal is Clanorth University.

Since Im going to enter a university, I might as well try to enter the best.”

The class did not ask any further questions after hearing Lu Yus response, despite the fact that they did not believe Lu Yu would be admitted to Clanorth University.

The homeroom teacher walked in and said to everyone, “Students, come out and get ready for todays exam!”

The students stood up one after another and walked towards the school field.

Wan Guliu and the array mages were already ready in the middle of the field.

Mysterious patterns were formed and condensed into a mysterious space as a result of the array mages energy manipulation.

Wa Guliu stood in front of the podium and looked at the crowd.

“I will pick the top 100 from the rankings determined yesterday.”

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“Hundreds of high-level array mages have formed a new space and simulated a large plain.”

“Everyone should know the previous examination rules, right”

Everyone nodded.

“The old rules are that each person will fight with a ferocious beast, and the score will be based on the battle.”

“But in actual combat, its impossible for a ferocious beast to fight with you in a well-controlled arena.

Therefore, in this exam, all of you will enter the enchantment array and kill ferocious beasts in the simulated plain!”

Hearing this, all the students started panicking.

“Eh How did the rules change to this”

“Ive always been training in the training ground, and never been in the wild.”

“We are going to have actual combat in the wild Thats not good.

What if theres an accident”


“Damn, my training in the training grounds has been in vain.

If I had known, I would have gone to the wild to have a few actual combat sessions.”

“Its over.

Its over.

The results will definitely be terrible this time…”

Su Qing frowned slightly in the crowd.

She, too, was a little nervous.

She had been training in her own training grounds and had not participated in any actual battles.

Most people were not pleased with this rule change.

When Lu Yu heard this new rule, he smiled faintly.

Ever since he awakened, he had never been to the training ground.

He had only experienced actual combat.

Therefore, the rule change meant nothing to Lu Yu.

“A hundred ferocious beasts will be released into the array,” Wan Guliu continued.

The ferocious beasts will be distributed at random across the plains.

The strength of the ferocious beasts will increase as the number of people inside the simulation decreases!”

“In other words, when all but one of the students are gone, the remaining ferocious beasts will be at their most powerful state!”

Hearing the wordeliminated, the students were a little flustered.

“Eliminated Did the exam become an elimination system this time”

“Wasnt it 1v1 in the past I thought it would be the same this time.”

“Could it be that were all going to be thrown in This is just pitting us against each other!”

Some people could already foresee the situation where they would sabotage each other to increase their ranking.

Wan Guliu explained, “Dont worry, you wont have the chance to fight.

Just dealing with those ferocious beasts is something you can all already barely handle.”

Many people gulped, becoming even more fearful.

“This barrier will shrink as time goes by.

In the end, you will be gathered together to complete the exam!”

“If you are not in the circle when the barrier shrinks, you will be automatically eliminated.”


After Wan Guliu finished speaking, the rules introduction was over.

The students began to discuss amongst themselves.

“This is ridiculous.

This elimination system is too harsh.”

“When the circle shrinks to the end, wont we have to fight each other”

“Youve got to be unearthly to come out first in such an examination!”

Some were sad, some were worried, and some were excited.

Lu Yu, on the other hand, was still very calm.

No matter what the rules were, he could quickly adapt.

“Next, everyone please enter the barrier.

From now on, the exam begins!”

Following Wan Gulius command, everyone began walking toward the arrays center.

Class One took the initiative and entered the array.

They vanished after entering the ball of light.

Soon after, Lu Yus class, Class Two, began moving forward and entering the enchantment barrier.

Lu Yu looked at the ball of light in front of him and slowly walked in.

Only a dozen people from Class Two were chosen for the second stage of the exams, and Su Qing was one of them.

“Lu Yu, after entering, lets band together,” one of them said as he approached Lu Yus side.

“We can look after each other this way.”

When the others heard this suggestion, they immediately came over as well.

From the first match yesterday, Lu Yus strength was undoubtedly the strongest here.

If they could rely on him, they could at least enter the top 50, maybe even the top 30 in the rankings.

When Su Qing heard this, she also looked at Lu Yu.

“Were all in the same class.

Its better for us to take care of each other.”

“It depends on the situation,” Lu Yu said, nodding slightly.

“Theres a good chance well be teleported at random.”

Hearing Lu Yus words, the few of them realised that they would not be teleported in as a class.

Otherwise, the exam wouldnt be much of an individual assessment.

“What a pity, oh well…”

“I hope we can meet Lu Yu as soon as we enter…”

“Good luck, everyone.

I hope we can all get a good ranking…”

A few of them stepped into the ball of light and disappeared on the spot.

The few remaining classes entered one after another.

Soon, the initially crowded square became empty.

At that moment, a few luxury cars drove in.

The four admissions officers who came to visit yesterday took the lead in getting out of their cars.

Other luxury cars followed closely behind, and admissions officers from various universities emerged.

After they arrived, they found the seats for the audience and sat down in them.

A large holographic screen appeared above the array formation in the sky and was projected in front of everyones eyes at that moment.

They could see what was going on inside the array formation as well as the students performance on this screen.

Everyone could see a few large areas that had been divided on this large screen.

Weaker vicious beasts were located in the outermost area and were easier to deal with.

Students would be less in danger if they were teleported to the outside area.

They would, however, be at a slight disadvantage if they were teleported to the outer area.

Theyd have to sprint to the centre of the circle.

The ferocious beasts were more dangerous and stronger in the center area.

The advantages were the polar opposite of those in the surrounding area.

They had no reason to rush into the circle.

Everyone could see when someone had chosen their teleportation point and entered the plains on the screen.

Meanwhile, Lu Yu was making his decision.

His selection was also the one that the admissions officers were most interested in.


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