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Chapter 127 The Powerful Eye Of The Dragon God

The Featherwing Clubs lookout spot was attacked for the second time.

In the club group chat, the team captain of the destroyed lookout spot sent many messages and a location.

“President, those guys are too much.

They didnt even attack in the dark; they just came at us in the open directly!”

“While most of us were out, they beat up our club members guarding the lookout spot and took everything away!”

“Before they left, they even said that they would beat us up every time they saw us in this secret realm!”

“President, what should we do”

Lu Yu frowned slightly when he saw the string of messages.

These guys were getting more and more over the top!

It seemed like it was necessary to make an example of them.

“Ill go over and help you guys rebuild the stronghold!”

Lu Yu then headed toward the location.

“President, why dont we go over together Theyre getting excessive.

Lets go over and teach them a lesson!” The team captain suggested indignantly.

The other team members agreed.

“Thats right.

One more person will be another helping hand.

Lets go over together and give them a good lesson!”

The five club members before Lu Yu were filled with anger.

They wanted to retaliate against these older students who bullied them!

Lu Yu turned around and looked at the five of them.

He shook his head slightly and said, “I can do it alone.

Your mission now is to repair the lookout spot so that it will be easier for us to grow our club.”

The five of them looked at each other when they heard this.

In the end, they all nodded helplessly.

“President is right.

Our most important goal right now is to grow, so wed better stay here.”

The other four were unwilling but still listened to Lu Yus orders.

They really wanted to retaliate against those seniors, but now was not the time.

Lu Yu turned around and continued to move forward, heading towards the next lookout spot.

The next lookout spot was their fourth lookout spot, which was still some distance away from the center of the secret realm.

Lu Yu quickly shuttled through the jungle and soon approached the fourth lookout spot.

From afar, Lu Yu saw a mess.

The ground was full of tent remains.

Everything was smashed, bonfires were kicked, and black charcoal was scattered everywhere.

A few people stood beside the lookout spot, cleaning up the garbage littered around the lookout spot.

Lu Yu walked over quickly.

“Which one of you is the captain”

A tall girl with short hair stood out.

“President, I am the captain of this team.

The enemy ambushed our members when we were not around and severely injured them.”

As she spoke, she pointed at a figure lying on the ground.

Lu Yu looked over and realized that this person had been beaten beyond recognition.

His nose was crooked, and one of his eyes was swollen like a fishs, with even one row of teeth knocked out.

His entire body was covered in blood, and there were many fractures on his body.

He had already lost the ability to stand and was almost on the verge of death!

Lu Yus face immediately darkened when he saw this.

The other four club members stood at the side and growled, “These guys even said before they left that this was a lesson and that there would be more to come!”

“President, how should we deal with this”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu.

With their club members beaten up, these members would probably quit if Lu Yu couldnt come up with a solution to this.

Lu Yu naturally knew this logic.

No one would stay in a club with no future.

Therefore, Lu Yu looked at everyone and said, “I will make those guys pay!”

Lu Yu opened the Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the clues around him.

[ Detected the clues of an adult man.

Do you want to track him ]

“Track it.” Lu Yu thought to himself.

Then, two silhouettes appeared and ran toward the right of Lu Yu.

Through the depth and size of the footprints, the body sizes and weights of these two people could be easily analyzed.

These two people were brawny men with strong bodies.

Their muscles were thick and robust, and their footsteps were steady and powerful.

A martial artist of this calibre was not someone a freshman could handle.

Lu Yu instructed, “You guys rebuild the lookout spot here.

Ill go and capture those two people.

Well return the favor for what they did, with double the amount!”

As Lu Yu said, he dived into the forest and began tracking them down.

The few club members looked at Lu Yus back with anticipation.

“Captain, can the president really find those two people”

“I think its a long shot.

In such a complicated environment, it should be very difficult to track down two enemies who have already run far away.”

“I think so too.

However, its enough that the president can do his best to help us.”

However, the fourth team leader shook his head and reminded, “Have you seen the news in the group The president has already chased them down once.

This time, he will definitely be able to do the same.”

Hearing this, they remembered how Lu Yu successfully got the salivary glands stolen from the previous group.


Our president definitely has a special tracking skill.

He will definitely be able to track them down!”

“Thats great! We can take revenge! The president is sure strong!”

“Those two are very strong too.

I dont know if the president can beat them.”

One of them came to the side of the person who was beaten.

He squatted down and comforted him, “Dont worry.

The president will take revenge for you.”

“I hope the president can come back safely.

Those two are not weak.”

They were worried and hoped that Lu Yu could come back soon…

At that moment, Lu Yu was following the tracks.

Soon, he saw two figures moving forward through the dense grass.

They were the two who attacked the camp just now!

Lu Yu walked quickly toward the two of them.

After hearing the footsteps, the two turned around and saw Lu Yu walking toward them.

When the two saw Lu Yu, cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

They did not expect Lu Yu to catch up so quickly and at such an aggressive pace.

He must be here to teach them a lesson!

They had also seen Lu Yus battle videos.

With Lu Yus fierce strength, they might not be a match for him!

A bald senior looked at Lu Yu and asked, “You… youre looking for us for something”

“What do you want We dont want to deal with you.” The two of them said in a panic.

Lu Yu didnt say anything.

He glanced at the bald mans fist.

“The blood on your fist, whose is it”

The bald man raised his fist and took a look.

He instantly realized something and stammered, “I just met a beast and fought it just a moment ago.

The blood on my fist is the blood of a ferocious beast.”

Lu Yus eyes turned gloomy.

“Your hand is stained with my club members blood, and you still dare to say its the blood of a ferocious beast.

Youre quite brave, arent you”

The two of them heard him and looked at each other.

They knew that there was no need to continue lying.

“Huh, it seems that you came prepared.

It looks like you know what happened!”

“In that case, lets have a showdown.

The two of us will fight you, and lets see just what ability you have to be so arrogant!”


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