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Chapter 122 Dragon Arm Bone, Dragon God Breathing Technique

The notification that suddenly appeared in front of him shocked Lu Yu.

He had updated the progress of his Ancient Dragon Body and obtained a reward!

Lu Yu hurriedly checked the progress of his Ancient Dragon Body and found that it was still 3%.

Although he had obtained a dragon bone fossil, he had not made any progress in his constitution.

So how could he further increase his progress

Lu Yu read some clues through his Eye of the Dragon God.

[ Dragon Arm Fossil: Implanted into ones body to strengthen Dragon Claw into Dragon Arm ]

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

As long as he implanted this bone into himself, his Dragon Claw talent would be upgraded to a Dragon Arm talent!

Although he could currently cover his entire arm with dragon scales, in reality, the bone inside was still the same human bone.

Lu Yus dragon arm would not be complete if the bones in his arms were still the same human bones.

However, he could not implant the bone yet.

Firstly, the transplant process requires surgery and a skilled doctor.

Secondly, the surgery would be expensive, and Lu Yu could not afford it now.

He wanted to hire a reliable doctor to replace his arm bone and prevent the rejection of the dragon bone and his human body.

That would inevitably cost a lot of money.

His first reason was that he did not have enough money, and the second was that he did not know any skilled doctors.

Therefore, Lu Yu decided to put away the arm bone for the time being.

Before putting it away, Lu Yu saw the effect of the dragon arm bone fossil through his Eye of the Dragon God.

[ Dragon Arm Bone Fossil: Increase attack by 150, increase speed by 100, increase health by 200, increase defense by 30]

The increase in attributes was simply insane!

Lu Yus attack would become even more terrifying with another increase of 150 points in his attack.

By then, the sophomores would not be a match for him at all.

Lu Yu was confident that he could even win against the third-year seniors and had a chance against the seniors from the fourth year!

This fossilized dragon arm bone alone could bring about such a powerful increase in his strength, and this instantly motivated Lu Yu to implant this bone inside him as soon as possible.

The most important thing was the change in his talent.

This effect would be even stronger than the increase in his attributes!

The change in talent represented further potential in his future, which was the most important factor.

Lu Yu calmed himself down and put away the fossil carefully.

He did not know if 60 million was enough for this surgery, so he still needed to earn more.

Then, Lu Yu focused his attention on the Dragon God Breathing Technique.

This skill was known as a “core skill”.

A core skill was usually passive and occasionally had some active effects.

This skill was equivalent to the inner strength cultivation method of the dragons.

It could help Lu Yu recover his energy quicker in battle, consume less energy and stamina when using his skills, and allow him to last longer in battle.

Generally speaking, a core skill was something possessed by a higher-ranked cultivator.

After all, possessing a core skill would significantly increase ones cultivation speed, and the core skill would affect the overall effect of ones skills.

For example, under the influence of the Dragon God Breathing Technique, Lu Yus Dragon Shadow skill could teleport him further!

The duration of his Raging Inferno Storm would last longer.

The accumulation speed of the dragon power would also be faster, and so on…

Generally speaking, a cultivator could only cultivate one core skill.

Otherwise, there would be internal conflicts in ones body.

Of course, some cultivate more than one, making it easier for them to head down to insanity.

This was the same as how cultivators in stories shouldnt cultivate more than one simultaneously.

Lu Yu took a deep breath and found that the amount of air he could inhale was much more than before.

It appeared that his lung capacity had increased a lot.

This was the most basic function of the core skill.

Lu Yus breathing became smoother, allowing the fatigue in his body to be swept away and disappear entirely.

Lu Yu was now full of energy and vitality.

“Alright, I should continue collecting the materials.

I will try to complete the restoration project as soon as possible.”

As he said that, Lu Yu walked out of the research room.

Han Sai and Guo Siwei looked at Lu Yus back and felt uncomfortable.

“Brother Sai, what should we do He might really repair it!”

Han Sai was also surprised by the turn of events.

The reparation task he gave Lu Yu was the most difficult available!

He felt that there was no chance for Lu Yu to be able to complete the restoration.

But now, it seemed that Lu Yu was making steady progress.

It was only a matter of time before it was completed.

Guo Siwei looked around and suggested, “Why dont we destroy what he has already repaired At that time, we can say that a stray dog did it.”

Han Sai scolded, “Dont say such things in the future.

The research room is monitored and cant be infiltrated.

You will be the first one to be investigated if anything happens, with your obvious motivation!”

Guo Siwei immediately frowned.

“Then what should we do If he manages to get the materials, wont I have no hope”

Han Sai snorted coldly.

“Dont worry.

We dont have to do anything.

Some of the older students have already set eyes on his club, and they are preparing to take action as we speak.

So, he definitely wont be able to collect more materials today.”

A smile appeared on his face when Guo Siwei heard this.

“These older students are quite bold.

Havent they seen that video”

“Of course they have.

Almost everyone has seen it.”

“But, they arent stupid.

They can analyze it and come up with something.”

“The last time Lu Yu threw such a punch was during his entrance exam.

How long did it take him to use this skill again What was there to be scared of”

Guo Siwei lowered his head and thought for a moment.

“About a month.”

Han Sai nodded.

“Thats right.

He was able to use this punch again after such a long time.

This proves that this skill of his cant be used frequently.”

Guo Siwei suddenly understood what was implied.

“I understand now.

The current Lu Yu is the same as during his trials.

If the seniors banded together to deal with him, Lu Yu definitely wouldnt be able to win.”

Han Sai smiled in relief.

This fellow finally understood what he was trying to say.

At the same time, Han Sai was a little worried.

“I hope there wont be any accidents.

This guy is so outstanding that it is only a matter of time before he is targeted.

Trying to challenge the rules of order is simply courting death!”

Guo Siwei said fiercely, “Thats right! Which batch of freshmen hasnt experienced the hardships from their seniors When I first came in, I was bullied even more miserably, but hadnt I still reached where I am today”

“He wants to challenge this unspoken rule, and it will be in vain.

Its simply laughable.”

Han Sai nodded slightly.

“Lets wait and see.

Whether he can smoothly continue his academic future depends on whether Lu Yu can withstand the attacks of the seniors today.”

Guo Siweis eyes suddenly lit up.

He said, “This time, Ill personally bring people to deal with him! Im a senior student and also a member of the research institute.

With my command, I can definitely gather more people to attack the Featherwing Society together!”

Han Sai patted his shoulder.

“Do it.

You should fight for your chance.

Take advantage of this moment when Lu Yu is busy gathering materials in the wild and attack him! Strike him until he cant stand up again, and our position will be secured!”

Guo Siwei nodded heavily.

“Leave it to me.

Ill take care of him!”


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