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Chapter 121 Preliminary Stage Of Reparation, Accidental Discovery

The following day, Lu Yu got up and drove to the research institute after washing up.

After going to the trading market yesterday, Lu Yu got a total of 1.5 million dollars.

His total assets surmount to 61.5 million dollars.

This money was inferior to that of those big clubs.

However, it was enough to maintain a club with around 200 people.

Fortunately, Lu Yu had received a sum of money before starting the club.

Otherwise, it would not be easy to post this mission of his.

He drove and soon arrived at the research institute.

After he entered the research institute, Guo Siwei quietly followed behind Lu Yu.

He had always held a grudge against Lu Yu, who had stolen his position.

His last hope lay in this reparation task.

If Lu Yu failed to repair it, he would have a chance to take over Lu Yus position!

Lu Yu saw that someone was following him from the corner of his eye but was too lazy to say anything.

Lu Yu soon arrived at the research room and found Han Sai waiting there.

“Youre here.

How many salivary glands did you gather”

Han Sai looked at Lu Yu confidently.

He deemed that Lu Yu could only find three or four Golden Mist Birds at most.

After all, these birds were rare.

But soon, he remembered that Lu Yu had a club under him.

“Oh right, I forgot that you have so many people under you.

Did you all even gather ten salivary glands in total”

Guo Siwei chuckled and continued, “They are all inexperienced freshmen.

I think I would be overestimating them, judging that they would be able to find ten Golden Mist Birds.”

Han Sai also laughed and said, “Youre right.

It seems like Ive said too much.”

Lu Yu said calmly, looking at their clown-like behavior, “Weve found more than 40 of them.

Although theres still quite a number to go before we reach a hundred, well complete the mission soon.”

Hearing this, Han Sai and Guo Siwei were stunned.

They didnt expect Lu Yu to find more than 50 Golden Mist Birds in a day!

Did he find a group of Golden Mist Birds nests

“Really You found so many” Guo Siwei couldnt believe it.

He had undergone a search for them before, and he was so happy that he danced happily to celebrate after finding just one in a day.

However, Lu Yu managed to find more than 50 in a day.

The difference between them was too ridiculous!

Han Sai sternly scolded, “Student Lu Yu, lying is not a good thing.

You will be punished if found lying!”

Because they did not believe him, Lu Yu directly twisted his ring and placed all 53 salivary glands on the ground.

They stared at the salivary glands on the ground with wide-open eyes.

“This… how is this possible Did you really collect so many” Guo Siwei looked at Lu Yu in horror.

At that moment, he felt how terrifying Lu Yu was.

Han Sai immediately sneered and said, “Looks like you took quite a lot from your club members.

No wonder you were able to find so many.”

Guo Siwei also smiled smugly when he heard that.

“I thought you were the awesome one, but it turns out that you got your help from your club members.”

“If it werent for your club members, you would probably have only found four or five of them, right”

Lu Yu shook his head slightly.

“My club members only found ten Golden Mist Birds.”

Once he said this, the two of them were shocked again.

“Youre lying.

How can they only find ten when there are so many of you” Han Sai berated.

Guo Siwei laughed disdainfully.

“Are you trying to say that you found 43 Golden Mist Birds by yourself Do you think were fools”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Whether you believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me.

I dont need to prove anything.

If you dont believe it, ask my club members.

Anyway, Im going to start the reparation.”

Lu Yu squatted in front of the rubble on the ground and looked at the pieces, thinking about where to start repairing them.

Han Sai and Guo Siwei looked at each other and were speechless.

When Lu Yu dared to say such words, it proved he had enough confidence in the truth of the situation.

It would be easy if the two wanted to confirm his claims.

They could simply ask a few members of his club, and they would get their answer.

For a moment, the two looked at Lu Yu with admiration.

The insane speed of Lu Yus searching for the Golden Mist Birds was definitely faster than the two of them.

Even the two of them combined wouldnt be as fast as Lu Yu.

Lu Yu had already seen some clues, gazing at the ruined sculpture.

First, he could piece the base of the Dragon Kings stone sculpture together, and then he could piece the four legs of the Dragon King and gradually work on the rest.

However, if it were not glued well together, the sculpture would break apart at the touch.

Lu Yu stood up and went to the workbench.

He needed to make the Golden Mist Adhesive now, or else he would be unable to continue the task.

He put the salivary glands into a powder-making machine and turned them into powder.

Then, he placed them in a special resin material that could slightly increase the stickiness of the powder.

After pouring the powder in, Lu Yu thoroughly mixed the two materials and successfully made the Golden Mist Adhesive.

The two people on the side were dumbfounded.

Especially Han Sai.

He hadnt even taught Lu Yu how to make the Golden Mist Adhesive, yet Lu Yu had already made it by himself.

Guo Siwei was surprised as well.

He didnt even know what kind of resin material the Golden Mist Adhesive needed, yet Lu Yu had chosen the right one immediately.

It seemed that Lu Yus knowledge reserve was far better than Guo Siweis, perhaps only slightly less than Han Sais.

But Guo Siwei wasnt convinced.

He still felt that this post should belong to him!

Lu Yu had made ten sets of Golden Mist Adhesive and used them to fill the bases cracks fully.

Soon, the adhesive worked its magic, and the base was successfully glued together after it dried.

Then, Lu Yu began to glue the four feet of the Dragon King.

Lu Yu barely finished gluing the four legs together after all ten adhesive sets were used up.

The sculptures thighs, torso, and head still needed to be glued together.

Each of them was big and required a lot of adhesive.

Lu Yus current stock of materials could only make enough adhesive to glue half of them together.

But Lu Yu was not in a hurry.

Instead, he planned to continue searching for more Golden Mist Birds.

After collecting enough, he would only move on to complete the restoration task.

“It seems that this adhesive is effective.

In that case, Ill go collect the rest of the glands today.”

As Lu Yu said this, he turned around and left.

However, before he turned around and left, Lu Yu used his Eye of the Dragon God to look at the fragments on the ground and see if he could find any clues.

Lu Yu obtained the information from these fragments very soon, under the gaze of the Eye of the Dragon God!

In fact, under the Eye of the Dragon God, Lu Yu could see which part of the Dragon Kings body these fragments belonged to!

Lu Yu was pleasantly surprised.

With this function, his subsequent restoration work would be much easier.

Suddenly, he saw something special about a stone on the ground.

It did not belong to any part of this statue.

Lu Yu walked over and found that it was a stone that looked like a bone.

He picked it up and found that it was a fossil!

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He did not expect there to be a fossil here.

He quickly double-checked with his Eye of the Dragon God.

[ Broken Dragon Arm Fossil ]

Then, a system notification appeared in front of Lu Yu.

[ Congratulations on obtaining a dragon bone fossil! ]

[ Ancient Dragon Body update: Rewarding a core skill: Dragon God Breathing Technique! ]


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