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Chapter 119 A Flock Of Birds, Golden Mist Enshrouds

A few members began to chat enthusiastically in the club members group chat.

“Just now, I successfully encountered a Golden Mist Bird and killed it!”

The student posted two photos after texting them; the photos of the Golden Mist Birds corpse and gold nuggets.

The other members sent their congratulations when they saw this.

“Youre so lucky to have found it so quickly!”

“Ive been looking for it for a long time, but I havent found any traces.”

“This kind of bird is definitely rare and really hard to find.”

“You can get gold nuggets after killing it They can be exchanged for a lot of money, right”

That person continued to reply, “There arent many gold nuggets, but they can be exchanged for a few thousand dollars.”

“But most importantly, I have the feathers and salivary glands.

The salivary glands will be handed over to the president, and the feathers can be used to forge equipment.”

These words made the other students envious.

The Golden Mist Birds feathers were good materials, mainly used to make accessories.

At that moment, someone asked, “Oh right, did the president find the Golden Mist Bird”

“The president definitely found it.

Hes much stronger than we are.”

“Not necessarily.

Although the president is very strong, finding the Golden Mist Bird still requires luck.

Strength is not very useful in looking for them.”


If youre lucky, youll find more of them.”

After Lu Yu finished reading these chat logs, he also sent a message.

“I just found my third Golden Mist Bird and collected its salivary glands.

I hope everyone will continue to work hard and continue to find these Golden Mist Birds.”

When this news was released, the club members were surprised.

“The president has already found three birds!”

“Isnt his luck too good”

“Does the president have any tricks up his sleeve He managed to find them this quickly.”

“All of us were looking for them, but only one of us encountered one of these birds, and the president alone found three birds!”

“The president is indeed awesome.

I never expected his ability to scout beasts in the wild to be better than ours.”

The club members were all very surprised, which immediately increased their motivation!

Lu Yu could find three Golden Mist Birds in such a short time, proving these Golden Mist Birds were not too difficult to find.

As long as they were careful and serious about their search, they would definitely be able to find them!

“Everyone, work hard and search carefully!”

“Everyone, pay more attention to your surroundings.

Although these Golden Mist Birds are rare, their whereabouts and clues could be found by paying more careful attention.”


The club members cheered each other on, and they all perked up and continued their search.

Lu Yu turned off his phone and continued to scan his surroundings carefully.

Lu Yu was pleased with the hardworking attitude of these club members, as his job would be much easier with their help.

Lu Yu slowly advanced through the dense wild forest.

In such a chaotic environment, there was too much information in his surroundings.

All kinds of messy clues left by insects and small animals grabbed Lu Yus attention constantly.

Finding traces of the Golden Mist Bird among the countless clues was difficult.

He moved forward for a distance, and suddenly, a familiar clue appeared in front of him!

[ Golden Mist Bird powder: Do you want to analyze it ]

“Analyze it!”

The ground was stained with some golden powder not far from Lu Yu.

After analyzing this clue, Lu Yu began to follow the Golden Mist Bird silhouette.

Passing through some messy vines, Lu Yu gradually arrived at a higher forest area.

The trees here were at least ten meters tall!

Suddenly, more clues appeared in front of Lu Yu.

[ Golden Mist Bird powder: Do you want to analyze it ]

[ Golden Mist Bird powder: Do you want to analyze it ]

[ Golden Mist Bird powder: Do you want to analyze it ]

The ground in front of Lu Yu was filled with the powder left by the Golden Mist Bird, sparkling bright gold.

Lu Yu was stunned by the abundance of clues.

Did the same Golden Mist Bird leave these clues

Was there more than one Golden Mist Bird here

All the gold dust on the ground couldnt be created by just one or two birds!

Lu Yu suddenly remembered the information he had read about the Golden Mist Bird in the encyclopedia of ferocious beasts.

These birds would gather in a flock in a certain area and at a specific time to complete their mating season.

Because the Golden Mist Birds were solitary and secretive, this habit was born!

Could it be that he just happened to come across this period

“Analyze it!”

Lu Yu quickly shouted and began to analyze all the clues!

On the ground before him, countless Golden Mist Birds silhouettes appeared.

These Golden Mist Birds flapped their wings and flew upwards!

Lu Yu followed the silhouettes and looked up.

To his surprise, he saw countless Golden Mist Birds standing on the tree trunks above his head.

They were densely packed on the tree trunks, dazzling Lu Yus eyes!

Lu Yus heart tightened immediately! These Golden Mist Birds were looking at Lu Yu like how they would look at an enemy.

The reason was that Lu Yu had intruded into their territory!

Lu Yu was a little nervous.

If so many Golden Mist Birds breathed down on him simultaneously, he wouldnt be able to dodge them!

Lu Yu glanced and roughly estimated that there were about 30 Golden Mist Birds here!

These 30 Golden Mist Birds were all staring at Lu Yu!

Following that, these Golden Mist Birds opened their mouths and breathed out their special mist at Lu Yu!

The thick, pale golden mist instantly swamped Lu Yu from all directions.

There was almost no place for him to dodge it!

Lu Yu immediately clenched his teeth.

Even if he used Dragon Shadow, he would not be able to escape in this situation.

The mist was everywhere, and there was nowhere to hide!

Lu Yu got nervous.

He would turn into a golden statue if he didnt handle this properly.

He revealed his claws, and flames rose from them.

Lu Yu decided to use the Raging Inferno Storm to disperse the mist around him.

After his claws were covered in flames, Lu Yu swung his arms strongly and released a flaming storm from them!

However, Lu Yu was one step too late as the cloud of mist rushed over and hit Lu Yus body.

Lu Yu could only use the second crowd control immunity and had only one last use left.

Lu Yu swung his arms, and a roaring inferno storm engulfed his surroundings!

The mist originally rushing toward Lu Yu was dispersed instantly, rushing outward in all other directions!

As the flames were released, the surrounding shrubs began to burn together with the thick tree trunks.

The Golden Mist Birds on the tree trunks began to catch fire!

They flapped their wings frantically in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

However, the flames were unable to be extinguished.

Lu Yu swung his claws and released the Raging Inferno Storm once more.

The flames would continue to burn unless they could escape from the range of the Raging Inferno Storm.

However, their wings were on fire, and they could no longer fly!

Lu Yu muttered, “I almost fell into your hands.

Its sure lucky that my skills are better.”


The sound of flames burning could be heard, and the Golden Mist Birds originally standing on the trees fell one after another onto the ground.

The air was filled with the smell of roasted meat.


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