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Chapter 118 Hunting The Golden Mist Bird

A golden mist rushed toward Lu Yus face, and the Golden Mist Birds breath instantly turned the surrounding weeds and insects into gold.

However, the mist did not affect Lu Yu at all.

Lu Yus body was covered in a layer of gold powder, but it did not affect Lu Yu at all!

The equipment on Lu Yus head was helping him to be immune to three instants of crowd control.

The moment the first chance of immunity effect was used, Lu Yu successfully slashed his claw and left three bloody wounds on the Golden Mist Birds chest.

The Golden Mist Bird let out a miserable shrill and flapped its wings, trying to escape from Lu Yu.

If a bird wanted to fly, it could not rely on its wings alone.

It also needed to exert force from its chest muscles to drive its wings and take off.

Now that the chest of the Golden Mist Bird was heavily injured, it lost the ability to flap its wings!

It drooped its wings and lay on the ground.

It opened its mouth wide and aimed at Lu Yu, trying to use its last bit of strength to resist being killed.

However, Lu Yu lifted it up like a chicken.

The heavily injured and bleeding Golden Mist Bird had lost the strength to struggle and was at Lu Yus mercy.

Lu Yu looked at the feathers carefully.

These Golden Mist Birds feathers were high-quality materials and could be used to forge equipment, which could be exchanged for a lot of money.

The salivary glands that Lu Yu needed the most were also very important.

Other than that, the other parts of the Golden Mist Birds body were not valuable.

Lu Yu plucked the Golden Mist Birds feathers and put them into his storage ring.

Then, he took out an empty bottle from his storage ring.

He used a small knife to accurately remove the Golden Mist Birds salivary glands and put them into the bottle.

Even if this was the first salivary gland he had collected, and he was still far from a hundred, it was still the first step to his success!

Lu Yu took out his phone and opened the club group chat.

He read through it and realized the other members had yet to meet a Golden Mist Bird.

It appears that he was the first to encounter it.

Lu Yu continued to activate his Eye of the Dragon God and began to scan his surroundings, looking for more clues about the Golden Mist Birds.

He began to shuffle through the grass and continued to move forward.

As he moved forward, Lu Yu recalled the short battle just now.

The Golden Mist Birds combat strength was by no means weak, but apart from its breath, it seemed to have no other offensive means.

Lu Yu recalled the moment he had alarmed the Golden Mist Bird, and it had used its breath to counterattack.

It seemed that its only offensive means were its breath.

This breath skill could not only produce a crowd control effect, but it could also kill a person if they were under its breath for an extended period of time by getting transmuted into pure gold.

In other words, as long as the person avoided the Golden Mist Birds breath, they would be able to find an opportunity to kill it!

Lu Yu recalled and gauged the distance and range of the Golden Mist Birds breath.

Although this breath skill of the Golden Mist Bird was very deadly, its speed wasnt fast.

As long as Lu Yu used the Dragon Shadow skill in time, he could easily avoid it.

After moving forward for some distance, Lu Yu was surprised to see that the ground was stained with gold dust.

He squatted down and looked carefully, and the Eye of the Dragon God immediately completed its analysis.

A Golden Mist Bird silhouette appeared before Lu Yus eyes.

At the same time, another Golden Mist Bird appeared beside it!

These two Golden Mist Birds were fighting each other.

They spat out golden mist one after another in an attempt to kill the other.

However, their breath was ineffective against their own kind.

The golden mist finally landed on the ground and turned into golden powder.

After a short while, the Golden Mist Bird that won the fight slowly trod away.

Lu Yu looked around and found the Golden Mist Bird that had died in the battle.

He walked to the Golden Mist Birds corpse and took off its feathers and salivary glands.

Then, he continued to follow the clues shown in his eyes.

The fight between the two Golden Mist Birds was most likely a fight for their turf.

Although the other bird won, it suffered a lot of injuries.

It escaped and was definitely headed to its nest so that it could recover from its injuries.

Before Lu Yu came to this forest, he had read up on the habits of these Golden Mist Birds.

The Golden Mist Birds whereabouts were hidden and hard to find in the jungle.

The Golden Mist Birds nest was even harder to find.

However, once a person found their nest, they would be able to obtain a lot of gold!

The reason was that after the Golden Mist Bird killed its prey, it would bring back the remaining gold pieces of its prey to prevent its trails from being discovered by other predators.

The Golden Mist Bird would die after breathing its special breath three times in a row.

Therefore, the gold pieces created by its breath were important to them.

Lu Yu continued to follow the clues and found that the Golden Mist Bird silhouette had arrived in front of a towering tree.

It flapped its wings and flew up.

Looking up, Lu Yu found that the tree was about twenty meters tall and had a thick trunk.

It was difficult for Lu Yu to climb it by himself.

It seemed that the nest of the Golden Mist Bird was up there.

Lu Yu grabbed the gap between the trees with both hands and began to climb up.

After climbing for more than ten meters, Lu Yu unexpectedly found a hole in the middle of the tree trunk.

He crept up slowly and looked into the hole.

In an instant, a golden light flashed, and Lu Yu was greeted by the sight of a huge pile of gold!

As expected, this was the nest of the Golden Mist Bird!

Lu Yu looked around and found the Golden Mist Bird lying in the nest, resting due to its serious injuries.

The nest wasnt big, just the size of a basketball.

If an enemy wanted to invade from this hole, the Golden Mist Birds breath would cover the entire hole.

Attacking the Golden Mist Bird from the nests entrance would be difficult.

Fortunately, the Golden Mist Bird was seriously injured and did not notice Lu Yus arrival.

Lu Yus index finger morphed into a sharp claw and reached toward the severely injured Golden Mist Bird.

The sharp tip of his claw slowly crept near the neck of the Golden Mist Bird.

The next moment, Lu Yu suddenly slashed out, and the tip of his claw pierced through the neck of the Golden Mist Bird!

The Golden Mist Bird did not even have time to struggle before it died.

This painless killing technique was the best he could do for this bird.

Lu Yu took out the corpse of the Golden Mist Bird, removed its salivary glands, and put it into a bottle.

He plucked its feathers and placed them in his storage ring.

Then, he looked at the gold fragments in the tree hole.

It appears they weighed about half a kilogram, as he held the gold fragments in his hand and roughly estimated their weight.

Gold was not particularly valuable in this world, but a gram of gold was still worth about a hundred dollars.


What was truly valuable were the materials from the corpses of these high-grade ferocious beasts.

The half a kilogram of gold that Lu Yu had found was worth about fifty thousand dollars, and it wasnt a bad source of income.

If he was lucky enough to find a few more nests in a day, wouldnt he be able to earn a few hundred thousand dollars this way

After Lu Yu put away the gold, he stepped on the tree trunk, leaped into the air, and landed easily.

After landing, Lu Yu was ready to continue searching for more Golden Mist Birds.

At that moment, a message popped up on Lu Yus phone.

In the club group chat, a few new students were discussing something.

One of the new students successfully met a Golden Mist Bird.

Not only did he kill it, but he also got the gold fragments.

This made the other students envious of his achievement.


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