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Chapter 117 The Dignity Of The President

Five older students approached and strongly requested the array mage change the teleportation point.

After the array mage heard their words, he shook his head and refused.

The seniors were a little surprised when they saw this.

If they had encountered such a situation in the past, the array mage would definitely give priority to the seniors teleportation point.

But, this time around, the array mage rejected them!

This made them feel puzzled.

The five seniors looked at the freshmen, and their leader said arrogantly, “All of you get lost.

Dont make me repeat myself.

You freshmen dont have the ability, so you dont have the right to speak, understand”

His arrogant attitude made the three club members of Lu Yus club very angry!

In this place, bullying the weak has become something of a common occurrence!

Just as one of the club members wanted to go up and argue, Lu Yu put a hand on his shoulder.

Then, Lu Yu walked forward and looked at the five senior students.

“Repeat what you just said!”

Lu Yu looked at the five people with a fierce look, and his tone was extremely cold.

When the five senior students saw Lu Yu, their bodies trembled, and their legs went weak.

“Boss, this seems to be the person in the video yesterday.

Hes the president of the freshmen club…”

A senior student reminded their leader.

The leader of the five-man team looked at Lu Yu and couldnt help but gulp.

He had also seen the video of the duel and had seen that terrifying punch.

If he were to take that punch, he would be turned into meat paste instantly.

He lost his imposing manner from before.

“I… I didnt say anything just now.

I still have something to do, and Ill be taking my leave…”

After saying that, he turned around and fled.

The senior student beside him hurriedly said, “I just remembered that I still have a mission to settle.

Ill be leaving first…”

“I still have a bowl of soup cooking at home.

Lets not waste anymore time…”

“I wish you all good luck in your cultivation…”

The five of them ran away one after another.

They did not even dare to look Lu Yu in the eye, afraid that Lu Yu would kill them with a punch.

Seeing the tyrannical seniors running away in a hurry, the three club members laughed happily.

“The president is sure mighty! With the president here, we wouldnt need to be afraid of those guys anymore!”

“President, its fortunate that youre here today.

Otherwise, we would be in deep trouble…”

Lu Yu turned around to look at the three and revealed a gentle smile.

“If you encounter such a situation in the future, dont be afraid.

Just fight back!”

The three of them nodded heavily.

“Yup, we definitely wont be cowardly in the future.

Otherwise, it would be a disgrace to be a member of the Featherwing Club!”

At that moment, the teleportation portal completely opened, and the array master stopped his spell.

“The teleportation portal has been opened.

You can enter the wild forest now.”

Lu Yu took the lead and walked into the teleportation portal, with the three club members following closely.

After passing through the teleportation portal, the four of them instantly appeared in a dense, cool, and damp forest.

They were surrounded by dense grass, towering trees, and fresh air.

Lu Yu looked around and found that there was no danger around.

He looked at the three club members.

“From now on, lets split up and search for our target.

Itll be faster this way.”


“No problem.

Well start working hard to complete the mission now!”

Lu Yu continued, “If you encounter the Golden Mist Bird but cant defeat it, can you just mark the location”

“No problem.

Dont worry and leave it to us!”

Then, the four of them headed in different directions and began to move forward.

Later, other club members came one after another to complete the mission that Lu Yu had given them.

Lu Yu walked through the dense jungle at a slow pace.

However, he observed his surroundings very carefully.

He activated the Eye of the Dragon God to see if he could find any clues.

When he looked at the ground, he was surprised to find that there was indeed a clue entry.

[ Green lizards footprint: Do you want to analyze it ]

“Analyze it!”

A progress bar appeared.

After the progress bar was completed, it immediately simulated the tracks of the green lizards footprint.

Moreover, there were signs of where it took off to.

Lu Yu followed the trail and continued to move forward.

Slowly, he followed the signs and raised his head to look at the trunk of a tree.

As expected, a green lizard was on the trunk of that tree.

Lu Yu was secretly happy.

He did not expect his Eye of the Dragon God to have this function.

Lu Yu could easily find these Golden Mist Birds with this function.

As long as he could find some clues, Lu Yu could accurately pinpoint the locations of these Golden Mist Birds.

Without the Eye of the Dragon God, even if Lu Yu found the clues left behind by the Golden Mist Bird, it would be difficult for him to find the exact location of where they would be.

Lu Yu got confident and began to move forward.

At the same time, he checked for his surrounding footprints and clues.

[ Jungle foxs blood: Do you want to analyze it ]

[ Steel-tailed monkeys teeth: Do you want to analyze it ]

[ Red vipers molt: Do you want to analyze it ]

The clues in front of him appeared one after another.

Lu Yu ignored them and only looked for the words “Golden Mist Bird”.

Suddenly, Lu Yu stopped, and a crucial clue appeared before him!

[ Golden Mist Birds feather: Do you want to analyze it ]

“Analyze it!”

Soon, a Golden Mist Birds silhouette appeared in front of Lu Yu.

It circled in the air and dropped a feather.

Lu Yu followed the shadow.

After the shadow moved forward for some distance, it gradually disappeared…

Lu Yu was a little confused.

Was it over just like that

There was no sign of a Golden Mist Bird at all!

However, the next moment, Lu Yu saw clues about the Golden Mist Bird again.

[ Golden Mist Birds footprint: Do you want to analyze it ]

“Analyze it!”

Lu Yu analyzed it again without hesitation.

Then, the Golden Mist Birds shadow appeared again, but this time it was jumping on the ground.

It jumped forward, grabbed a bug from the ground with its beak, and began to eat.

After eating, it continued to move forward, leaping forward.

Lu Yu passed through the grass and moved forward carefully.

At that moment, the illusion in front of Lu Yus eyes ended.

He saw a real Golden Mist Bird standing in the grass.

It seemed to be resting, standing still.

Its entire body was covered in golden feathers.

It looked like a large crow, with its size about the same as a three-year-old child.

Lu Yu carefully observed it for a while and got ready to attack!

He only needed its salivary glands, so it did not matter to him even if he killed the Golden Mist Bird.

Just as Lu Yu was about to attack, the Golden Mist Bird suddenly turned its head and looked at Lu Yu!

Seeing that he was discovered, Lu Yu quickly swung his right claw and slashed at the Golden Mist Bird!

The Golden Mist Bird released a shrill cry and flapped its wings crazily as it retreated.

At the same time, it opened its beak, and in an instant, a beautiful golden mist gushed out and flooded Lu Yus face!

Lu Yu subconsciously wanted to cover his face with both hands, but he suddenly realized that one of his pieces of equipment, the Golden Phoenix Wing Crown, could be immune to crowd control skills!

So he ignored the Golden Mist Birds breath and continued to attack!

The golden mist sprayed out and enveloped Lu Yus entire body, and Lu Yus sharp claws were about to slash at the Golden Mist Bird!


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