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Chapter 116 Departure, Start Of The Mission

In the Clanorth University presidents office, Gu Zhanyan saw an email from his computer.

When he saw that the title was about Lu Yu, he quickly opened the file.

He clicked on it and saw the terrifying strength of Lu Yus punch.

He was a little surprised at first, but then he began to analyze it.

Lu Yus punch had amazed him.

However, after he took a closer look, he realized that Lu Yu had collapsed onto the ground after he finished his punch.

Lu Yu panted heavily.

His entire body was drenched in sweat, and his clothes were soaked.

Then, he deduced that Lu Yus punch was not representative of his normal strength but only his upper limit.

“It looks like its the same as the previous video, using the same skill.

I didnt expect that he would use it again after such a long time.”

Gu Zhanyan muttered.

He concluded that this skill of Lu Yus could not be used casually.

There must be some restrictions.

Very quickly, he sent his orders to the management at all levels.

Following that, the universitys decision on this matter was made.

The universitys announcement showed its stance on the matter.

Lu Yu did not have to bear the losses caused by this duel and did not have to pay for the restoration of the training hall!

All the students at the university watched the duel, and many of them were shocked.

Some had seen Lu Yus previous battle recordings and were not surprised.

Compared to the last time he shattered the mountain with one punch, this time was much tamer.

Lu Yu drove his car and left the training hall, preparing to return to his villa.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing kept their heads down as they scrolled through their phones and couldnt help but smile.

“Lu Yu, youre going to be famous.

Many students at the university have seen your videos!” Yun Zirou was excited.

Lu Yu did not care much for it.

“I would be famous anyway, even without this one-on-one fight, with me creating a club as a freshman.”

A batch of freshmen and almost no one was recruited into any of the older clubs.

This kind of situation has not occurred since the establishment of Clanorth University.

This alone was enough for Lu Yu to be remembered by those older students.

Su Qing laughed happily, “Haha, now they wont dare attack our club, and we can run our club in peace.”

“Of course.

Whoever dares to come, Lu Yu will send them to their deaths with one punch!”

Lu Yu shook his head when he heard that.

“Its hard to say.

I cannot release this punch at will, and it has a long cooldown period.

Moreover, there will be a moment of weakness after I release it.”

Yun Zirou shrugged.

She still did not think much of it.

“So what They dont know.”

“Thats hard to say.

Some of the older students with richer battle experiences might be able to see the clues from the video.

But even so, my aim has been achieved.”

“But from now on, those older students with average strength will have to think twice if they want to bully us, freshmen, by relying on their seniority.”

Lu Yu knew clearly that the core members of those traditional older clubs were not ordinary students.

At Clanorth University, not all students would leave immediately after graduating from their fourth year.

Some continued to stay at the university and took up positions in their academies.

The high-ranking members of those older clubs have many club members like this.

Therefore, Lu Yu would not be able to deal with the true strength of the older clubs.

Very quickly, they returned to the villa.

Lu Yus one-on-one duel caused quite a stir in the entire university.

The members of the Featherwing Society were proud of Lu Yus strength, while the older students of the university were amazed by his strength.

On the other hand, Lu Yu turned a deaf ear to the outside worlds reactions.

He continued to train hard and accumulated the next dragon power as soon as possible.

Once he gets back his dragon power, Lu Yu will have the confidence to face anyone.

The following day, Lu Yu got up and washed up before preparing to head to the wild forest.

Lu Yu arrived at the teleportation array at the university.

In front of this open-air array stood an array mage dressed in a gray robe.

He looked at Lu Yu and asked, “Where do you want to be teleported to”

“The wild forest.

How much is it”

He shook his head.

“Theres a period where its free for the new students.

Its a benefit to help you grow stronger as soon as possible.”

After saying that, he began to manipulate a spell to modify the teleportation target of the array.

As he operated the spell, he glanced at Lu Yu from the corner of his eye.

“You look familiar.

The student in the video I watched yesterday should be you, right”

He didnt explain in detail, and Lu Yu didnt ask much, but they both knew which video it was.

At that time, a few familiar faces walked over.

When they saw Lu Yu, they quickly ran over.

“President, what a coincidence, youre here too.”

“President, are you going to teleport to the wild forest at this time It just so happens that we are going there too.”

“Ill try my best to complete the mission you gave us!”

The three club members looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“It just so happens that we can use the teleportation array together.”

“President, I watched the video of your duel yesterday.

It was crazy exciting!” A girl looked at Lu Yu with admiration.

“That punch was so cool.

President Lu is insanely strong!”

“Thats right.

I watched that video more than a dozen times.

It was simply amazing.”

The three members stood in front of Lu Yu and discussed it excitedly.

At this moment, the teleportation array began to open.

Lu Yu looked at his club members and reminded them, “Your mission target this time is the Golden Mist Bird.

The characteristics of this ferocious beast are very unusual, so let me remind you all.”

“First of all, the most important thing is to avoid the Golden Mist Birds skill.

Its breath can turn a living creature into solid gold, and this is a powerful crowd control skill.

You must be careful, as you will die if you are in its mist for a long time!”

The three members nodded their heads with serious expressions and continued listening.

“Also, they are relatively rare.

They are not common ferocious beasts in the wild forest.

Therefore, you need to look for their traces to find them.”

“Finally, the mission this time will benefit us a lot.

Wherever the Golden Mist Bird exists, there will be gold.

This gold can be used to exchange for money.”

“If we capture the Golden Mist Bird, we can force it to create gold.

These are some ways to make us some money.”

Hearing Lu Yus reminder, the three club members eyes lit up.

Gold was a precious metal that could be exchanged for a lot of money.

This mission could help the freshmen to accumulate the early-stage wealth they needed.

“I hear gold, which motivates me to do the mission.

Who doesnt want money”

“Dont worry, president.

We will work hard to complete the mission.”

The teleportation array gradually opened, and the three couldnt wait any longer.

At that moment, a shout caught Lu Yus and the others attention.

“Change the teleportation portal to the Misty Swamp.

We want to use it!”

Five students walked over and demanded to change the teleportation point with an unyielding attitude.

The array mage replied, “First come, first served.

You guys got to wait.”

“What are you waiting for Open it for us first.

We are seniors; why should these freshmen have priority over us”


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