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Chapter 115 The Unleashed Deterrence

Lu Yus explosive punch shocked everyone in the training hall.

Smoke filled the air.

When it gradually dissipated, everyone saw a pile of ruins.

Lu Yus punch turned half of the training hall into ruins, and countless cracks appeared on the floor.

Such a terrifying power made everyone gasp.

If this punch landed on He Qiangs body, he would have been smashed into pieces!

At that moment, He Qiangs entire body was lying on the ground.

He tilted his head, and his face was tightly pressed against the ground.

When he saw the terrifying aftermath of Lu Yus punch, it scared him so much that his eyes were wide open with horror.

Fortunately, Lu Yu had stopped the power of that punch from hitting him.

Otherwise, he would have been blown apart into nothing but a bloody mist.

After the smoke dispersed, Lu Yu sat on the ground with his head drooped.

He panted heavily, and his forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

Although the Dragon Fist had extremely high explosive power, the burden on his body was significant.

Once he released it, Lu Yu would be in a weak state for a short moment.

Lu Yu supported himself and slowly stood up, looking at the surrounding seniors.

“The winner has been decided.

He Qiang has lost.”

After saying that, he walked over to He Qiang and took out his bank card from his body.

“Tell me the password and Ill give you a bottle of recovery medicine.”

He Qiangs entire body was in extreme pain, and he did not want to endure this pain for another second longer.

“Ill say… Ill say it…”

He helplessly told Lu Yu the password.

“There just happens to be sixty million on this card.

Ill give this card to you, and you dont have to give it back to me…”

He was deathly afraid and scared for life, not wanting to see Lu Yu again for the rest of his life.

Lu Yu put away the bank card, took out a bottle of recovery medicine from his storage ring, and threw it at He Qiang.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing also walked over.

Both of them were holding their phones, recording the scene just now.

Yun Zirou shouted in surprise, “So this is your ultimate skill.

What terrifying power!”

“After such a long time, youve used that move again.” Su Qings eyes lit up.

The last time she saw this skill of his, it had shocked her greatly, and that shock factor was the same even though this was the second time she had witnessed it.

Lu Yu did not say anything.

Instead, he looked at their phones and asked, “Have you recorded it This video can be uploaded to the club group.”

“Tell all the members that I am backing their actions.

If they are bullied during any missions, come and find me!”

Yun Zirou nodded heavily.

She opened the group chat and uploaded the video to the group together with a message.

“Just now, our president challenged a senior one-on-one and successfully defeated him.

Although our Featherwing Club has not been established for long, we are not inferior in terms of strength!”

Lu Yus purpose in coming here for a one-on-one duel was to give his club members some confidence.

He wanted them to stop being afraid of the seniors and being bullied.

In this way, it would be much easier for them to complete their missions in the future.

As the video was being uploaded, all the club members who hadnt watched the video yet were shocked.

“Our president had a one-on-one duel with the seniors and actually won”

“Fuck, the president is sure strong.

However, the process of him winning this fight must be arduous.

A fitting battle for our club establishment!”

“Thats right.

Those senior students will definitely think of ways to destroy our club.

This time, the presidents one-on-one challenge is also a deterrent to them!”

“Oh right, whats the reason for the one-on-one Is that senior student trying to demoralize our new club”

Su Qing explained to the group.

“Lu Yu bet six million during the open bets and should have flipped his money 10-fold.

His payout should have been 60 million, but that senior took the money for himself.”

Hearing this, the crowd was instantly enraged.

“What a shameless senior.

What right does he have to take it”

“60million is not a small amount.

Good job, president! Teach that guy a lesson!”

“He really needs a beating.

Do they think that we freshmen cant defeat any of the seniors”

The chat group went silent for a moment.

After all, as freshmen, it was an inevitable fact that they couldnt defeat their seniors.

As for Lu Yu, hes an outlier.

At that moment, the video was uploaded successfully.

The club members immediately clicked on the video and started enjoying Lu Yus battle.

When they saw the video for less than a minute, they were all puzzled.

“Is this the wrong video that was uploaded Why is it so short”

“I think the duel between the president and the senior should last at least ten minutes, right”

However, when they saw the content of the video, they were so shocked that they couldnt speak.

In the video, Lu Yus powerful punch shook the entire world, making them tremble in fear.

“Is… Is this video real The president destroyed the training hall with one punch!”

“What a terrifying punch!”

“I reckon that not many people in the entire university would dare to take this punch head-on.”

“This destructive power of his punch is sure shocking…”

At that moment, someone thought of the video they had seen earlier.

“When I saw the video of the president collapsing the mountain with one punch, I thought it was a fake video.

I didnt expect that…”

“Damn, Ive seen that video too.

I didnt expect it to be real.”

The Featherwing Club members were all shocked.

Lu Yus punch was not inferior to most of the older students.

Most likely, even the second-year students couldnt withstand this punch.

As for the third-year students, they might be able to take the power of this punch without dying from serious injuries.

Even the fourth-year students might need to dodge this punch.

This time, Lu Yu had thoroughly demonstrated his true strength.

After seeing this video, those seniors would have to think twice before attacking the Featherwing society.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked out of the training hall, followed closely by Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

As soon as they walked out of the door, the three saw more than a dozen school staff members gathered at the entrance.

They were all wearing the same light blue uniform.

All of them were looking at the training hall in front of them with serious expressions.

“Whats going on inside Did an explosion happen”

A staff member walked over and asked Lu Yu.

Lu Yu didnt hide it and said, “My punch caused it.

If the subsequent reconstruction needs money, I can pay for it.”

When the staff member heard this, he was stunned for a second before he sized up Lu Yu.

“You caused it with one punch Really Do you have the ability to do that Arent you a new student”

Seeing his doubtful expression, Su Qing immediately took out her phone and played the video from just now.

After watching the scene, the staff member widened his eyes and said, “It really was you, the top student of this years freshmen.

It seems I have to report this to the higher-ups.”

After saying that, the staff member took out his phone and messaged the situation to the universitys higher-ups.

When the higher-ups saw it was about Lu Yu, they forwarded the message to Gu Zhanyan.


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