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Chapter 111 The Purpose Of Establishing A Club

Lu Yus club was successfully established, and more than 90% of the freshmen joined his club!

For this batch of freshmen, almost none of the older clubs had managed to recruit any of them.

Of course, this was also their own fault.

It was all because of the assumption that they felt that the freshmen were required to join their clubs and had nothing to fear.

But now, the freshmen have joined a new club, which instantly stunned them.

In front of the promotional booth of the older clubs, each one was more deserted than the other.

All the freshmen lined up at Lu Yus booth to register their names, and the scene was lively.

The old students who had finished registering stood behind Lu Yu, waiting for Lu Yus following instructions.

Very quickly, all the freshmen had completed their registration.

Lu Yu picked up the list and looked at it carefully.

There were a total of 193 people.

It was absolutely ridiculous for a newly established club to recruit so many people at once.

Most of the old clubs were created from a small team.

There were a minimum of five or six people; at most, there were only a dozen or so.

Then, as the club slowly developed, more and more people joined, and the club would slowly grow until today.

Lu Yus club had absorbed nearly two hundred people.

This starting point had already surpassed most of the older clubs.

At that moment, the freshmen who had completed the registration lined up neatly, waiting for Lu Yus further orders.

The surrounding older students were all amazed when they saw how obedient these freshmen were.

They looked at Lu Yu with curious eyes.

Just what kind of magic did this person have that he could make so many people obediently obey him

These freshmen were all highly talented people, and neither one of them should be much more influential than the other.

But now, all the freshmen in this batch were listening to the orders of one freshman.

What a rare situation.

Lu Yu faced the freshmen and said loudly, “Our club is officially established from now on!”

“The purpose of this club is to prevent the freshmen from being bullied and oppressed.

In the face of the bullying of the seniors of the previous years, we can say “no” with confidence!”

All the freshmen looked at Lu Yu and listened to him seriously.

Lu Yu continued, “From Clanorth Universitys establishment, we are the 125th batch of freshmen.

Our batch of freshmen can completely unite on our own, and our fate should be in our own hands!”

Then, after saying that, the freshmen cheered.

“President Lu is right! I will always support you!”

“Brother Yu, its fortunate that we have you in this batch of freshmen.

Otherwise, we can only grit our teeth and brace ourselves to be bullied by them!”

“I believe that under the leadership of Brother Lu Yu, we will head toward a bright future!”

“Our future will be decided by ourselves!”

The crowd was excited by Lu Yus words.

Some of the freshmen who had heard of the unspoken rules of the university were already prepared to be bullied from the start.

But now, they dont have to face the bullying of those greedy seniors!

The liveliness here formed a massive contrast with the deserted older clubs.

A few older students gathered before their promotional booth and started talking.

Their expression wasnt looking good as they hadnt managed to recruit any freshmen.

“Is this kid that influential He made an entire batch of freshmen obey him.”

“Thats right.

Hes the person who created an unprecedented history at the university.

In the universitys history, is there any genius who could get first place in all five major trials”

“I cant say for the older times, but at least in these thirty years, there hasnt been a single person.”

“So what His personal strength is strong, but thats his personal matter.

Does it have anything to do with creating a club”


No matter how strong his strength is, can he compare to these old clubs that have existed for decades”

“I think his club will be disbanded in less than a month.

At that time, these freshmen will still come begging for us.”

“Youre right.

Lets just wait and see.

These freshmen are happy now.

But sooner or later, they wont be able to escape the fate of joining us.”

These older students didnt think Lu Yus club would survive.

Because of this thought, a small portion of the freshmen who did not join Lu Yus club joined the older clubs.

Of course, those freshmen who joined Lu Yus club also had the same thought.

However, they were optimistic.

Rather, they secretly swore in their hearts that they would protect this new club well so they could live at this university with dignity in the future.

The freshmen gathered around Lu Yu and began discussing the clubs future development.

Some freshmen took the lead to stand out and put their suggestions forward to the public.

“I suggest that we all volunteer to fork out some of the club fees to maintain the normal operation of the club.

How about it”

Everyone quickly agreed upon this suggestion.

“No problem.

The birth of a club needs initial funds anyway.

We should all provide some money to do our part.”


In the future, the clubs venue, management, and mission arrangement will all require a lot of money!”

As he spoke, the freshmen began to take out money.

Each of them took out 10,000 dollars.

In total, they gathered almost two million.

Looking at the bank card on the table, Lu Yu did not refuse and kept the bank card.

“Originally, I planned to run this club at my own expense.

However, if you can take out the money on your own initiative, it proves that you all sincerely hope that this club can develop well.”

“If thats the case, then Ill take this money.

But dont worry, I wont take this money for personal use.”

The freshmen nodded one after another.

No one questioned Lu Yus words.

Lu Yus current financial strength was still insufficient to support him in running this club wholly by himself.

However, Lu Yu still had money that had not been cashed out.

That was the wager the seniors had set up during the fifth trial.

He had invested six million into it, so he should be able to make several times the profit.

Lu Yu had contacted the person in charge of opening the bet.

The reply he received was that they were sorting out the data.

Lu Yu planned to ask about this amount of money later.

Otherwise, it was a little awkward for Lu Yu, being penniless at the moment.

Lu Yu looked at all the members of the club and began to state the rules of the club that he had set.

“In the club, you can issue missions or accept missions.

The difference in income from these missions will be your personal income.

No need to turn in your commission.

I will try to obtain missions from the university and distribute them to you.”

“The club will have five core members to calculate your contribution points.

The higher the contribution points, the higher the priority of receiving missions.”

Lu Yus introduction made all the members giggle with excitement.

This was the kind of club they yearned for!

“President! This rule is great! We support you!”

“Its great that you dont take a share.

I dont want my hard work to be shared with others unless I offer.”

“Oh right, President, I also bet on you during the fifth trial.

I bet on you and earned over 100,000.

Now, Ill return all the money to you!”


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