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Chapter 106 The Sullen Freshman

Lu Yu was sitting in the center of Clanorth University, inside a library, holding an illustrated handbook of rare beasts in his hand.

He flipped to the page of the Golden Mist Bird and looked at its detailed information.

This rare beast could turn its breath into a mist, and that mist would transmute any creature it encountered into pure gold.

But after three of these breaths, the Golden Mist Bird would die.

The effect was similar to the petrification effect of Medusa in western myths and legends.

This beast had strong crowd control skills, but its actual combat strength was weak.

However, it was because of the characteristic of its three breaths that the Golden Mist Bird was extremely rare.

Lu Yu was happy because there was a place with the Golden Mist Birds in the wild forest near Clanorth University.

However, the wild forest was huge.

With just Lu Yu alone, searching for them would be slow and tedious.

Moreover, these ferocious beasts wouldnt just live in one single spot.

They were scattered in every corner of the forest.

Usually, one would be thankful if they could find one of them due to their scarcity.

But now, Lu Yu needed to get 100 of them.

The difficulty of this task was relatively high.

They would have given up on this long ago if it were anyone else, as it was simply impossible.

But Lu Yu was still thinking of a solution.

This forest was so vast that Lu Yu alone could not cover it.

Since that was the case, he would need to increase the number of helpers.

Increasing the number of people would help Lu Yu lighten his burden.

Lu Yu quickly thought of the freshmen in the same batch as him.

Many freshmen were willing to follow him.

If he called these freshmen, it would definitely speed up the search.

If he could get some of them to help him, it would not be impossible for Lu Yu to find these Golden Mist Birds.

However, how could he attract these freshmen to help him find the Golden Mist Birds

Lu Yu began to think.

The freshmen at Clanorth University were all talented, powerful, and would definitely be unwilling to work for others.

It would not be easy for Lu Yu to get them to help him with something.

At that moment, a car horn sounded outside the library.

Lu Yu looked through the window and saw Yun Zirou driving the car with Su Qing inside it.

Lu Yu stood up, returned the book, and walked out of the library.

Lu Yu opened the car door at the library entrance and sat in it.

“We can go back now,” Lu Yu said.

Su Qing turned her head and looked at Lu Yu in the back seat.

Her eyes widened in curiosity.

“Lu Yu, tell us about the research institute.

I heard that its very mysterious there.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Its just like that, very ordinary.

Its similar to a factory, but there are good things inside.”

Su Qing nodded.

“I see.

How do you feel after visiting there”

“Its alright.

But on my first day as an assistant instructor, I was given a difficult task on purpose.

That guy gave me a very difficult mission, and I would need many people to help me complete it.”

Hearing this, Su Qing pondered for a moment.

“Oh right, I remember that the university will have a welcoming event for the new students.

All the freshmen will be gathered in the square at that time.”

Lu Yus interest was piqued when he heard that.

“Is that so Bring me to the square to take a look.”

After hearing that, Yun Zirou turned the car around and drove toward the universitys square.

From afar, Lu Yu saw that the square was crowded with people.

There seemed to be quite a number of people.

Some of the clubs had set up booths with tables.

They began to recruit people for their clubs.

The freshmen that walked in front of these clubs were pulled aside by them.

“Join our Pharmaceutical Club.

This way, you wont have to spend money to buy medicine in the future.

How great is that!”

“Join our Blacksmith Club.

Strengthen your weapons properly and create weapons that will make you stronger.

Dont you yearn for greater power”

“Learn about our Arrays Club.

Array formations are an indispensable thing in this society.

Array mages are a rare occupation!”

“Learning array formations will definitely be of great help to you.”

“Join the Martial Arts Club.

We will teach you martial arts…”

“Join the Battle Pets Club…”


The surrounding noise was persistent.

The representatives of the various clubs were all trying their best to attract new members.

“I didnt expect this place to be so lively.

The seniors of these clubs do seem quite enthusiastic.”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou chuckled.

“Hehe, their enthusiasm is just superficial.”

“Although you see their initiative in recruiting new members and even saying many good things.”

“But in reality, what they want to recruit is just a group of laborers.

These laborers who work for them would only receive a small remuneration.”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

“Are you serious Why are all these older students so ruthless”

“Of course.

Some even take 90% of your supposed earnings.

They simply dont treat new recruits as human beings!” The more Yun Zirou said, the angrier she got!

Lu Yu continued to ask, “How do you know this Arent you a new student too”

Yun Zirou explained, “Im not the first to attend Clanorth University in my family.

One of my cousins also joined Clanorth University.”

“After joining the club during the welcoming event, she was ordered to work as a laborer.

When she failed to complete her task, she was scolded terribly!”

“At that time, she saw many examples of this happening.

Many freshmen were ordered this way by the older students, and this even slowly became an unspoken rule.

Every year, freshmen had to be tricked at least once!”

Lu Yu walked forward while listening to Yun Zirous comments.

“So this is also considered training for the new students”

Yun Zirou nodded slightly.

“It can be considered as such, but its true that they are not doing it out of goodwill.”

The three continued walking forward, and Lu Yu heard a commotion.

He looked over and saw a boy standing in front of a representative from a social club.

He shouted, “Your Pharmaceutical Club gave me a mission to collect materials, and Ive collected them.

Why are you not giving me my reward”

The new student shouted angrily.

An older student looked at him indifferently.

“Because the materials youre looking for are problematic, youre not qualified to receive the reward.

Thats the issue.”

The freshman continued to shout, “Then tell me whats the problem.

Take the materials out and show me whats the problem!”

The older student was sheepish and said unhappily, “I dont have time to waste on you.

If you want to continue accepting missions, then accept them.

If you dont want to, then get lost.

Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes after the freshman was reprimanded.

He asked helplessly, “Why are you doing this to me”

The senior just looked at him coldly and didnt say anything.

The new student was helpless.

He wiped his tears and turned around to leave.

As a new student, he didnt want to offend a senior.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be easy for him to survive at this university after this.

Therefore, he could only come over and shout out his complaints, even if he was scammed.

He did not have the guts to do something about it.

Lu Yu and the other two saw the situation, and there were many more examples of this happening around them.

Most of the new students would be scammed at least once or twice…


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