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Chapter 2365 Primal Battlefield!

A sword cultivator

A weird expression appeared on Yang Yes face.

He hesitated for a moment and asked, Do you know what he looked like

Nanli Meng glanced at Yang Ye and said, I didnt ask, but he seems to have been wearing a cloud white robe.

Why Do you know him

A cloud white robe!

Yang Yes face grew even weirder.

They were hunting that sword cultivator!

They were actually hunting him!

Yang Yes face grew weirder and weirder.

Because hed guessed who it was.

Obviously, it was the Unfettered one.

The Unfettered Ones true strength had always been a mystery, but he did know that those powers were about to suffer terribly.

Meanwhile, Nanli Meng asked, You know him

Yang Ye glanced at her and nodded, Sort of!

She asked, Is he strong

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, Were equally matched.

Nanli Meng walked over to Yang Ye, Needless to say, your skin is the thickest among the people I know.

Serious, Im not lying!

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nanli Meng folded the thick scroll in her hand and said, Are you going to the Primal Battlefield

Yang Ye asked, Why me

Nanli Meng replied, Not you, Im actually here for the Sprite Progenitor.

So What do you think Im frank enough, right

Yang Ye understood everything now.


Nanli Meng was after Snowy.

What could Snowy do Find treasures, of course! Not only could she find treasures, she could make them go with her.

It could be said that if he and Nanli Meng searched the Primal Battlefield on their own, they may return empty-handed.

However, if they had Snowy, then they would never return empty-handed.

Unless the Primal Battlefield really had nothing in it!

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, The Primal Battlefield...

Do you want to know more about it She smiled, Of course, just one Divine Treasure.

The Primordial Axe of Creation, Primordial Pagoda, or Sword Gourd work.

I dont want to know! Yang Ye suddenly interrupted her while he felt that shed gone mad with desire for Divine Treasures!

He seemed to have thought of something and summoned Snowy.

He pointed at Nanli Meng and said, Snowy, see if she has any treasures.

Dont hold back! Take everything you can!

Snowy glanced at her, and Nanli Meng gazed at Snowy with a smile on her face.

A short while later, Snowy gazed at Yang Ye and shook her head.

You think I didnt take any precautions Nanli Meng suddenly smiled, I knew you had this little fellow with you, so wouldnt I be an idiot if I didnt take any precautions Alright, lets not waste time.

Just tell me, are you going or not If you are, then we have to hurry up.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, Alright!

Nanli Meng smiled, Lets go!

As soon as she finished speaking, she tapped her finger forward, and a circle of blue light appeared before them.

She walked in first.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate and followed her.

In the teleportation passageway.

Nanli Meng glanced at Snowy who was on Yang Yes shoulder, and Snowy gazed at her.

Nanli Meng smiled, Why are you looking at me

Snowy pointed at the thick scroll in her grasp.

Obviously, she was asking what it was!

Nanli Mengs smile froze, and then it vanished while she spoke seriously, Y-You think its extraordinary

Her voice was trembling slightly.

Yang Ye couldnt help but gaze at her.

Snowy glanced at the scroll with a little curiosity in her eyes.

A short while later, she withdrew her gaze and didnt look at Nanli Meng anymore.

Haha! Suddenly, Nanli Meng started laughing, and her laughter grew louder and louder.

Yang Ye frowned and wondered if shed gone mad.

A short while later, Nanli Meng returned to normal and gazed at Yang Ye, Ill give her face and tell you about the Primal Battlefield for free.

Its called a battlefield, but its more like a Primal Tomb.

Because too, too many experts from the Primal Era died there.

A terribly huge number of experts died during that shocking battle.

Yang Ye asked, Was it an internal battle Or something else

She shook her head slightly, It wasnt internal.

I dont know the specifics, nor do many others.

All I do know is that they died miserably in that battle.

She fell silent at this point.

Yang Ye didnt pursue any answers.

He was just asking out of curiosity, but it had nothing to do with him.

He couldnt even guarantee his own safety right now.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and asked, How long before we get there

Nanli Meng replied, Two hours.

Conceal yourself once we get there.

They wont hunt you until their experts return from the Eternal River.

However, they will definitely attack if you go to them.

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, You keep speaking about the Eternal River.

What kind of place is it

Nanli Meng glanced at Yang Ye and said, A very, very terrifying place.

If you go there with your current strength, youll probably die in an hour!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

They didnt speak more, and Yang Ye immersed his consciousness into the Primordial Pagoda.

At this moment, it had undergone a tremendous change.

In the world at the 1st level, Little Sky Continent.

It was Little Sky whod given it this name, and Yang Ye hadnt changed it.

There was a new sect here.

Su Qingshi and the others had moved the Northern Sword Sect to the tallest mountain in Little Sky Continent.

The mountain had no name, but Su Qingshi had given it a name nowVoid Mountain.

The Sword Sect on Profound Continent had been on Void Mountain too, and it was there that Yang Yes life had started.

Besides the Northern Sword Sect, there were countless other smaller mountains on Void Mountain.

They had been modified, and there were palaces on them.

It was where Yang Ye and the others would be living.

Every one of them had a mountain.

As for the spirit veins, all of them were beneath Void Mountain.

They were happy to be there.

After all, they needed to cultivate, and Sword Scroll didnt limit their freedom.

They could go anywhere because all that mattered was the spirit energy they provided.

Behind Void Mountain was a boundless mountain range, and it belonged to Oxxy and the Primal True Dragon.

Only those two fellows lived there for now.

As for Snowy, the entire Primordial Pagoda was hers!

Something worth mentioning was Little Sky.

Now, shed become the Heaven Dao of this world.

She had been the Heaven Dao of a world in the past, so she was back to her old job.

As far as she was concerned, it wasnt difficult at all.

Moreover, there was no fighting or killing in this world, so she loved it.rvl.o

As for the Sprites they brought over from the large universe, theyd scattered all over the world here.


They needed to cultivate too, and their presence throughout this world was very beneficial to it.

Every Sprite would bring a different form of energy to where they went.

The energy of the five elements!

There was Yin, Yang, and the five elements in the world.

Now, this world had the five elements, and according to Sword Scroll, Yin and Yang would come later.

They had to take it slow and gradually perfect this world.

Little Sky Continent was finally on the right track!

As he gazed at the world around him, Yang Ye had a daring idea.

The Sword Domain!

If he used this world to execute the Sword Domain, in other words, if he relied on the energy of this world to execute it and shrunk it into his Sword Domain...

Or perhaps make this world his Sword Domain!

Needless to say, he was shocked by his thoughts.

Rely on the energy of a world Condense the energy of a world

Would it work

In the outside world, he could only condense his own Sword Domain, but was unable to use the energy of that world.

After all, it didnt belong to him, and the Laws of the world wouldnt obey him.

But this was Little Sky Continent, and it was his own.

So, if he relied on its energy...

It seemed to be possible!

However, there were many, many issues.

For example, how to accomplish it, or if his body could endure it!

In the teleportation passageway, Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at his hands, I should make some time to try it!

Meanwhile, Nanli Meng suddenly asked, Try what

Yang Ye glanced at her, Nothing.

Hmph! Nanli Meng moved her gaze toward the distance, The Primal Battlefield is filled with opportunity, but its filled with danger too.

Otherwise, those powers wouldnt have sealed it off to slowly explore.

Because even they dare not to openly go inside and explore it.

Yang Ye asked, Why

Nanli Meng explained, Youve been to the Eternal Secret Realm, so you should be aware of the existences there, right The Primal Battlefield is more dangerous than there, and you can even find the remnants of the souls of some Primal Demons and Primal Experts there.

The souls of true Primal Demons and Primal Experts.

Moreover, it wouldnt be that bad if that was all.

The problem is that there may be some other unknown things there too.

Yang Ye suddenly said, There definitely are!

Nanli Meng gazed at him, but Yang Ye said nothing and looked into the distance.

Who was the Unfettered One He knew better than anyone.

That fellow only went to places with extraordinary experts, and he couldnt be bothered with other ordinary places.

Since the Unfettered One had gone there, it was obvious that something there had attracted his attention.

Only the strong, those who were truly strong, could attract his attention!


Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

He thought of the Unfettered Ones sword, how strong it was, and how impossible it was to defeat.

A smile gradually appeared on the corners of Yang Yes face.

Because he thought of many people like Su Qingshi, Zhuang Weiran, An Nanjing, Snowy...

A long time later, Yang Ye opened his eyes and looked into the distance, Ties, it is my Sword Dao.


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