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Duan Lanruo suppressed the trace of ambition and hidden bitterness that had suddenly appeared in her heart.

She thought helplessly in her heart that she was still a woman after all, and she could not completely let go of her heart.

Once she saw the person she liked, she could not help but feel jealous…

But the heart of the City Lord of the City of Ten Thousand Swords was incomparably strong.

She had been able to endure so many years of loneliness and hold the peak of power in this cold city, so she was able to instantly suppress this hint of emotion.

She could be as cruel and cold to her enemies as winter.

She was merciless and could be gentle to the person he loved, even to the extent of spoiling him.

Duan Lanruo turned around to look at the smile on the young mans face.

He had been forced into a corner by those young and possessive girls, and even his smile was bitter and helpless.

Although it could be said that he brought this upon himself, since she had forced him into a corner… He should not blame her for digging him up along with the corner and placing him in her own city to protect him.

The current situation was between Ye Cike, the Young Mistress of the Xuanyin family, and Shen Sifan, the Green Lotus Swordsman of the Taiqing Pavilion.

The former looked as if she would not stop until he locked Liu Yuan up in the basement, and the latters battle with Cui Ting was probably not what it looked like.

They had only met in the middle of the fight.

According to the power of the move at the scene, if it really landed on him, he would either die or be crippled.

It was clear that she had intended to kill Liu Yuan from the beginning.

These two were absolute threats and dangers that needed to be eliminated first.

In addition, there were two other people in the Jiang Kingdom according to the information.

Those two almost got married to Mr.

Junxuan, so it was obvious that they had already been settled and she did not need to worry about them.

The Vixen from Yuelai Inn and Ling Yu, who seemed to be with Liu Yuan, did not do anything unusual.

Overall, the two women with strong backgrounds were the most dangerous.

As long as she had the ability to deal with them, it would not be difficult to make Liu Yuan stay by her side, even if it was only temporarily.

Before Duan Lanruo left, she could not help but bring him to a hidden place.

She was as familiar with the Sword Pavilion as the City of Ten Thousand Swords.

She knew all the places that people would not see.

However, all she did was give him a long hug and a kiss on the forehead like a child.

She clearly knew that she no longer had the right to give anything to this young man.

Warm promises and vows were no longer suitable.

Companionship and understanding were the most long-lasting confessions.

“No matter how far you go, no matter how many mountains you climb, no matter how far many rivers you cross, I will always be waiting for you in the City of Ten Thousand Swords.”

Duan Lanruo reached out and tidied his clothes.

She was as gentle and kind, as if she was talking to a wanderer who had returned home.

However, she was not as gentle as Ning Xiangrong, who seemed to want to drown him.

Liu Yuan felt that she would definitely be a good mother to her children.

He held her smooth hands and nodded, then looked up at the progress bar.


This was the easiest favorability that Liu Yuan had obtained so far, which made him feel very relieved.

If every one of them was as thrilling and exciting as Pihuan Luo, would he still be alive

Duan Lanruo said softly, “Ive sent you to the Singing Sword Platform.

Based on the current situation, Ye Cike is suspicious of you and has sent someone to follow you.

However, shes still hesitating.

It seems like the affair between you and that Fox has made her doubt her life.”

She blinked at Liu Yuan.

“Tell me the truth.

This Young Mistress of the Xuanyin family doesnt seem like someone who can be seduced.

The people of the Xuanyin family are very proud.

They wont even acknowledge any man they see.

What kind of spell did you cast on her Did you use a super strong love pill”

“Its only that… her Xuanyang Pearl is with me.” Liu Yuan coughed.


“Xuanyang Pearl” Duan Lanruo was startled.

Liu Yuan nodded.

“I stole the Xuanyang Pearl with some special method.

Then, I accidentally fused with it.

So, logically speaking, I am her Xuanyang Pearl now.”

Duan Lanruo did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She reached out and squeezed his palm.

“This is really an unprecedented wonder of the Immortal cultivation world.

Didnt you say that the Xuanyang Pearl is hidden in the Dantian after being associated with it How did you steal it”

How would I know the principle behind this skill, theFlying Dragon Cloud Exploring Hand I basically can steal just about anything!

Liu Yuan spread out his hands and put on an innocent face, but Duan Lanruo loved this childishness.

She pointed at Liu Yuans forehead, squinted her eyes, and smiled as if she was looking at a mischievous child who had caused trouble.

“Now I know why she treated you like a treasure and was so determined to capture you.

She even returned the Skyring Sword to the Sword Pavilion, lowered the attitude of the Xuanyin family, and ended this enmity…”

Thinking about it carefully, this was killing two birds with one stone for her.

Not only did she get the chance to activate the Ten Thousand Sword Array, but it also showed that the Xuanyin familys attitude towards the matter of love with outsiders had loosened, giving her a way out to get Liu Yuan back.

“But in that case, Ye Cike will never harm you.

At most, she will capture you and I can still find a chance to save you.

But Shen Sifan looked so angry.

What did you do to provoke her”

“Um… That really has nothing to do with me.

Her temperament is just like that.

In terms of arrogance, the Xuanyin family is far inferior to her.

I suppressed her in terms of swordsmanship, and now shes come for me.

All she does is raise her sword and shout about killing me.

Shes more hoping for an explanation from me.

Or perhaps shes waiting for me to suppress her once more so that she can put down her killing intent with a clear conscience.”

When Liu Yuan calmed down during his cultivation these few days, he thought about a lot of things about Ye Cike and Shen Sifan.

In fact, it was his own fear that had led him to escape.

After all, he had a good impression of both of them.

The progress bar was clear evidence of his favorability points, and there was no way that they hated him.

…At the brink of death, he even dealt with a sickly woman like Pihuan Luo.

To be honest, he should not be afraid of people like Shen Sifan, but it was just that one time that he was afraid.

But now, he suddenly saw Duan Lanruo, and just as he had expected, the fear he had for others change in attitude suddenly disappeared, and he felt a little better.

In fact, Liu Yuan was a little flustered when he suddenly went up against Duan Lanruo.

His acting skills were not that good yet, but he simply put his true feelings into the game, so the switch was very fast.

Duan Lanruo held his hand tightly and said in a low voice, “But your current cultivation level… Youre not strong enough to suppress her, which makes her feel a sense of inferiority.

She has no way to start and doesnt know how to treat you from now on.”

Liu Yuan felt that Duan Lanruo was really in line with his intentions.

As long as she said it, he would immediately understand what she meant and help him…

However, this was not the right time to talk about it in detail.

Duan Lanruos eyes flickered.

“I understand.

After youve registered for the event, come and talk to me in detail.

Ill do my best to help you.”

“For now, hide yourself, and dont let these two find out your identity.

The Ten Thousand Sword Array is under my control, and I can make it so that it doesnt work properly.

As for Shen Sifan, we will need to make a good plan…”

Their conversation did not take too long.

Duan Lanruo brought Liu Yuan back to the Singing Sword Platform, and as soon as they reached the area, Liu Yuan heard Yan Guanlins voice.

“Im telling you, completing the Shu Road in half a cup of teas time Impossible! It definitely cant be that Foundation Establishment guy.

If he can do that, Ill eat this sword on the spot!”

Lu Yu, the young man from the Blackheaven Sect, suddenly looked up in surprise.

“Hes here!”

Yan Guanlins face stiffened.

He turned around and saw Liu Yuan smiling at him.

His gaze fell on the gorgeous and complicated long sword in Liu Yuans hand.

This swords scabbard had a hollow pattern.

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