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  • Solomon Aje

    Some people are so mad sha

  • Juliet Agwu

    She is a stupid girl, Shame on her

  • emaka

    she want to be notice that is all

  • disqus_XVsu5PSSvj

    shame on u, all those men will use u and dump u their, better u embrace God. football ma foot

  • chuksy

    well nobody can tell ,maybe she went into belting with someone there that if any of the opponent score and maybe they score the one she is supporting so she had to strip herself……………………………….

    • Nii

      Hahaha “she went into belting with someone”. Oh Nigerian english!

  • justice_for_sale

    just see her slppers-like breast sef, ugly mad woman

  • doyin

    What a shameless lady,only almighty god will judge her.

  • Odun Dimeji Highbee

    Na Ashawo..she dey do advertisement

  • 2cold

    she is mad!

  • 2cold

    she is mad!

  • 2cold

    she is mad!

  • 2cold

    she is mad!

  • 2cold

    she is mad!

  • phoenix konze

    Maybe she took some Methamphetamine (Ice) that is the effect.

  • John J Alozieuwa

    There is nothing unsual or newsworthy about this In summer days during macthes in the UK you see hundreds of this and there is nothing strange or bad …….please she has her pants and bra on and she is not naked

  • Vicky

    This woman is already mad.

  • Dennis

    she is a pro they are called flashers just like cheerleaders only that they get naked lol

  • Omo Mummy

    hey leave her alone that is the way south Africa behave