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Female Singer Adokiye And Her Nude Photos (See Bad Photos)

  • Posted On: 12th July 2013
  • With 14 Comments

Singer Adokiye Female Singer Adokiye And Her Nude Photos (See Bad Photos)

In a recent chat with Happenings Magazine, controversial Nigerian singer, Adokiye revealed all there is to the nude photos which she took for a private firm in New York because of money…

Tell us about your photo shoot in New York?

Well it happened when I was in New York and it was for work. I am not going to talk much on it but it happened when I was in New York, I did a photo shoot for a private magazine company and that is it.

How did you handle the critics on this issue of your nude picture?

Whoever does something they don’t criticize?

Did you feel offended about it?

No I never did. Critics don’t come to your face, not even one person came to me to complain or anything. But they all say I went nude when I didn’t. Yeah! I showed skin but I didn’t go nude. So everything that went down was good.

Adokiye 597x900 Female Singer Adokiye And Her Nude Photos (See Bad Photos)

How did your family react to it?

My family is very supportive, they know the kind of girl they have, they understand the kind of daughter they have. They are really supportive; it is work like I said. It was very professional and official.

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  1. Gilbert · July 12, 2013

    So your family are happy that you show your womanhood to the world. Which state and family are you from?

  2. Kelechi Akujobi · July 12, 2013

    Ashawo things and she’s so proud of it. Damn.

  3. Paul Aaron · July 12, 2013

    I don't think her dad has seen these 4tos!

  4. Jimoh Akinrogba · July 12, 2013

    Shattap there. Stupid girl, what message are you passing to the younger generation?

  5. Opadara Temitayo Tokunbo · July 12, 2013


  6. Dwelling Place · July 12, 2013

    So how are ou going to look like when you eventually go nude ma? I guess you are just trying to polish the story, you were stark naked dear! Its funny that you could do that for money :) However it rather suggest the level of your need.. Its understandable. Meanwhile, if your peeps ever supported that I mean they equally being parasitic… Going to share out of your jingles loool.. #Shame #Naked #Singer #'Official' #Stupid.

  7. Edoreh Festus · July 12, 2013

    RUBBISH, what nonsense.

  8. Collins Amaechi · July 12, 2013

    what size of Bra is this.

  9. Samuel Achionye · July 12, 2013

    chi chi why u wan knw her size of bra

  10. Ekwuemeh Donald Obinna · July 12, 2013

    You very stupid to have said your family is in support of you going naked…for money haba!

  11. Prince Akeem Kabir · July 12, 2013

    its posible for her family to be supportive in her nube pix may be her family are all blind or very poor that her family wil support anything that will bring money.

  12. John J Alozieuwa · July 21, 2013

    I was loking for nudity I didnt see any, yes she is scantly dressed but that is no nudity..Nigerians

  13. Samuel Ibrahim Gabmi · June 21, 2014

    This idiot called Adokiye or what ever she call herself can never be a virgin, she has been disvirgin may be at the age of 5 and above, she and her family are highly irresponsible without a fear of God. How can you expose your womanhood,something that is precious to you husband and still say u are a virgin ? Are you stupid ? You are a prostitute not a virgin please. I pity the man that will admire and marry you,that man is finished bc he should be ready to share you on bed with many men out there, useless animal.

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