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Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

5 Naijapalsdotcom 475x316 Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

Woman Stripped Naked, the young lady was messing around with a married man and the man’s wife was not too pleased about this.

Single ladies, please stay away from married men before you end up in situations even worse than this. Married men, please respect your vows! If you can’t stay faithful, do not get married. Please, respect your wives!

Take a look at the photos from this major “beat-down”

stealingisbad Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

2 Naijapalsdotcom 366x550 Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

3 Naijapalsdotcom 366x550 Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

4 Naijapalsdotcom 366x550 Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man


6 Naijapalsdotcom 360x550 Photos, Woman Stripped Naked For Sleeping With Married Man

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  • Kunle Olurin

    Old Boy see drama o, all this our Africa people funny sha, so teh the woman find her husband go Hotel to go embarrass herself.

  • emmanuel

    It looks fake. How come the girl allow the woman to pull her up and down like that?

  • Ozone layer

    Any which way na way, as long as say u go reach house. Any woman wey behave like dis, means say she love her husband die. Bone talk say na physical partern wey she choose to take treat d 4kup, but all i know is dat, she loves her husband so much and definately dem must go home and amend their issues. Kudos 2 all women wey know wetin dey game.


    I all lady can be like this, infast nigerian
    Will be a great nation and a better country because lady are most poeple cousing the greatest problem in this world. I pray all our lady will change.

  • free styling

    and who knws if the woman herself as not slept with other woman”s husband before she got married to that man, same no ni, what goes around comes around.

  • Ajoke Omotayo

    In life we need to pick our battles very carefully, otherwise u might just win the battle but lose the war. This wife has just messed herself up. There is absolutely no guarantee that her husband will not cheat and cheat again – even if its only to prove to the wife that she cannot control his moves!! There are better ways of winning your man back. Fighting him or his partner is a no-brainer; and it usually backfires!!

  • Mamus Williams

    There are ways to handle issues maturedly than telling the world that your husband and yourself is infidel to each other.There are some men who will meet some ladies and tell them that they are not married, in this case now, do u blame the girl? But If this was settled amicably, the man will definitely have remorse, But i belt you, the man will still cheat on his wife over and over again, you know men are polygamous in nature, there are dogs, tout, idiots, all sets of them,

    • Zaki thruth

      wetin bring all this now? can u swear you have never cheated before or after marriage? mstcheeeew.

      • PK

        Same with ladies as well.. They’re just like a bar of bathing soap!!

  • mimi

    pls, single ladies don’t go after a married man. married men pls, mind ur marriage..on d oda hand, married women be the best u can to ur hubby becos the bible says that a good wife is her husband’s pride and joy but a wife who brings shame on her husband is like a cancer in his bones. whatever a man soweth, he repeth.

  • OSOTIMEHIN idowu

    Can’t you all see that the woman is a big fool;her husband cheatd her by using all means to seduced and sleep with the young lady,but instead of instead of thanking God for exposing her unfaithful husband who has been cheating on her for years;the bastard decided to disgrace the poor girl publicly-thereby encouraging her husband to continue with his inflidelity ,until he got trap with HIV that will kill the two of them.

  • Temitope Adegboye

    dt id best treatment for a cheap whore like that girl husband snatchers shd beware

  • tobayah mamus

    this is arantnonsense did the girl forced her husband?if u are a wife u did this to me ima deal with u seriously.mmshhhwwww

  • Zaki thruth

    The wife should have confronted the husband instead of embarrassing herself with a broken nose, by the way where was the husband when they were humiliating his ‘girlfriend’? They better put their homes in order instead of ridiculing each other. she can never swear she never bedded a married man while she was single, Mstceeeeeew.

  • lex

    but na wa o, the wife self get big yarnsh pass the woman wen she de try naked

  • Guy

    Precisely this woman acted on gross ignorance. She would have started with the root cause of the problem. you just enpowered and stirred your man for more manouvering styles. grow up


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  • Nancy Ashley Omoregie

    stupide girl

  • Prince Chris Chijioke

    it is not the man or the little girl’s fault,if you can’t satisfy your man,another woman will………….think twice before acting,are you giving your man what he really need on bed,have you made out time to learn and know all what he want in bed……….the woman is stupid

  • John thomas

    d madam is not serios, maybe is nemesis, she may hav done same wen she was single, this wil not stop ur hubby from goin out. 1. madam u too fat, 2. madam, u embarased urself worldwide, ur picture is every where, clearer than d ashewo.

  • Diri

    Stop blaming girl its the wifes inability that makes a man to go out.

  • Mobis

    Very bad

  • Igwe MC

    Too bad