PHOTO: Po-rn Movies Taking Over Nollywood

Its been a while since we heard of po-rn in the movie industry. Well we thought Afrocandy and Cossy have been keeping it low for a while now. We just cam across this today. Of A popular Nollywood Actor in bed with another woman. Totally nu-de.
So the question is this
– Would we say we are improving, since they are taking the movies more seriously and trying to make it as real as they probably can


– They are just moving into sex roles to add more meaningless stuffs in the movies instead of focusing on story line and quality of the movie

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  • The truth is bitter

    what are they teaching people? this is very bad. must they go nude before they educate the masses? it is better they change from all this rubbish. They are only polluting and destroying the society. God also is not happy.

  • Kayode

    It is one of end time movies. Is there any difference between the professional whores and them? They are actually on the path of destruction

  • suleiman

    not dat bad princess y r u vexing nw