VIDEO: Pastor Caught with A Married Woman Inside Hotel

This is one of the worst scene of infidelity I’ve seen. The video captured the pastor running away live:
The randy pastor had sent the married woman an SMS, reminding her of their planned sexual escapade at the Karatina hotel.

woman caught with pastor

The husband while scrolling down his wife’s phone, spotted the message, swallowing the very bitter pill that his wife was cheating on him was not easy.

The husband, a mechanic, immediately hatched a plan to teach the Pastor a lesson. He hired two guys whom he instructed to trail his wife to whatever place she went. And when she boarded a bus, they too entered the bus, watching her every move until she alighted at a popular bus stop.

She and the pastor went into “action” in the hotel, and the guys called her husband. See video below…

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  • Matt Kovach

    they’re only human, what do people expect?