Pastor Caught In Sex Rump in Church

A self acclaimed Prophet in Olodi Apapa is caught on having sex with his vulnerable member, who came for a solution for her numerous problems.
While we condemn these evil pastors, more blame should be on these women who throng these fake worship centers looking for miracles that will NEVER happen.
Looking for Healing, salvation, husbands, and getting rich men friends from these FAKE pastors, can never be actualized through having sexually relationship with these rouge ‘men of god’, Be warned. – Tunde Adeboye.

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  • nelson stephen

    did he say he is a man of God? no sane reasonable person will walk into such a place in the name of seeking help from God except that person has an ungodly motive. this is more like a shrine than a church. she deserve what she got. i have no sympathy for her at all.

  • Tosin Amakor

    Pastor fuckerholic!!!

  • Momoh2008

    The end is here

  • Ronkeokekunle

    ppl always says reward is in heaven,but these Two’s reward is in dis world.Doing this in front of d alta of God ooooooooo God will surely purnish them.They will not find peace 4 d rest of their live IJN .

  • jj

    na correct pastor

  • Savanda2000


  • comfirm pastor

  • freddy

    all na miracle

  • Idara Etuk

    the lady will tell me that she has not heard all dis stories of fake prophet using sex as a remedy to solve problems and she is still falling a victim. Hmmmmmmmm! is dat wat Jesus dis pastor/Prophet?