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Nollywood now making soft por*n movies? Oh dear!. See VIDEO

  • Posted On: 21st March 2013
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Porn 5 600x338 Nollywood now making soft por*n movies? Oh dear!. See VIDEO

Room 027

The Movie titled Room 027 features actor Tony Umez grabbing the boobs of some actress and actor Collins Onwochei making out with the same actress. She’s stark naked in the movie. Like you can see her ass and boobs. Wow! Nollywood has gone haywire.

Watch Trailer for Room 027:

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  1. azi newton · March 21, 2013

    I luv d improvement

  2. Hackervirus · March 21, 2013

    Very much.. i love it

  3. Nkoro Okezie · March 21, 2013

    Naija Nolywood done go far. we dey act real film now. nawoooooooooo

    • Miriam Obianuju · April 18, 2013

      hey Jesus christ i cant believe what i am seeing may God deliver you ashawoos this is a disgrace to this Generation what a disgrace a shamefull dead

    • Miriam Obianuju · April 18, 2013

      my dear seeers what did you lean from this immoral Act don't you know that our body is the temple of god but this ones openly naked yes bicos sin have covered theri eyes to see so my dear well wisher you should not support evil bicos when u support evil God will never be happy so pray for this one and our Nigeria Movies as day goes they increse in immorality

  4. Chess Kelly · March 21, 2013

    I am now enjoying nollywood movies.

  5. Chekube Justin Case Azu · March 22, 2013

    this isn't softcore. It isn't even an R- Rated movie. Every thing is hidden. Its only sexually suggestive.

  6. Funmi Sanni · March 23, 2013

    All these films they are showing is not what it. They should stop all these type of movies is not encouraging the young ones.

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