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Nigerian actress Afrocandy releases Blue Film “Destructive Instinct” 3&4 (Adults Only)

Afro Candy 600x341 Nigerian actress Afrocandy releases Blue Film Destructive Instinct 3&4 (Adults Only)

Actress cum Singer Afrocandy releases porn movie

Judith Okpara Mazagwu, who goes by the screen name Afrocandy, has released the trailer for her latest movie, Destructive Instinct 3&4.

Known for her extremely sexual displays, Afrocandy has been on-and-off on the Nollywood radar.

Her latest material is yet another attempt to make a name, which we really don’t see it doing.

With no appreciable storyline and horrendous production, one wonders how a 41-year old mother of 2 can be so morally negligent.

Watch the video of the trailer below:

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  • Chrispin Mubanga

    we need more talents

  • good

    It create million of dollars for American. Even u when the money comes churches don’t reject it. It money, money, money

  • Meche Ojinnaka

    Can i get this video on you-tube? i mean the full moving

  • Adams O. Johnson


  • juliyoo

    ”Mother of two”. I pity her children because no matter their wealth and influence in the society, they ll never rise their heads high in public. Madam Afrocandy, u ve not only destroyed ur dignity but ur family and most of all ur beloved children. Your children age group ll always use this satanic film of us against them and they( ur children ) ll never 4give u for this wicked act against their reputation. Sins of the Mother ll catch up with ur dear kids, Woman!

    • awizy

      are trying to say u are a saint here… God help you cos porn is more of sex education material. if u watch the trailer and still blame her, u are just a wet blanket

      • Jude

        @awizy you are just a stupid fool without moral valued. What sort sex education could prompt a mother of two to go unclad. Ok supposing she is your mother? What will you do? I guess take a pen and note her stupid sex lecture. Rubbish Student like u. Mumu idiot

    • FEMO


    • Anonymous

      …she is even poor in the act!!! If u wanta eat frog, eat the largest ones so that u can defend the act. Her act is poor, the film quality is poor. He kids will eventually be disappointed that their mum engages herself in cheap sex films for fame. so bad…

  • amky

    Why must Nigerians learn d evil ways of the white pple and ignore their good characters ? The white pple have invented a lot of things using technology can’t we emulate them in such areas ? Why must we learn their immorality ? Since d whites are acting porn movies alrdy must our Nigerian women join them just bcos of d money? Its a shame to her and her family . Check well dis lady had problem during childhood .she wasn’t brought up well or she is a product of broken home or unhappy marriage . Something must be wrong somewhere when she was growing up.

  • Dj Zan

    Mehnnnn dis girl is gud, she no hw to wine it on dick

  • Daniel

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  • Mary

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