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“Its fine.”

“If you really want to attack us…”

“Lets do it,”

“In any case, we wont start any war against you.

Or rather, with your current strength, youre not worthy of us starting a war.”

“Its like being bitten by an ant.”

“You humans wouldnt send an entire army to wipe out the ants nest, now would you”

Wang Machao could only stay silent.


‘This guy was really arrogant!

‘Theyre just like the group of angels from the Holy Kingdom that I met in a dungeon.

They dont take us, humans, seriously at all and think were ants that can be crushed easily!

‘Could it be that all the creatures from the higher planes act like this

‘Seeing us as nothing but lowly creatures

“But,” The man from the Church of Healing continued,

“Your people cant beat the two of us, and we dont have enough damage output.

Without the protection and healing of your Priest, well kill you.”

“This battle will only cause you to suffer some physical pain.

Its meaningless and a waste of time.”

Hearing this, Wang Machao took a deep breath and began to play along, trying to get more information.


“Since you guys are so powerful,”

“Then tell me.”

“You high and mighty Priests of the Church of Healing, what exactly do you want to do in our low-level human world”

“What do you want to do to that female student”

“You cant expect such powerful beings like you to use some cheap tricks to deal with us, ants, right”

“Hmm” The man sneered indifferently, “Trying to goad me”

“Again, human.

This is useless.”

“However, the reason were here isnt an important secret, so theres no harm in telling you.”

“The Church of Healing is very interested inLin Ye andSu Mumu.

We want to get their level 10 combat data, so the higher-ups sent the two of us here to test their combat Skills.”

“Now that we have their battle data,”

“We should go back.”

He looked into Wang Machaos eyes indifferently.

“Do you have any more questions”

Wang Machao could not help but frown.


“In order to get Lin Yes battle data, you deliberately helped the Fallen distract our people so that they could set up a dark wave teleport door in the underground shelter and summon tens of thousands of dark wave creatures to attack the people in the college entrance exam venue”

“You bastard!”

“What do you think we humans are”

“Do our lives not matter”

“Why should we be trampled by your so called self-righteousness”

The man coldly replied,

“I must apologize if we insult you,”

“To us,”

“Youre just a bunch of ants.”

“Do you mind how many bugs you step on when you walk”

Just as he finished speaking,

The woman completed the ritual of summoning the plane portal.

As long as she and that man stepped into the dimension portal, they would be able to leave this world immediately and return to their own dimension.

They would also be able to escape from Wang Machao and the others ambush.


Ordinary humans werent qualified to pass through this portal.

As for the rare “sealing barrier scroll”, the reason it had shattered the moment it appeared was also because of the backlash from the powerful force of the portal.

This was the power of the higher planes.

It would completely crush the current humans.

“Excuse me,” The woman reminded the two men of her presence,

“Lets not waste time with these guys.”

“Lets go.”

“We still have a lot of things to deal with when we get back.”

The man nodded.


“I know.”


Seeing that the other party was about to leave, Wang Machao raised the spear in his hand slightly.

He clenched his fist and bit his lips, his entire body trembling.

Right now, he really wanted to use the “Lightning Flash” Skill and instantly fly in front of the two of them.

Then, he would blow up the heads of this arrogant dog couple and let them have a taste of his power.

However, his rationality told him that the other party was not lying.

This battle would only cause him to be injured for nothing.

There was no way to take down these two level 50 Priests, nor could he trap them.

It started from the moment the sealing barrier shattered by an unknown force.

It was destined that this couple would be able to escape unscathed.


‘Theres no way to prevent them from escaping,

It had only been a few decades since humanity entered the new era.

It wasnt easy for them to gain a firm foothold under the dual threats of the dark wave and the dimensional war.

They started to nurture outstanding geniuses with all their might.

He did not have any spare energy to resist the attacks of the Abyssal Demons and a few other forces from the other world before provoking another powerful enemy.

Since ancient times, Shenxia was only a weak country that had no foreign relations…


The days ahead were still long!

‘Since we humans were able to withstand the invasion of a few otherworld forces in just a few short decades, withstand the indiscriminate attack of the dark wave, and even withstand the all-around infiltration of the Abyssal Demons, then…

‘At that time, Ill definitely be able to stand on the same level as you so-called higher life forms!

‘Ill make you pay for what you did today!

‘Just you wait!

‘Dont underestimate the geniuses of our human race!

Meanwhile, after Lin Ye bypassed the Executioners blockade, he quickly followed the footprints and found Su Mumu, who was trapped in the barrier.

At this time, she was being protected by little Mumu, and in front of her was a level 10 monster of unknown origin.

It looked a little like a gray wolf, but its size was the same as a mammoth, and the two fangs in its mouth were the same as that of a saber-toothed tiger.

Seeing this—

Lin Ye barged in without a word.

Time of Silence! Stars Godly Glory! Divine Qi Therapy! Holy Light! Healing Wave!

Within seconds—!

After killing the monster in front of him, Lin Ye immediately ran to Su Mumu, grabbed her hands, and asked nervously,


“Are you okay”

“Injured anywhere”

Seeing Lin Ye rush over, Su Mumu, who had almost fallen into despair, burst into tears.

She hugged Lin Ye and leaned on his shoulder, sobbing silently.


“Lin Ye…”


“I… I thought I was going to die….”

“I thought I wont be able to see you, daddy, and mommy again….”

Lin Ye could only comfort her.

“Okay, its okay, its fine now.

Im here now, and the others will be here soon.”

“Youre already fine.”

“Dont worry,”

Then, Su Mumus mood gradually returned to normal.

Lin Ye reached out his hand and wiped the tears from Su Mumus face, then asked seriously.

“Mumu, tell me, what happened, and why did you come here”

“I dont know…” Su Mumu, with tears still rolling down her cheeks, replied.

“I just blacked out for a moment, and suddenly Im here…”

“Then, I realized that my surroundings were pitch black.

Not only could I not get out, but there was also a dark wave teleportation portal in front of me.

It suddenly summoned a terrifying dark wave creature—”

“Originally, I wanted to let little Mumu summon the Big Tree Guardian….”

“The result is not good….”

“This isnt a dungeon….”

Lin Ye frowned.

“So youre saying…”

“Didnt you want to come here”

“Instead, it was brought here by some strange force”

Su Mumu nodded, feeling wronged.


After hearing this, Lin Ye started to look around and observe the situation.

He found that the environment inside the barrier was the same as the abyss underground.

It was pure black, and he could not see the outside world clearly.

It was no wonder that Su Mumu would be frightened by this inexplicable situation.

If it was any other girl,

If they suddenly appeared in an environment that was completely dark, and a fierce monster was lying in wait for them, they would probably faint from shock.

The portal that summoned monsters looked very similar to the dark wave portal, but Lin Ye could tell that it wasnt the dark wave portal.

Instead, it was a special summoning door that the Professional Alliance used to test their subordinates strength.

It was similar to asummoned creature portal, and it required the consumption of precious materials, such as theFate of Meeting, which was an exclusive material to summoned creatures.

This meant that…

The reason why Su Mumu would suddenly come to this place….

Someone had used special means to draw her here, and deliberately set up this “special summoning gate” to test her strength, with the intention of testing Su Mumus combat power.


Whoever they were, they did not have the intention to kill Su Mumu.

If they wanted to kill her, they simply didnt need to go through so much trouble.

They could just let the level 20 monster he had just encountered take action.

In at most ten seconds, they could take Su Mumus life.


‘Who is this sick bastard

‘Are they looking for death

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